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Asking for Help?:Why Someone will Help you??

Many times people ask for help!! But they do not get it most of time. Here are some basic common rules which you can apply while asking help from others…

Preserve your self respect while asking help

Whenever you are asking for help from someone do not behave like a begger. If you won’t respect yourself nobody else will help you. There’s nothing wrong with stepping up for others, but you must have a solid sense of self-respect for yourself first. Unfortunately, while growing up, everyone repeatedly told you to respect others. And because of this, you may have became obsessed with pleasing everyone else, putting yourself last. If you trying say everyone,” please help me I am begging you” type sentences, belive me nobody will help you. Self respect is the respect you have for yourself, while ego is your understanding of your own importance only.

Win-Win situation

Ask yourself first,”Are you ready to help someone without your own benefit ? “and if your answer is “No” then why anyone else will help you without their benift. Everyone is busy in their life,nobody has time to give someone who is not interested in their profit and only focusing to benefit them. If you are going to any investor for your start up plan then create win win situation. Always tell them their benefits in your plan and if your plan is actually beneficial to them, then only anyone interested to help you or listen to you seriously otherwise nobody will notice what are you talking about.

Help and improve Yourself first

Make yourself eligible for getting help from others. For example if you asking someone to follow your blog and share your article then ask yourself first ,” is something beneficial content you are providing to them or only seeing your profit to increase visitors and making followers for money. Why people will share your content and follow you? Give them what they actually need. People visits investor with their start up ideas but no one help them. Why? Beacause they belive only money can help to make startup grow but they didn’t work on it. They didn’t invest time and their money and make their plan of startup idea to next level befor asking for help from others. This is why most people face rejection. If you can’t help yourself,no one will help you. Always remember it.

Be ready for Rejection always

If you live by the approval of others, you will die by their rejection.You have to prepare yourself mentally for rejection. Belive that truth There are plenty of fish in the sea.your problem with rejection stems from your lack of confidence. Try to be more confident. Try to believe in yourself. If you change your beliefs, the world will change for you. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will ever believe in you. Be ready for denial and always try to ask for help whenever you need.. If you listen “No” many time from people then work on previous points which described above and Stay motivated. You need to do only one thing after every rejection that, Just believe in yourself and try to improve yourself.

Helping others

It’s a fundamental part of humanity, bonding together and helping a fellow man. Before asking help ask yourself how many times you help people when they ask to help you. This is not always matter of money. A mental support,a guidance or any learnings from past mistakes or by anything like giving time to needy people you can help to others. In times of tragedy, the stories of those who help others are inspiring, such as helping the nation recover from national disasters and terrorist attacks. Some men and women even devote their lives to helping others, from the police force that protects our cities, to the fire departments who run into burning buildings, to the service men and women who risk their lives for the common good.And while you may not believe in an inter-connected universe that rewards good deeds, there is something to be said about how helping others changes your perspective. When you’re helping others, you will often feel better about yourself, increasing the likelihood that your next experience will be a positive one, rather than a negative one.

Keep doing your self efforts always

This is fact that Others can help you on limited support only. You need to work by yourself always. Anyone can guide you but doing part is done by you only. If investor gives you money still you need to grow your business by yourself. If you want to loose your weight ,any instructor can only instruct you, diet must be follow by yourself only. There is no option of self efforts. No matter what ,always do your efforts to grow and make yourself better. Learn always and help yourself and this is the only thing make you feel better,confident, and also people will ready to help you as you are eligible for it.

55 thoughts on “Asking for Help?:Why Someone will Help you??”

  1. These are all so true, especially the win win and the rejection. If you help others without expecting then they will want to help you more. And if you set yourself up and look at rejection positively, it will hardly ever come. As a salesman, negatives became positives and those turned into sells. What a helpful article, it is about self respect! This is wonderful.🙂

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      1. Nicely though of and wrote very true been there done it 24/7 helping people when I need help it’s like talking to a brick wall in other words some people to Lazy to do there own things say like cooking I no people just carnt cook Example but true fact me I do everything Great post my friend

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      1. You all have got princess to thank for being here and so positive helping other s around in a circle thats how I see it in a good way everyone s happy all s good me I should give Nidhi red rose for being you just your own self like me and everyone else on this page section well done your good need more hmmm think of something next to write the more one thinks and write s the more people read take an interest like what you wrote very true

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      2. I know a lot about turmeric powder.I use it in daily cooking. It’s very common in indian food like salt. This is very useful that’s why in Indian kitchen people use it everyday. I know about ancient Ayurveda. Our great sages told a lot about its benefits. I use it in Yellow tea for weight loss after child birth too. Turmeric milk, for beauty I use it in face packs. So many uses. Can’t describe in one comment. Thanks for visit👍🙏

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      3. No problem o I don’t mind talking with you Nidhi Turmeric my favourite ingredient cure s all illnesses ment to cure kill cancer cell s this drink at night next day one feels way better what other ingredients do you add me I’ve only drank add bit black pepper bit of omega 3 oil put all 3 in pan boil till golden then put in.cup drink I don’t think a lot of people no how good Turmeric powder is you do I do am glad I mentioned this to you was taken a rough guess you used I was right I bet your good cook to useing this its used for all sorts good stuff it’s only grown in so many country s this Turmeric India and few other places on the planet other people should try this it works thats for sure thanks for understanding me about Turmeric first time iv spoken to anyone about this only you

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  2. Thanks for sharing….

    “My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze.. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny”. Elaine Maxwell

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