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Can I change my astrology prediction?

The present teaches us to forget the past and decorate the future.

Everybody wants to decide his destiny on the basis of future predictions. The future remains secure, there is an effort to make decisions in the future so that there is happiness. Look at your life, isn’t the future behind most of your decisions? However, why not everyone has the right to make their lives successful and prosperous. Nobody knows the future, only the imaginable although astrology can help to know the future to some extent, not 100% just 60% max. We make important decisions of life on the basis of imagination. Can there be a third way to decide?

The Gita states that religion is the basis of all happiness and that religion resides in everyone’s mind. So before every decision ask yourself from your heart whether this decision was born out of selfishness or religion. The future will be more pleasing than thinking of religion instead of the future.

The eagerness to know the future draws the person to the astrologer. Many believe that astrology is the science of predicting the future and if the astrologer is really knowledgeable, then with the knowledge of his astrology, he can tell the future of any person. But under the influence of this belief, we often fall into the trap of such astrologers who do not know their own future. I know many of them and they are quite struggling themselves and unable to reduce their own struggles and just hungry for the client. Such an astrologer says such things about you in his prophecy, on hearing which you feel that he is saying it right. In fact, the things he is saying to you are very general things and those things will apply to every person. If you tell yourself these things to any other person, then he will be equally impressed by you as the astrologer has done. Because psychology is working here and because of psychology, the things told by astrologers seem to be correct.

How can one who has not come yet? When it comes, it will not happen now. The past that has gone and the future has not come, the short time between these two is that of the present, it exists. Apart from that, everything is fiction most of the time. How many times you must have taught the hand lines to astrologers, how many times you must have tried to know the calculation and movement of planetary constellations, not knowing how many times you must have consulted the experts on your horoscope, yet you can know about your future. Don’t know anything, are in the dark about it. And the only reason to live is that you don’t know what is going to happen next moment. So should he leave everything in destiny and sit down, no? The present is the time, which gives the ability to forget the past and shape the future.

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