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Act Less Smarter than your Boss

You should make feel above to those who are your boss in any field. Do not make a show off like working too much in front of others to impress the boss; displaying your too much efforts in your work, you just making a fear and insecurity to others and boss. Due to insecurity feel, there may be possibilities that your boss didn’t support you as he supports previously. Instead of making him insecure Make your boss appear more brilliant than they are by giving credits to him and you will attain the heights of power.

Everyone is insecure somehow someway. When you present yourself as you are extraordinary and very talented, you naturally making others insecure. This is very natural human nature.It can be very productive to make your boss look good In front of other team members. It may give some โ€˜good points,โ€™ a bit of trust, and maybe give you an opportunity for the big project comes up that everyone wants. But making your boss look good should always be mutually beneficial.They deserve the credit for work, everyone knows it, and it makes everyone happy. There is very little risk involved in making your boss look good when they deserve to. Doing so less chance that anyone gets jealous of you.

People who are in a higher position in life are want to feel secure in their positions, and superior to all. They never want someone below them shows that he is talented than them. So you should pretend that boss is more talented and if you don’t do so then this habit never allow you to take advantage of your boss to learn new techniques and learnings which he knows already. If you work hard but give credit to your boss,then he will never get insecure from you and always support you and teach you the things which he knows by his experience. Showcase your intellectual strengths as a comfort to your boss rather than allow yourself to become a threat to the boss. That’s possible. You can pull it off, however, only if you are able to overcome your other problem, namely, yourself.Feeling brighter than your boss simply because you are intellectually strong where he or she may not be is just one way we are prone to distorting the intellectual balance in our own favor. Overreacting to errors of judgment is another. We may take our own mistakes to heart, but some of us are apt to take a boss’s mistake harder.

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