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Consultation Mode: Email only

Email id:

Note: Email services are available for pre-paid consultations only. Write an email with Option Number( in the subject )to get a reply within 24 hours!!

For payments, we are providing the account details and PayPal link manually in an email, if a time slot is available for the service.

Time Taken:7-10 days after payment

You can ask follow-up questions 24 hours after receiving readings.

Payment Mode: Google Pay/Account transfer/Paypal


You Can Convert Your Currency In Us-dollars For Paypal Payments; if you are living in any other country.

google pay and account transfer method is available for Indian currency payments only.

(Fees starts from 1100rs / $160 check option 8)

Essence Of Horoscope in 2500 words (USD997/61,000INR)

  • What to do from today
  • What not to do from today
  • Your strength where you need to focus
  • Your weakness where you need to balance
  • Purpose of this life
  • Planets results as per nakshatra placement
  • Special Vedic Treatments & Routines(donations based on sun sign etc, moonbath procedure, and magical 15days routine to energise your aura etc)

Option 1

Complete Horoscope Reading(358USD/25,000rs)

  1. Health Prospects,

  2. Wealth prospects,

  3. Marriage prospects,

  4. Career prospects,

  5. Spiritual Guidance,

  6. Astrological And Practical Remedies with personalised mantras.

  7. Key Nakshatra results and Nakshatra-Remedies

  8. Arudha Lagna: What Other People Think About You/ Fake Image

  9. Free Birth Time Rectification If Needed

  10. Bhrigu Bindu(how to invite your luck in life or key of luck)

  11. Personalized Vishnu Sahastranamavali Shlokas for different purposes

  12. Gemstone suggestions

  13. Favourable & Unfavorable Days/colour

  14. Fortune point Result (the way to increase your fortune and what is blocking your energy to open it)

  15. Bonus Tips

Share your all concerns and expectations from the horoscope report.

Maximum word limit: 5000-5100+

Option 2

Mahadasha Report

5 Year Report(Dasha-Anterdasha): 350USD/16,000rs

Includes health/career/marriage/srituality etc related Concerns

Maximum word limit:2500+

5-year report For one area of life is available in 7100rs/$200

Option 3

250 USD/7900rs for matchmaking report

Includes Ashtkoot Milan, Navmansha Overview, Marriage House And It’s Lord’s Strength, Marriage Significator Jupiter And Venus Strength For Both Natives, Soul Mate Indication Points, answers of all questions related to both natives, Divorce Possibility, Doshas Present In The Horoscope With Their Solutions and many more.

Option 4

Career Questions: 160USD/2500rs

Limit of questions: 7

Option 5

Finance Questions: 160USD/3500rs

Limit of questions: 7

Option 6

Health Questions: 160USD/2500rs

Limit of questions: 7

Option 7

Pre-marriage Questions: 160USD/2500rs

Limit of questions: 7

Option 8

70 USD/1100rs per Question.

Questions must be specific (not all in one type, detailed descriptive report type answer are not included in this)

Maximum word limit:200+

Option 9

Spiritual Guidance report: 160USD/2500rs

It’s based on chakra readings

Maximum word limit:1000+

Option 10

All planets result (based on d1 & d9 , nakshatra & house placements) 700USD/16,000rs

Free Special Vedic Treatments & Routines to follow

Maximum word limit:3000+

Option 11($70/1600INR)

Personalised Remedies based upon running dasha or period

What you must have: Accurate Date Of Birth(Date/Month/Year), Time (24-hour Format)And Place Of Birth. Also Share Your Concerns, Expectations From Report.

If you don’t have an accurate time you can opt for birth time rectification (100USD/2500rs). This will be based on major life events and a bunch of normal questions.

If you need any specific divisional chart reading you need to pay 11000INR/251USD PER chart.

Astrological predictions will be 60-70% came true. Take it as spiritual guidance.

The consultation will be beneficial for you if you follow our suggestions in the form of practical remedies to change in lifestyle/habits along with astrological remedies.

Take astrological advice as spiritual guidance; it will show you the right direction if you are confused.

Consultation service is for people who willing to know predictions and want to know the way to solve the issues of life.

“Learners of astrology who want to know techniques, learning things etc can REQUEST questions on QUORA ONLY. “

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We are also providing energised lockets, Vastu and Feng Shui items for different purposes like good health, prosperity, removing negativity etc. as per your horoscope and requirements. We are also providing certified and energised gemstones and lockets. For rates, you can write to us.

You can just google the Nidhi Trivedi Astrologer and you will get directed to our website.

We don’t offer any lifetimes services like if you booked any consultation with us then you can ask your doubts within 24 hours after receiving readings. If you need any other assistance again after some months or year then you can book the consultation again with us if we are available for the same.

We only use the Payment methods as described above. We don’t use Paytm, western union etc. For payments.

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