Be Motivated, Change Habits Change Life

Struggle is not an option it’s a Requirement: Timing, Perseverance and Years of Efforts will eventually make you look like an Overnight Success

Most people overestimate that what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.

Know The Power Of Compounding

Not everyone wants to reach the top of the world, but all have their own Everest to climb in their lives. Success is always connected with taking constantly actions. People who are successful are not the ones who don’t make any mistakes. They are the ones who keep failing and getting up after each mistakes.

When You Lose, Don’t lose the Lesson

Because the most important thing is not to quit trying. Opportunities won’t just come and knock on your door. You need to go out and look for them. You need to create them on your own.

To become multi talented you don’t need luck. All you need is practice, practice and practice. If you think like successful people are lucky then you are under estimating their struggle and hard work. Practice makes a man perfect. Whenever we practice something, nerve signals are fired through a circuit in your brain. But practicing something you are already good at won’t stimulate significant myelin growth because that circuit is already well established.. Whenever you do hard work for learning anything,you remember it for long time in your mind like driving.

fulfilling your dream

Whenever your growth slows down, it’s time to turn to a deeper way to practice that’s mean to practice something that you’re not yet good at doing yet. This will must lead you to making many mistakes. However, going back and fixing these mistakes and learn from them makes you get better and more better.For better practicing Whatever you’re practicing, divide it up into the smallest, possible units. It also helps to improve where you do mistakes. As you can tell, this takes a lot of time, but it’s the only way to truly master something. Divide your practice into small units, so you can fix your mistakes on the smallest level. Then put everything back together again for a great result that you can practice with repetition.

51 thoughts on “Struggle is not an option it’s a Requirement: Timing, Perseverance and Years of Efforts will eventually make you look like an Overnight Success”

  1. well written, pointed information that is helpful and empowering. Something worth achieving or having is worth the time and effort to require it. I removed the word luck from my personal dictionary. I always say opportunity and desire rarely knock at the same time. Hold on to the desire until opportunity knocks. I like what you said as well, create the opportunity. Thank you for sharing

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  2. Learning from our mistakes is a powerful message to provide for anyone who wants to succeed !! Thank you for this clear choice to correct our early mistakes and to build a winning project in all we do in life !!

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