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About Website: This website is about basic to advance concepts of Indian Vedic astrology and motivation. I tried to solve issues of life by astrology or motivation for common people. If someone truly believes in astrology like me go for the solutions given in astrology which we called remedy. If someone does not believe in astrology, then read my motivational posts where I tried to cover many solutions regarding life issues.

About Me- I am blessed with the mercy of Lord Rama. I am a Graduate in Physics and Maths, Masters in Computer Applications, Learning Indian Vedic astrology since childhood and still learning advanced Vedic astrology. I am having experience in astrology for 9+ years. In the early years of practising, I have done a 100% free analysis of practising(more than 6500+ natal chart readings) when I have a job. Since 2018, I have started paid consultations because I am doing it as a full-time work as a professional consultant. I consulted many birth charts and provide easy solutions to people.

I Love travelling and travel almost places in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Loves to know about different culture’s people with different backgrounds. Respect for all religions. Mostly I am taking consultation from USA, Germany, Italy, and India. I am now dealing with different countries people to solve their issues via practical astrology. I am reading lots of books. I invest most of my free time in learning astrology and self-help books. Loves to be with nature. Sharing knowledge of good books and simple astrology for those who love astrology. It’s a small effort for making other’s life better by some positive changes so people who can’t afford professional paid services can make their life better by self-help and remedies which are written on my website.

Whatever I am writing about is just for knowledge and information purposes only. If you believe in astrology you can read those posts/articles. I am not trying to make anyone follow astrology. It’s your free will whatever you wish to believe or not. I am giving all my knowledge whatever I learned and solution to make your best out of worst. You are free to choose the option for paid consultation from me or anyone else who can fit in your budget.

You can write for paid email consultation on “investinyourselffirst1@gmail.com”

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