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You can die from someone else’s misery : Judge by results, not by excuses or words

You can notice often that whenever someone is sad, by spending time with that person makes you sad too because Emotional states are as infectious as physical diseases. You may feel that you are helping the needy sad person who is always complaining about his/her life that everything is going wrong in that person’s life but you know what you are only inviting your own disaster. The unfortunate people sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also drag you down it on you at their miserable level.

Excusitis: The Disease of Failures

Those misfortunate people among us who have been brought down by some unlucky circumstances beyond their control deserve all the help and sympathy we can provide them but you never notice that they pass their negative emotions and misfortunes.
If you want happiness in your life to avoid these people who always complain about something instead of being a solution and action-oriented. It’s totally up to you that whether you’re interacting with those who uplift you in life or drag you down. Your friends and relatives with whom you spend most of your time affect your way of thinking, self-esteem, and decisions also.While it’s ideal to be closely surrounded by positive, supportive people who want you to succeed. We’re more involved in our atmosphere than we believe.

These people feel and present themselves as victims and these self-made Victims believe they haven’t had a good chance in life and thus feel that something is owed to them for their misfortune. They would rather spend their time trying to make you feel sorry for them whenever they talk they are quick to ask for favors but slow to reciprocate and never willing to do something strong regarding their problems. They are the manipulators and want others to feel their pain and wanted sympathy though they are rarely motivated to take initiative.


Humans are incredibly sensitive to the situations, sentiments, and even the ways of intuition of those with whom they use their time. The unhappy and unlucky people have a particularly strong infecting power due to their negative characters and negative emotions are so intense. They often show themselves as sufferers, making it impossible at first, to see their sufferings as self-inflicted. Before you realize the real nature of their problems you have been infected by them slowly and because of them you also get frustrated with no reason.

This kind of person never talking about doing good in the world and helping people Or actually going out there and executing their mission and never take any action regarding problems. By observing how one’s actions map against their intentions and words you can quite accurately judge someone’s character. To save yourself and your loved ones you should not take pity in these infectious characters as infected by them you pass that negativity to your loved ones too. Do not mix up yourself in trying to help as there is no benefit of your efforts and if you didn’t believe in my words you can try it in real situations. No matter how much you put effort these people never come out of blaming life and their no action and no solution making attitude towards life. The infector will remain unchanged, but you will be unmanaged. These people having a fixed mindset rather than a growth mindset.

Success Habits That Work Without Talent 🎊

For being fortunate and happy in life you should Find those who help you increase your strengths with them at you’re the best quality and also possess your weak points in the form of strength. whenever we decide to be with someone we should be aware to know our own weak points in a way to avoid compiling a weakness with weakness. If this person has the same weaknesses as you then your own weakness is only going to increase at a high level or worse. To be happy and successful in your life, you must understand how important having a close circle of positive, uplifting, successful people is. If you get affected by someone else’s misery then you gained negativity only nothing positive. On the other hand, by connecting with happy and solution-oriented and gratitude feeling people you will attract only good fortune to be obtained. Ignore this Infection of being negative by Avoiding The Unhappy & Unlucky or get infected at your own risk.

20 thoughts on “You can die from someone else’s misery : Judge by results, not by excuses or words”

  1. This is so great. I have a love of equality and diversity. Everyone should have an opportunity, but I find with some of my students they want opportunity after opportunity, as though it is their right. They wear their problems as a badge and an excuse. Trouble is I can’t disassociate myself from them lol. 😀😀

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  2. Excellent post, congratulations! I’ve always believed that negative people generate negative things. It is remarkable when we are in the presence of people like this, it seems that everything launches against us, seems to be contagious.

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