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Stop Being Nice Anymore

An adorable loser who has nothing but good intentions,waiting for his turn to get lucky.An absolute must read for everybody who identifies himself as a Nice Guy, but who doesn’t see becoming a jerk as an appropriate solution.It is true that a Nice Guy usually doesn’t get what he wants, but he is not adorable.He is not even nice.He is passive aggressive and can terrorize his social environment through his own forms of manipulation.

Nice people thinks they didn’t get attention and love instead of it they think that they need to earn love and attention.They always try to make everyone happy.If you are doing this,You Only shows an fake image to the World.By doing this you are hiding your qualities and your views because of thinking that nobody will like you then.But this makes you boring actually.Your personality makes you unique but you are hiding your true colors.People attract each other by their imperfections and you shows like you are perfect.And you are becoming nice always not because you are good always rather than you want always something from others

Often, a Nice Guy is a giver, fixer, care-taker, approval seeker and conflict avoider. The Nice Guy will go to great lengths to hide mistakes and flaws and will always seek the “right” way to do things.

He often represses his feelings and has difficulties making his needs a priority while making his partner his emotional center. The interesting thing is, a nice guy is defined not by his actions, but by his beliefs!

Nice Guys believe, that if they are good, giving and caring they will be happy and fulfilled. Unfortunately, this often isn’t true. And when a Nice Guy doesn’t get anything back on his investments, he becomes resentful.

People will call you egoistic for having a strong sense of self and taking care of your needs first. They will call you arrogant for liking yourself. They will call you rude when you are honest and when you express your feelings directly.

They will call you intolerant and unable to compromise for sticking to your boundaries. People will talk a lot….and you won’t listen.nice people help you not because they want actually to help you but the truth is they want you help back when they needed your help.nice people want to become all colors of rainbow and at the end they end up being no color.Nice people attached their image so much and that’s why they are big liars This makes them greedy manipulative and boring.

It doesn’t matter what people think! Most of them are miserable and hate their own lives, so it should come as little surprise that they criticize yours as well.You are the only person on this planet responsible for your needs, wants, and happiness.All that counts is living an integrated life. If it helps you, just remember that people usually dislike what they fear or envy.

Start Being Kind instead of nice.There is a huge difference between being nice and kind.When you are kind you will help the needy because other person needs help not because you want something in return.When you are kind you did not want material things from other people and did not care about pleasing everyone.And if you want success and happiness you must be kind not nice.

if you are seeking to be the best version of yourself you can never become a DEER in headlights or you can never Defend, Explain, Excuse and Rationalize your actions.

When you are living for someone else, you will often feel the need to do one of the above things to explain why your actions were not in their best interests, however you need to remember that their actions are never in your best interests!

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