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What are dhan yoga combinations in vedic astrology that makes a person a millionaire?

(1) In the horoscope, the relation of the second house, the fifth house, the ninth house, and the eleventh house is interconnected with each other in any way (by the change of positions, conjunction, vision, or aspects, etc); It is called Dhanayoga. If this relationship is being made in any auspicious house, you will get good results. Dhanayog is also found if the 10th lord and ninth lord exchange their positions by zodiac changes, but both lords and houses should not be afflicted.

2) Accidentally or Suddenly wealth gaining Dhanyoga

If in a horoscope the second Lord and the fourth Lord are situated in the auspicious planet’s zodiac sign, then there will be the yoga of accidentally wealth. If the eleventh house lord and the 2nd house lord in the horoscope; situated in the fourth house. In the birth chart, Dhanesh (2Lord) is situated in the eighth house. The birth chart should have the Moon in the fifth house and have a complete aspect of Venus. This will be possible only when Venus is located in the eleventh house. Ascendant lord is in the second house in the horoscope, the lord of the second house is in the eleventh house and The Lord of the eleventh house is situated in the lagna.

3) good Income yoga

If the lord of the eleventh house in the horoscope is the Sun or Moon Ind situated in the 11th house, then the person can get income from the government job. If Mars is in the 11th house being 11th lord, then the person can get a good post in his job. If mercury is 11th lord and situated in 11th house then Money can come from education, from a son or from a family. If the owner of the 11th house is a Guru and situated in the 11th house, then money can come from religious activities. If venus is 11th lord and situated in 11th house, money can come from a woman, luxury item business, or arts. If Ekadeshsh Saturn is in the 11th house, you can get money from the hard work only.

(Along with the above yogas, a complete analysis of the horoscope should be done because the complete statement based on one yoga can never be said.)

4) Spontaneous Dhanyoga

If there is a zodiac exchange between the Second Lord and the Ascendant lord in the horoscope, then there can be a sudden gain of wealth in life. (If there is affliction then this yoga will become weak)

5) Indu Yoga

This yoga is used in Jaimini and this yoga is also seen from the strong Ashtakavarga. Indu means Moon, Moon’s role is important in this calculation. Some calculations are done in the horoscope to see this yoga. Rahu and Ketu are not included in the calculation and the digit number of the remaining seven planets has been determined, which is as follows –

Sun 30

Moon 16

Mars 6

Mercury 8

Jupiter 10

Venus 12

Saturn 1

Now Navamsh (9th Lord) from Ascendant and Navamsh from Moon, add the number of the owners of its zodiac and divide it by 12 and note the remaining balance if the remainder remains zero then in that case we take number 12. Now in the horoscope, you will see the moon in which house it is located and if the number is left, then counting from the moon and counting it to the remaining number.

Suppose the Moon is placed in the seventh house in a horoscope, and the remaining eight is left, then the seventh house will be counted from the seventh house, which comes in the second house. In this way, the second house becomes Indu lagna. Now we will see the strength of Indu Lagna whether there is an inauspicious planet in it or Indu Lagnaesh is not situated in the inauspicious house or with inauspicious planets. The more this yoga is powerful, the more beneficial it will be.

If no planet is located in the Indus lagna, then it is not considered to be very auspicious, then only the position of Indu lagna lord is seen. If one auspicious planet is located in the Indu lagna then the person can become a billionaire if he works in that direction. If one sin planet is located in the Indu lagna then the person is million and two sin planets are located, then the person plays in thousands.

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