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No Clue: No defense!! Conceal Your Purpose+hide your progress

It is the easiest task to talk about your plannings for the future. It takes a tremendous amount of efforts to control your tongue and observe what you are going to reveal in front of others. This habit makes yourself so predictable and familiar that it is almost impossible to respect or fear you. If you want to achieve Power over others then you must be unpredictable and not available too much for them.Your reputation is all the far better due to you are unpredictably successful in front of others and secure yourself to poisons of words if failure happens or if you can’t achieve something and already told everyone. If you told everyone that you are going to do something and unfortunately you failed then everyone has words to point you that you can’t do this or that etc. If you never told them about your next move then its easy to again prepare for your success without any distractions of others opinion and words.

Never tell anyone what your next step is!! People able to defend if you tell how you attack them. Use a specific language and be unavailable. Sometimes the best thing to do in life is to be unpredictable for others or do not share what’s going on exactly. Instead, it’s better to show people the finished product. Your Next Moves Aren’t Your Dreams to tell to others.

When you share your action plan, you share your next move, and that’s a mistake.It’s a mistake for a number of reasons.You Position Yourself As A Talker And Not An Action-Taker.
When you share your goals with a public group, you may become that kind of person.It’s very easy to say anything, but the really challenging part is actually following through. You become a people pleaser by telling your next moves, but only to the certain group, you attract.

Deceivers can do the best utilization of a bland and inconspicuous front that calls no attention to themselves. They know that extravagant words and gestures immediately raise suspicion. Behind a bland unreadable smile, facial expression or no one knows what you’re planning. By doing this you can Win the victory before you declare the war.

38 thoughts on “No Clue: No defense!! Conceal Your Purpose+hide your progress”

    1. I think rule is same for everyone!!! There is no change is happening in universe or anyone’s life if someone not told their action plan. Action plan is only for taking action not for telling someone.😀 action speaks louder than words. If someone decide to go gym for health improvement instead of telling close friend that what is next plan ,person only focus to take action and improve health then if anyone ask about improvement then telling them is better choice👍👍

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I agree that we need to keep our plans to our self. My own mother would give me the “poison words” treatment and it undermined my confidence.

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    1. It’s my pleasure to visit your blog🤗🙏 thanks for giving time on my blog🙏🤗 sometimes unwillingly people do wrong things. But by learning those lessons we grow in our life too✌


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