Recipe Of Success🍲

If you want to succeed in your life which will play a major Role? Many people answer is luck. Or some say, God. Few say hard work and faith. Faith, God, Efforts Or Your Luck? The answer is maybe the mixture of all ingredients plays their role in the success recipe. But you are unable to control your luck or God or Faith. So the only thing that’s in your hands is your hard work, your dedications or efforts. That means if you put your 100% into your effort, you will succeed. The effort should be focused, it’s not a foolish effort. Only the right kind of action, the right timing, right place, all these things are important. Suppose you have to go somewhere and you just walking, walking, and walking in different directions. You never know the right path! What are the possibilities to reach your destination until unless you know the right bus/train/map etc?

For getting success in life, you always need a perception and an intelligence. But unfortunately, most people in this day and age are not able to do that simplest thing called perception. They’re trying to become capable of something which sounds fancy. They never know that just enhancing the perception and intelligence they will receive what they want or require.

Some years ago in our India, Everybody wants to become a doctor even when I was a child, I also want to become a doctor. If you want to study means the first thing is medicine and second is engineering. Suppose if you became a doctor and suppose everybody accepts a healthy lifestyle and they stopped going to a doctor. Then your income will go down. It will no more be a good business to go into because very few doctors are becoming doctors because they actually want to become doctors. Others are becoming doctors because they think it’s fancy or they think it will manufacture more money than other profession or anything else.

The real fact is something bitter which is you are becoming a doctor because you think somebody’s sickness is a good business. There are rare people who are doctors who really want to be a doctor, they want to understand the human body system and they want to serve in that direction, which is actually a great thing serving the humanity. Suppose everybody became healthy then nobody wants a doctor. So do not try to put up a recipe for your success. Success is only when you’re able to use yourself to your 100% potential.

It doesn’t matter whether you become a doctor or an engineer or anything else Success means you are living your life with your full potential. To increase your perception and intelligence, you should see everything just the way it is. That’s it!! Stop talking to your own mind about tons on nonsense things which do not really exist in the real world like what will happen if I lost all my luxury or anyone whom I love or everyone is happy and I am not etc. If you’re not able to that and living in your own fantasy, then your brain will work against you definitely because it’s unable to make any difference between the imaginary world and reality.

To understand this you can take a real example when you see some dream and in a dream, you think its real and become sad or happy but when you wake up you know that what’s the reality and your body stop behaving like that. Most intelligent people are generally living a most miserable life. This is simply because they have an intelligence with no perception of life. People want to become intelligent and wise but that thing will only make them socially successful, not actually a successful person in life. That’s why many financially and socially successful people failed many other fields of life like relationships and health.

26 thoughts on “Recipe Of Success🍲”

  1. Thanks for sharing… I think that perhaps the person must first think about what success means to them and if it brings them happiness… then determine the path they may be willing to take to achieve that success… and prepare for any challenges or setbacks they may encounter as they venture down that path… or, as I often say “follow ones dreams”… 🙂

    “Every morning your have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.”


  2. So interesting. For myself, I’ve learned that a huge part of success has nothing to do with money, status, or power. Rather it comes down to values. It’s about having integrity and an open heart. When we approach life with integrity in our words and actions, in work and play, and treat others and ourselves with kindness, success is ours.


  3. Wonderful post. For me, I worked hard to be successful in what I wanted to do with my life. One step at a time. In school, I wanted to be on top of my class but some of my friends seemed smarter than me but I worked hard and by the time I finished high school, I graduated Valedictorian. In college I was also at the top of my class. At work, I did the same thing. I can’t control Faith, God and Luck but hard work I can. And so I did.


  4. There is no such thing as ‘luck’. If something is meant to happen it will. Success in life is all about belief in yourself, having faith in your higher power and a positive attitude. For success reasearch is needed but no use if there is no action plan.


  5. Very often the person with professional qualifications in India is like the book shelf, which contains knowledge but not knowledgeable :-). Blame it on the education system, social compulsions while choosing one’s educational stream.


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