Be Solution Oriented

Be Immune to Misfortune.

A small flame is extinguished by the wind but the wind makes a big fire bigger. A person whose whole life is in comfort always can’t fight with any little amount of stress easily but a person who faces so many ups and downs in his life survive anywhere in any condition with anyone. Like some things come with the instruction of Handle With Care that is Fragile items. Human is also fragile who never faces any hardships in life. But some are anti-fragile people. The more stress faces in life, the more robust they become. Antifragile things increase and rise under the uncertainty and stress. Human Emotions are a good example to understand ‘Antifragile’ behavior thoughts or emotions such as anger, jealousy, and bitterness grow the more they are suppressed.

Overprotective parents who shield their kids from each harm and hurdles, medical experts who prescribe more medication for every small issue like small cold rather than helping develop immunity and health.
Being antifragile means rich on a number of small mistakes. Low-level stress that is in a routine, occur often in our lives and increase fragility like The continuous stress of a boss.

The common human mistake is the absence of evidence and confirming harm is the same as evidence of absence as of harm itself. Excess interference (like most people did not use to remember important contact number as they are saved in cellphones contact list if cellphone lost all lost it takes time to recover everything which causes so many losses) paralyze mental and economic resources, it is rarely available when it is needed the most. More time, more events and more randomness and more situation created where a human can learn how to tackle with all. Stoicism is a domestication, not the elimination of emotions.

At a job, business or relationship start each day expecting the worst case to come true. The rest of the day is then a plus point or bonus for a day. Before starting something, write the cause to leave that task in a paper, put it in a drawer, lock it away and then you’ll find yourself free each day at the task which you don’t wanna do, knowing that you made it easy to quit. A good anti-fragile is someone who transforms fear into common sense, pain in a bunch of real information and mistakes into learning lessons for lifelong. If unexpected situations create less loss than it can create, then you are antifragile.

Humans are bad at estimating worst-case scenarios, and it is precisely in those low-probability worst-case scenarios that the spare capacity or ‘inefficiency’ becomes a boon, or very efficient. Only a fool would think that the tallest mountain in the world is the tallest one that person has visited. Most humans base their assumptions of the worst case on the worst case that they have seen or heard in other’s past experiences. We always get benefited from those who tried to harm us but eventually fail rather than who try to protect us. If you always play in safe mode you will never learn the techniques of the breath l world and never get smart to deal with any situations the and different kind of people in life. Anything living is inherently antifragile to a certain extent – it is living because it has withstood some unexpectedness. Fragility is more predictable than risk. Prediction models that try to estimate risk are stupid as past is not an indicator of the future. Instead, he is always trying to predict the fragility or antifragility of the system and work on that.

Availability of more options makes you antifragile. The ability to change the procedure lets you benefit from the positive side of uncertainty, without serious loss from the negative side of uncertainty. It allows for big inventions while restricting oneself to fear of making small mistakes.

Academicians History is written by the losers while the experiment makers move on to newer experiments. Academics prove after the fact like a lecture on car driving without any practical experience. By inspiring for mo for than one reason, you are convincing yourself to do something, if you find yourself giving more than one reason for an important decision, look deeper and take challenges and learn them. Always remember failure is part of success not the opposite of it!!! Learn and grow!

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  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog! Therefore, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Congratulations!!!. It’s completely optional to take part, but can be a great way to promote you blog.😊😊

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  2. Thank you for the reads and likes 🙂 I think so far you are the only person to have done that on every post. And good post here too; I like the metaphor of wind and fire as well.

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  3. I really enjoyed everything you had to say! It was super encouraging and had so much truth behind it!! My favorite part was at the end and how you said”Failure is a part of Success!” That really is so true and that’s definitely always going to stick with me through my journey of life!

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