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A Don’t Do List🚫⚠(part-1)

Most people talk about what to do become successful and happy but many times forget to talk about what not to do! This is as important as to do tasks. All successful and happy people programme their mind to follow healthy habits. They always have a control over their thoughts, emotions, and behavior in a positive way. This controlling ability lead them towards a successful life in every field like personal and professional. If you want to follow their attitude and habits you must know about those things that these people don’t do in their life.

Do Not Waste Your Time and Energy To Feel Sorry

You should never feel sorry about the situations which are not in your control, complications which are not in your hand or losses which happened in past. Only keep in mind that how people treated all these things. Instead of feeling sorry, always prefer to take the responsibility for all situations, complications, and losses. Always keep in mind that life can be more harsh to feeling sorry for yourselves. It will never give you anything but pain, sadness and all negativity comes with a bonus point.
Instead of focusing on things that are beyond control, invest all of your efforts and energy on things that are controllable which is your response towards those things.

Don’t feel sorry

Do Not Allow Anyone/Anything To Control You

Never give your control to anyone else like relatives/friends/co-workers in any condition. Never do any kind of complaining about someone’s rude behavior, any situation like a traffic jam, or bad tea/coffee, or a bad client or government/society. Always take the responsibly of your emotions, follow your choice, and then respond accordingly. All these things beyond your control. So accept them as it is and stop making excuses and complaining. Don’t give your happiness and peace of mind’s control remote to everyone as doing so you never be happy in life. If someone says something bad about you that’s not your problem if you think and react to it then you never be happy as always anyone is ready to destroy your peace of mind. Take the charge and take the remote of life in your hand.

Do Not Avoid The Changes

Everyone agrees that Change is part of life, but still, most people never understand and accept that change. They don’t involve the positive changes with an open mind, and they didn’t get flexible most of the time to adopt the changes. They never know that change is unavoidable. Either they adopt it or not change must be happening in life. there was no way to escape change. Instead, you must learn to adapt to the change that comes toward you. You never know what the universe is going to send your way, so it’s best to roll with the punches.Adopting the change and being the change is the only way to grow in life. A good example of this is Nokia. What happened to Nokia is no secret: Apple and Android crushed it because it didn’t accept the change in technology.

Do Not Try To Make Happy Everyone
It is impossible to make everyone happy around you. If you think saying yes to everything makes happy others then you are wrong completely. It increases their expectations only and this habit will consume all your time and energy. Do not afraid of saying no when necessary. Always show kindness where it actually needed and be with fair nature.Trying to please everyone is tied into the fear of rejection and failure. But the biggest failure in life is failing to be yourself And the biggest rejection is rejecting yourself.

Don’t Be nice, Be Kind

Do Not Fear Taking Calculated Risk
No risk, no gain. Never taking risk is a big risk in itself. Do not take careless risks, but take calculated risks by evaluating all things that are beneficial to you. Calculate all the possibilities of profit and losses before taking the risk. Don’t charge for every chance that presents itself. Take a step back to examine the risks involved in that chance. Start by gathering as much valuable information as possible and Identify the list of possible outcomes to measure or calculate your options. This approach will ensure you’re not driven by emotion or held back by fear which helps to calculate the actual risk factor and identify how much risk you can afford.

Forget Bad Things Of The Past
Stop wishing to change something in life which happened already in your past and also stop regretting your current life because of past. Do not dwell on your past, and learn things from past. Use previous experience to make future better by avoiding those mistakes. Accept all the mistakes, and learn from them. Do not repeat the same mistakes again and again.Mistakes wake us up and focus our attention like a flashing sign that says “fix this”.

when you lose, don’t lose the lesson

Do Not Oppose Other’s Success
Do not get jealous of others success as they have some more special skill that’s why they are successful. Instead of getting jealous learn from them what they do special and you don’t.Celebrating the success of other people is a quality that you can find in happy people. They do not develop the feeling of jealousy because others are getting success. Start to appreciate the hard work that others investing in their success. Do not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle Or your middle to someone else’s end.It’s a toxic, self-destructive habit.Learning to be genuinely happy for other people’s success will make you happier yourself.

Do Not Give Up
Failure is part of life, people get the failure in their life and this is absolutely fine, but do not give up on failure. Learn from failures, and try again in life. Keep trying to getting success and that is what makes you different than average people who easily give up.

A very good example of this rule is Colonel Sanders, the founder of the ever famous Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) which is one of the biggest fast-food corporations worldwide. He achieved success at 65 years old. It wasn’t an easy job as in starting he knocking on every door, sleeping inside his car, and to look formal, he always wore his signature white suit.Even though KFC is very famous now, you should know 1,009 times people ignored his offer, but that didn’t stop him until he got a “Yes!”


102 thoughts on “A Don’t Do List🚫⚠(part-1)”

  1. Thank you for following my blog/website, and if you’ve read some of my writings you’ll understand that I don’t give up on much in life at all.. I thoroughly appreciated your interest, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor.

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      1. Thank you Nidhi, I’m 67 years old and I’ve experience the up and downs of life, and i believe we’ll never stop learning all that life has to offer us, despite the hardships that we endure along the way. xx

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  2. This post is absolutely everything!😢👌👍
    Life is the best teacher and it’s through those experiences that we come to terms with basic truths, all which you have outlined in this post.

    Loved it ❤

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  3. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie

    Je viens te faire le cadeau des plus précieux

    Celui du temps

    De rêver à de nouvelles idées

    De réfléchir aux anciennes

    Peu importe le temps que nous passons ensemble sur nos blogs

    Tu découvriras toujours de nouvelles dimensions

    Au travers du miroir et de ce lien celui de notre l’amitié

    L’amitié c’est aimer pour ce qu’elle est moi je le pense

    Non pour ce qu’elle fait

    En se sentant aimé

    On est capable de grandes choses, de s’accrocher , de réussir

    Belle journée ou soirée et belle semaine

    Bisous Bernard

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  4. A commendable list. They strike me as “reflex” emotions or thoughts – things we think or feel instinctively as normal reactions to situations. We have to learn to catch ourselves thinking or feeling that way and learn to set aside or climb out of that.

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