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How do I read the Navamsa?

Navamsa is a divisional chart that has been given great importance in Vedic astrology. A new horoscope is created which is more minutes than the main birth chart. It is called Navamsa Kundali. If used properly, it can prove to be very helpful in making predictions. Every good astrologer and every good book of astrology has emphasized the use of the D9 chart.

What are the uses and importance of Navansh lagna

Often people ask how important is the Navamshan Kundali? I will tell you that in my practical experience I have found this divisional chart extremely important for performing horoscope checks. The importance of Navamsha is widely acclaimed among various divisional charts. It is considered next to the birth chart or more if not equal to the birth chart. It is very important that each new moon is equal to a constellation and we all know how important the effect of the constellation is.

This chart will tell you how capable or really strong your birth chart is. As we know that the 9th house stands for luck or fortune, so the 9th division i.e. the navmansha will actually indicate about our fate. Sometimes we see a horoscope with 3-4 exaggerated planets or planets in own sign but that person does not find anything important in their life during that planet time period. there are no such good results with a planet who gains much status and significance in the main chart. This is because in the first case, although the planets looked very strong in their own sign or ascendant sign, they are weak or in enemy sign in the D9 chart. When an exaggerated planet is located in D9 in debilitating or in the enemy sign, it does not give good results. So although the horoscope looked very good from outside the horoscope was not really strong enough to produce results.

We use the Navamshan and horoscope to assure the strength of various houses and planets before giving any predictions. Analysis of birth chart or lagna chart only gives a gross indication of different houses and planets. But for deep knowledge, we need to obtain D9 chart. This is like the backbone of your main natal horoscope.

The D9 chart can be used as a supplement to the natal horoscope. If something is missing or hidden in the lagna horoscope or birth chart, it can be found here.

Navamsa has wide application in various walks of life, but it focuses more on the importance of the 7th house. So while checking the possibility of marriage, you should check the D9 chart. You can read the detailed discussion on how to read Navamshan Kundali for marriage.

There are various concepts like Vargottama, Pushkar Navamsa, Rasi Tulya Navamsa etc. which are very important for understanding the true potential of a planet in a horoscope. It helps us understand what kind of result a planet will give in its condition and strength.

Jaimini astrology has also given much importance for the use of the D9 chart. The location of Atmakaraka Planet is very important in this horoscope. This sign is known as Karkamasa Lagan in Jamini.

The importance of Navamshan has also been accepted in Nadi astrology. Various formulas or combinations are given about the use of Navamsa in Chandrakala Nadi. According to the Karma Siddhanta, the Natal horoscope indicates sanskar karma and the Navamsha Kundali indicates Prabandha Karma.

It is also very important horoscope for spiritual progress and religious matters. A person who wants to progress in the spiritual path should have a strong signal in his D9 chart. The deity god whom a person should worship for religious knowledge is obtained with the help of D9 chart. Atmakaraka Planet’s location in this horoscope will tell you about it.

Powerful and weak planets in the navmansha

Powerful planets do not always give the expected results. If the planet is exalted in the d1 but weakens in the D9 chart, it fails to produce good results. The exalted planet should not stay on the enemy’s zodiac D9 or should not be affected by enemy planet either.

If a planet is exalted in the Rashi chart but weakens in the D9 chart, it significantly reduces its strength and if a debilitated planet becomes powerful in the Navamsa, its debility is cancelled out. This is one of the main criteria of debility or neechabhanga.

Importance of Navamshan Lagna and its houses

The Navamsa Lagna sign is known as Lagnamsa. D9 chart is an extension of 9th house, it tells us a lot about our past life. So 4 centre house of D9 chart is very important for religion or our duty. The 1st, 5th and 9th houses indicate our natural abilities. These abilities come to you naturally or easily due to your previous life’s work. So it is very important to know about these 1-5-9 houses of D9 chart and focusing on these houses or strengthening them will improve your fortune.

Vargottam Navamsa

Vargottam means when any planet resides in the same zodiac sign in d9 along with the main horoscope. So it is the owner of its Natal and Navamsa chart like Leo rising in d1 and Leo rising d9. If a person’s lagna or the owner of lagna becomes vargottama, then it is highly beneficial. Lagan becomes extremely powerful and Lagna will be able to take you to great heights. Among all the planets, more importance has been given to Vargottama Lagan and Vargottama Moon.

But in some cases, you will see that a planet is weak in the Rashi chart and also weak in the Navamsa. In such a situation, even if the planet becomes Vargottama, it is not considered auspicious.

Sun Vargottam

The person who has the Sun Vargottam is of philosophical nature. They have good mental and physical abilities. These natives enjoy life with passion. They get respect and prestige in society. Native has an interest in esoteric subjects.

Moon Vargottam

The people with Chandra Vargatam are the devotees of Mother. They have good memory capacity. They are gifted and intelligent. They do not have the idea of discrimination and have equal treatment with all. They understand their desires well and are ready to receive them.

Mars Vargottam

The person who has Mars in the vargottam state knows how to impress people with his actions. He is interested in good deeds and has the ability to change events in his surroundings. They are of zealous instincts who oppose them as they do not like them. They do not force anything on themselves.

Budh Vargottam

People with Mercury vargottam are intelligent. They have the ability to attract people by their words. Their statements are efficient and effective in argumentation. Individuals of this class also have expertise in astrology.

Jupiter Vargottam

People who are influenced by Jupiter Vargottama are arrogant and egoistic. They listen and understand the words of others carefully and try to know the truth. They are intelligent and creative. They look beautiful and bold.

