Causeless Happiness

What is Causeless Happiness?

Everyone’s happiness depends on some person, situation or any material things or any work that they do for money but these are the root cause of being unhappy as you start depending on someone else for your happiness and the one will get change with time and ignore you at all then?? or suppose when you are doing the work which you love to do so much like traveling, etc. and what if you get injured and won’t be able to do anything, then what?

want to be happy?

Find the reason to be happy

Find the reason within you to be happy and take away all the dependencies of being happy, the whole world is working to achieve something and think that they achieve happiness one day but that is the only illusion, after getting some work or materialistic things done, the desire of another thing appears and the cycle starts moving on again, find the reason within you so that success or failure will not able to affect you and will fill with happiness.

What to do?

Do you all the life responsibility with 100% honesty and If you need money for your family then earn it do whatever you can. If you are not getting the job try something else and do not stick with something that you think you deserve because having a degree on any subject doesn’t mean that you can’t be a driver or Merchant or anything else. do any small business or open a shop to earn for your family’s basic needs if they are depending upon you and be busy always in learning something productive and never waste your time because you will never get causeless happiness until you fulfill your basic needs. You need to follow the thoughts Do or Die. Nothing is small like you can drive an auto or started selling tea /or anything but do not waste your precious time.

If you have more than enough then start sharing and try this it will give you unlimited happiness. It doesn’t relate to money sharing only it could be the knowledge that could help someone who needed most and do it without any expectations. You can share your experience, wisdom too.

I am sharing something about happiness as all we want happiness. If you feel Gratitude and started feeling how blessed you are then you will become happy without any cause. Let me explain this through a story.

Once a poor boy complaint to God why he made him poor? and why he didn’t have any toys, good clothes, etc? One day he was playing in the park and he saw a rich boy who dressed well, he had a gold chain in his neck, sitting with h smiling face. He started feeling jealous of him and asked God I want his life why he is so rich and I am so poor? Suddenly God makes a replacement as the poor boy sitting in the same seat where the rich boy was and wearing rich boy’s cloth and gold chain. And the rich boy wearing poor boy’cloth.

But the boy who becomes poor from rich, feeling happy and started running then park. The boy becomes some new rich in place it, m, thought that he become mad due to becoming poor but guess what? ??A driver came to New rich boy and pass a wheelchair to the boy to realize that why the new poor boy becoming crazy and run the ring in the park because he can’t walk on his own leg!!! that’s life. Now he knew why this boy feeling still happy poor, g poor, and he started complaining again to God. So We should be happy as we are gifted with this body which can make us feel thankful to God………always.

Importance of Money

We should give as much importance to the money as enough to fulfill all needs, not greed or unlimited and never-ending desires. Greed is not just for money, it can be for name fame recognition, taste, sensations, experiences could be anything. Understanding is only important to live a peaceful life. For example, there are two teams, the Coach is motivated his team and said you should win at any cost and bring a medal for your country, must defeat that 7team, lots of motivation speech, etc. On the other hand, the second team coach said to his team that you should play well focus on the game and forget all. The performance of the second team is good because they have no useless pressure.

What is important?

The important thing is here that they understand what is important, the game is important only. The team not in the negative pressure of being failed and how to face if failure happens. Playing good and focusing on the game is need not desire but having a medal for the country and defeating someone is desire. By focusing 100% on goal gives a medal for the country and defeating another team automatically. Desire always brings fear with it. Desire stops you to see the reality as it is and reduces the power of understanding things and situations. Understanding will take care of greed.

Happiness and suffering

Happiness and suffering are opposites, so if something is a real cause of happiness it cannot give rise to suffering. If food, money, and so forth really are causes of happiness, they can never be the causes of suffering; yet we know from our own experience that they often do cause suffering. For example, one of our main interests is food. But the food we eat is also the cause of our ill health. We feel that money is essential for us to enjoy life. But the pursuit of money also causes immense problems and anxiety. Even our family and friends, with whom we enjoy so many happy moments, can also bring us a lot of worry and heartache.

Happiness and suffering are states of mind, and so their main causes cannot be found outside the mind. The real source of happiness is inner peace. If our mind is peaceful, we shall be happy all the time. Regardless of external conditions. But if it is disturbed or troubled in any way, we shall never be happy. No matter how good our external conditions may be. External conditions can only make us happy if our mind is peaceful. We have been under the control of our mind, like a puppet on a string. We are like a servant working for our mind; whenever our mind wants on to do something we have to do it without any choice.


