Money Makeover(part-3)



There are some important secrets of money management which are never disclosed by anyone in school or college. But they are as important rules as your academic education. Some good money management skill will keep you away from any kind of hardships in life. Here I am sharing some useful tips in terms of money.

Spend Wisely

Start making a budget so that you can know the exact figure of needs, wants, debt and savings. There is a very easy step for beginners to make their budget which is Budgeting your income using the “50/20/30” principle. These percentages give a very general and easy structure, depending on your lifestyle. No matter Whatever your income is and what rules you choose, though, remember that making a budget is useless unless you stick to it or you will lose your money. The rule says that you must divide your income into three parts and spend 50% of it upon Your Needs,30% of it upon your wants and 20% upon your savings or you can use it for any important email.

50% of your all income should be set aside for the basic daily needs to live like groceries, rent, medications or gas for cooking etc. 30% of income uses for Your Wants. The remaining 30% should be spent on things that you want but could live without those items like money for vacations, shopping, or a car. 20% of income should be a reserve for Your Savings and debt repayments like Student loans, and retirement accounts all come under this category. This 20% also includes investments.

Save and Invest Money

Saving and investing money isn’t the one and the same thing. They have many differences. We do savings and investments for different purposes. Investment is buying an asset to generate income from it over a period of time. Like you own a home and make money through rent from home. Like gold coins, which increases in their value over a time period. As everyone says that you should save money and only a few know what to do next?? Only saving is losing money. If you only save money in cash or in a bank account, it will not give you any benefits. Investment can only happen when you have some amount of saving. Unless you already own a sufficient amount of money, the only way to get it is through your savings.

Say Big “No” to Credit Card

It’s a common thing nowadays that getting what you want without any concern of whether you have the money to pay for it. If you wish to keep yourself out of financial trouble in life then say big No to credit cards. A poor attitude toward shopping more than affordability can have a negative impact on your life. Purchasing a cell phone just doesn’t look as big deal if you just swap your credit card, and not have to think about paying for it later. But, if you pay for this with cash or debit card you can feel the bill leaving your hand😀 and end up giving you a better sense of not only how much money you have left in your wallet or bank account.

Secret Saving for Hard Times

Unexpected things can happen in everyone’s life. So it is necessary for Everyone to save for the unwanted times like any medical emergency. A secret fund which is enough to cover three to six months worth of living expenses and gives you a security in a time of need without dependency on high-interest personal loan or asking for help from anyone. Always find a way not to go into debt in any situation. The place where you save this should be separate from a bank account you use daily, so you’re not trying to take it out. You can save money before you pay any bills or spend anything. Put an “emergency fund” category in your budget plan with a specific amount every month.

Avoid Show Off

Do not spend money to make other’s jealous. It’s complete nonsense. When anyone shows off, they do something for the reason that they want to attract someone’s admiration whom they didn’t like so much or they didn’t have so much importance in their lives. If a person owns something that he can’t afford but for show off, they take loans, email etc to buy those stuff which they don’t need actually. It must be avoided if someone wants to make himself financially sound. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong answer. Money should be enjoyed and everyone enjoys spending their money on different things. However, that doesn’t mean you should be wasting money.

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    1. amazon é bom site de compras online. Estou comprando muitos itens da amazon por causa de seu serviço ao cliente como se qualquer problema ocorrer com o item que eles ajudam muito e resolvê-lo rapidamente.


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