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“It is not Enough to be Busy… The question is: What are we Busy About?” Be Proactive, not Reactive!!

When you open so many apps in your PC system or mobile phone,what happened ??Each application open on the system takes some internal and hardware resources to keep it running. If multiple apps and programs are running in a single system at same time, your PC or mobile phone may run low on resources as memory is used by a number of applications. To avoid this, it is advisable to run one program at a time to make sure that computer or mobile freeze is not caused due to running multiple apps at a same instance of time. Same thing happened with your mind when you thinking or worrying about so many things. It decrease or stops your brain or mind efficiency to work properly without being hang like your cellphone. To avoid this situation it is advisable to give as importance to something as necessary, not more than that or not less than that. Saving bulk data of your to-do tasks and worries into external device can helpful to increase the working efficiency of your mind like computer. It helps your mind not to hang. The another reason that allow you to must plan your day is saving energy and time and getting all things done on time. As if you never know what to to after waking up in the morning and check facebook for 5min but you never know when your 5 min converts into hours by scrolling useless news feed. Or you think let’s check watsapp and reply all useless good morning messages and again reading unuseful jokes which consumes your time and energy and willpower too. As your willpower is a limited source for a day if you waste it in the morning to doing useless tasks you skip useful and important tasks at the end of your day. By not replying at same time all forwarded messages does not create any negative difference in your life. It only consume time and energy and fill your mind with garbage. After finishing all important tasks first to utilize maximum willpower to avoid future worry; watsapp or facebook use in rest of free time, is better I guess.

You can understand this process through another example, Imagine throwing a pebble into a still water. How does the water respond?? Totally appropriately to the force and mass of the input; then it returns to calm. It doesn’t overreact or underreact. Same thing to do with mind. If failure occurs get disappointed and sad whatever negative feeling occurs but only for 5 minutes,not more than that. Then again back to normal mode or you get harm to your mind app. It will hang due to negative emotions.

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What You Should Do?

An active mind only is a happy mind. Being busy never allow your mind to invest time for negative thoughts. You’re not thinking and comparing about your neighbours new car with your old one when you’re teaching yourself video editing.Being productive teaches you to push yourself regularly. According to Newton’s law, Things in motion tend to stay in motion so being productive can easily lead to creating better habits and quality life.


Improving yourself is that you’re making yourself your first priority.Motivation is the base of all productivity. Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before. If you are not productive enough, chances increase that you are doing things over and over again and you lose your most valuable time which you couldn’t regain and you probably losing money too.Being productive amplifies your happiness and cuts away at boredom all while improving your body and mind.. Always remember to be more productive that only planning and organizing is not enough You don’t have to start out being the best; you just have to start and take immediate action.

Now how to apply this principal of being more productive instead of reactive it in your life, by providing a reliable system for recording all our to-do’s and setting up appropriate reminders, we “empty our heads” of all the mundane stuff that we inevitably need to take care of in the here and now, freeing up lots of psychic energy that can now be used to think consciously or unconsciously on more meaningful stuff.Use a “external memory” like journal or cellphone or any trustable place to store things outside your mind and stay focused again. Most productive people make their to-do list in the morning. But I prefer to make my to do list for next day before sleep. So whenever I woke up in the morning,I know what to do next. You can make your list in morning too. Whatever comes in your mind like important,urgent,future plans or any specific tasks just write down and free your mind. Make your mind like water.Anything that causes you to overreact or underreact can control you. Responding inappropriately to your day to day tasks will lead to less effective results than you’d like.A mind like water is a disciplined mind, a mind focused on the right things, at the right times in right directions.

Create a few lists of those things that needs to get done. A long list can ruin your sense of control and become a source of stress and frustration. One should be a master list, with every item you’d like to accomplish in the long-term like in a year: Clean out the closet, sign up for a language class, etc. But that does not mean that everything that you capture is necessary, interesting or actionable.Another can be a weekly project list, with everything that needs to take place in the next seven days. The third should be a today list with the tasks that need to get done today: like Call your close friend for her birthday, pick up the dry clean clothes from shop, finish that presentation slides for work. The one of most important task is Every day, see which items from the master list or year list tasks and weekly tasks list should move to the today list.Is there any action to be done on a specific day or time? Well, just assign it the day or time. By doing this, the action is moved to your Calendar and disappears from the current list.The shorter your next actions list is, the easier it will be for you to get focused on what you really need to do.

Do not do meaningless and unuseful wishful tasks. When you review your list of next actions and realize there are some tasks there forever, consider again their necessity. Keep your future actions in a Tickler File sorted by date, so you can easily activate them when the time comes. You must review this place weekly and move the new activated tasks to your next actions list. In real life, your next actions sequence is usually a part of the to do list. But in real world, it is too hard to have all these things with just paper and pen. You need a good and hassle frew tool which accessible from any place that allows you to carry out the daily to do lists and make the useful and important action. This can be a mobile app or diary or journal which should allow you to assign tasks and how much energy and time need to give your tasks according to levels of your tasks.Do a weekly review of everything, or else!

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  2. Thank you Nihi! Wonderful! It just happend! Not with me, but with another person. Half an hour ago i visited our local post office for delivering a parcel. It was a little bit crazy someone to tell how the handy scanner should be used.Note: I was the first costumer on this day, and there was only one app usable on this official machine. LOL

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  3. So true! A productive morning is the start of a productive day and life. I hope everyone reading this post can find that necessary motivation within. 💝😊🌻

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