Shukra Vargottam

People with Venus vargottam will pay special attention to their body and beauty. The people of this class have a better ability to understand what is going on in the mind of the person in front. They can be a good visionary. They are not very sick because they have the ability to fight against diseases.

Shani Vargottam

People affected by Shani Vargottam are careless about their responsibilities and want to avoid hard work. They have a strong will power. They are conscious and serious about their health. Their life is long but their life is full of struggle.

Marriage has an important place in every person’s life. Even in a serious subject like marriage, the d9 has a big role.

Influence of Navamsha on Dasha transit

In the Vinshottari Dasha, when a person is in the dasha of navmansha 1st house lord in the horoscope, then this gives good results. In the d9 in which house Saptamesh occurs, the planet which has a conjunction with the lord of that house, their auspicious effects are found in dasha -atnterdasha. in the same way, 5th house lord of d9 dasha anterdasha will be auspicious.

Pushkar Navamsa

The word Pushkar means to nourish or nurture. Pushkar-Amasa has a specific degree of each sign which gives very auspicious results when any planet is there. Pushkar Navamsh is a special navamsa or a field of 3 Degree 20 minutes in each sign. Each sign has two such d9 or there are 24 such d9 in the entire zodiac. The presence of more planets in Pushkar Navamsh is also a sign of a strong horoscope.

About Navamshan Kundali predictions about Spouse

Navamsa – For Marriage/spouse related prediction is done by the main divisional chart d9 like for examining the possibility, the nature and character of the spouse. This is popularly known as the D9 chart. This is the most popular chart after the Rashi chart or D1 chart. Regarding husband or wife, one should follow the Nawansh Kundali.

Our main horoscope – tells or indicates all aspects of education, finance, career, marriage etc. but we need to see relevant divisional charts to get a better and granular idea about a particular field. There is a different divisional chart for different possibilities, such as for marriage we have to check d9, for the career we have to look at the d10 etc.

Here we will discuss how to predict spouse from Navasa horoscope. So if you want to know about the nature of life partner from the d9

Important house for a life partner from Navamsa

The main house is the 7th house and the 7th house owner for the prediction of a spouse. So we have to examine the 7th house of the main birth chart as well as the 7th house of the Navamshan chart.

Remember, the 7th house in the horoscope represents what we want or what we desire and the 7th house in the d9 indicates what we will actually get.

The 7th house not only indicates marriage, but it also indicates all types of physical relationships. That is why Arudha of the 7th house (A7) needs to be checked for all types of physical or short-term relationships in the horoscope. So these houses should be checked while predicting the spouse from Navamsa horoscope.

Nature of life partner from d9 as per planetary position

1. Surya Navamsh in 7th house: If Sun is situated in 7th house of Navamsha, then husband and wife like music, instruments. They may have the arrogance and high self-esteem. When the Navamsha Sun is strong in the 7th house, the person may be from respectable family background.

2. Moon in the 7th house: If there is a moon in the 7th house of the navamsa, then the husband and wife are beautiful and very gentle. He can be of an impartial mind, a soft heart etc.

3. Mars in the 7th house: If there is Mars in the 7th house of the Navamsa or is associated with the A7 in the Navamsha, then the person can be very aggressive and warm tempered.

4.Mercury in the 7th house: If there is Mercury in the 7th house of the d9, the spouse can be cheerful and sociable. He may be fond of literature, writing etc., Navamsh Mercury in 7th house can give lack of physical pleasure to a spouse, husband or wife will look younger than their age.

5. Jupiter in the 7th house: If Jupiter is in the 7th house of the d9, then the spouse can be well educated, beautiful, lucky and very good-natured, spiritual. Jupiter in the 7th house can make spouse very religious.

6. Venus in the 7th house: If there is a Venus in the 7th house of the d9, the spouse can be very good-looking, fond of luxury and fond of all kinds of comforts, music, fine arts etc. It is a blessing for the native to be Venus in the 7th house.

6. Saturn in the 7th house: If Saturn is in the 7th house of the d9, the spouse can be mature, always working, cold, and dutiful. This indicates that the wife or husband will be very hardworking. Navamsha Shani in the 7th house also indicates that there can be a lot of age difference between husband and wife.

7. Rahu in the 7th house of d9- If Rahu is in the 7th house of d9, then the spouse can always be generous, good in math, astrology etc. It is not considered a good place for married life. Navamsha Rahu in the 7th house indicates a foreign spouse.

8. Ketu in the 7th house of the d9: If there is Ketu in the 7th house of the d9, then the spouse can be very good in maths and numerals, computer expert, spiritual practice etc.

Some important combinations for the Navamshan Kundali

For a good and happy married life, we must first look at the position of the owner of the 7th house of the Rashi Kundali (D1) in the D9 chart. The planet should not be debilitated or afflicted by the Sin planet in the d9. After that, we have to see the 7th house of d9 and the 7th lord from Navamsha Lagna. If they are all in good condition, then we can safely predict Happy Marriage Life.

Venus is the main indicator of marriage for both men and women. Therefore Venus should not be debilitated or afflicted by Rahu or Shani in the D9 horoscope.

If Rahu affects Venus in the D9 horoscope, a spouse or marriage relationship is likely to experience cheating.

If Saturn affects Venus in the d9, it brings untold suffering. If Mercury and Venus are together in the d9, it is a bad combination of marital bliss.

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