Money never comes due to strong desire. Instead, it will come when you will give your 100%. This is a simple understanding that for survival and good life you need money. Due to this understanding, you will work on fulfilling all your needs and you will get paid for it. The problem arises when you start desiring unnecessary things. And it makes things complicated because there is no end of desires. You just buying things madly whenever you have lots of money.

That doesn’t mean that you should become against comfort. If you work well and earn lots of money then you will be able to buy whatever you like. That’s good but having so many unnecessary desires makes life complicated. And people unable to enjoy the things whatever they have in the present time. The important thing is you are able to live life with very few things or basic needs only.

When you have this mindset you will be able to enjoy more life. If you have all with luxury then you will be able to enjoy it 100 %. Instead of worrying to make more of it. You will grow more and more if your mind is peaceful and you feel happy. If you give so much importance to others you will become greedy automatically. This is because you always try to compete with them. But if you have understood that what you actually need in your life then the mind becomes peaceful. When the mind becomes peaceful causeless happiness arrives within you automatically.

81 thoughts on “Causeless Happiness”

  1. Dear Nidhi, It made me happy this morning to see that you liked so many of my posts. I appreciate your following my blog.

    I enjoyed your article very much and found it fine advice about finding a person’s own source of happiness and fulfillment. It’s obvous you have a lot to say.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oorzakelijk geluk concept voor die mensen die genoeg geld hebben om hun basisbehoefte als voedsel en onderdak te vervullen. Als ze niet genoeg geld hebben om voedsel te kopen dan moeten ze het verdienen. Ik leg het uit in mijn beide artikelen van oorzakenloos gelukkigen. Geld komt nooit door een sterk verlangen in plaats daarvan zal het komen wanneer je je 100% inzet zult geven. Dit is een eenvoudig begrip dat je geld nodig hebt om te overleven en een goed leven te leiden. Vanwege dit inzicht, zul je eraan werken om aan al je behoeften te voldoen en je zult er voor betaald worden.


  2. Hi Nidhi,
    Very good post. Happiness surely comes from what we think and feel, for example, gratitude as you mentioned. I agree, happiness doesn’t come from material or external things. I think happiness comes when we lean on God to get us through difficult times. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my posts. That means alot to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nidhi, thank you for visiting my blog today and giving me a chance to meet you. I love your piece on happiness and the truth you put forward is deep and true.


  4. “When we go beyond the thinking of mind and touch the vast silence within, an eternal state of ‘Causeless happiness’ arrives within us. ” – I really like this opening paragraph of yours, and I love the term “causeless happiness” – that’s what my blog is all about. Going beyond thinking, into the silence, and asking for the truth of the circumstances you’re in. Thanks for liking my posts too. Joe Blake

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  5. As you say, there is no dishonor is honest work. And gratitude to God for the many blessings in our lives (and our lives, themselves) is the foundation of happiness. “Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving…For the LORD is a great God…” (Ps. 95: 1-3).

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  6. Hello Nidhi Thank you for such an amazing blog full of wisdom !! I know all of us can understand and relate to the poor boy. We should all accept our circumstances until God wants to change them for our betterment.

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  7. “I used to search for happiness, I used to follow pleasure; But I found a door behind my mind, and that’s the greatest treasure.” Hi Nidhi & Thanks for following my blog. I think my best ‘secret’ for joy in life is simply being interested in things… paying interest and attentiveness to all that is around us and including all people. This widens our being and takes us out of the very narrow pragmatic approach to life based upon our own concerns. Enjoy what comes to meet us. Cheers!

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  8. Excellent insight into life and happiness. Happiness comes many times with what we give away, not obtain. Happiness is achievable in the physical, mental and spiritual domains. I am happy with life and I’m very thankful for the gifts, love and peace God has enriched within me – along with family and the friendships we embrace. Keep being a blessing. 🙂


  9. My daughter claims that people often base their happiness on another human being. And this one is unreliable. They weep for despair then. They are unhappy, and you must find your happiness in yourself, lean on yourself. On passions, in your health … We have so much from God.


    1. Yes, she is right. I also face this in earlier life that depending on others or situation for own happiness cause crying many times. Thanks for stopping by🌹


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