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Sade Sati(7½ year time of Saturn)

Sade Sati is the most favorite and fearful topic of everyone. Sade Sati means 7 and a half year time period of Saturn transit in your horoscope.

When Saturn transit 12th from your moon or second place from your moon in your birth chart, it’s a 7½ year cycle because Saturn takes 2½ year in each house for transit. So if your moon is in Aries sign or with number 1 in the birth chart and Saturn comes in pieces or with 12 number house over on yearly transit then it transits before moon 2½ year and upon moon 2½ year and after moon 2½ year the total time will become 7½ years. And people started becoming fearful about it. They fearful because of their negative thinking that anything worst is coming in this time duration. Dhaiyaa means 2½ year when Saturn is moving over your birth moon. You will fully in tension in this time period instead of sade facing depression or losing a near & dear one

But in reality, it’s not as negative as common people think. It’s not going to harm you. It’s good for some people and bad for some people. People are not able to think properly at this time period that’s why people fear most that Saturn can harm and restrict them to achieve their goals.

Saturn will try to teach you a lesson, discipline or becoming organized. To analyze your case sati you need to check your moon sign first. If your moon is debilitated(Scorpio moon or with 8 number in birth chart) or moon is in Saturn’s sign which is Capricorn moon (10 number) or Aquarius moon (11 number) or moon is in Mars ruling zodiac like Arise moon or moon is in the nakshatra of Saturn or Ketu then it will actually create problem for these people.

This is the time period when Saturn try to teach you lessons of life. Usually, this time comes in the mid-20s. Some people face it early in life some late 30s. Its results totally depend upon how well your moon and Saturn are placed in your birth chart. But remember always without failure nobody can be successful. Once this time period will over you will feel how valuable lesson I learn in my life because you will face that kind of situations more and more in life then you know how to deal with those situations. If your birth chart is very negative too then you can lose some family member in this time period.

Some people face the worst time in that time period. Check your ascendant and moon for this analysis. If your moon is in cancer( ruled by the moon itself which is enemy to Saturn), Gemini( moon is not comfortable in this as it ruled by his enemy mercury), Leo(ruled by Saturn enemy), Scorpio(debilitated moon), Virgo(moon is not happy to be in this sign), and Sagittarius(ruled by Saturn enemy) then you can face more difficulties, in this case, sati time in comparison to other sign. If your moon is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house then you are going to face depression at that time. You can make the worst decisions or coming contact with evil people in life.

But once this time period will go, you now become able to handle that kind of situations because in life we face everyday challenges. So what’s the remedy to decrease the harshness of time, the only thing you can do is worship Lord Shiva. Chant mahamrtunjay mantra everyday and offer raw milk on shivling. This is the best and simple thing you can do. Do this every Monday and Saturday.

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