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Mrigashira Nakshatra

The word Mrigashira means the head of a deer. This is the symbol of Mrigashira nakshatra. This is a group of the three-star constellation. The deity of Mrigashira is moon God and ruler planet is the Mars. The first two padas of Mrigashira Nakshatra comes under Taurus sign which is ruled by Venus. The next two padas comes under Gemini sign which is ruled by Mercury. So mrigashira nakshatra contains both planets’ characteristics. The gan of Mrigashira is Dev. Nadi is Madhya, and charan Akshara is Be, Bo, ka, and ki.

Characteristics of Native born under Mrigashira Nakshatra

The native-born under the Mrigashira nakshatra, are very alert like deer. These people are very strongly built people by the body and very good looking. Their height is quite good. The people born under this nakshatra, very simple in nature. They never expect too much from anyone as other people do. These people hardly thought ill about anyone. This makes their lives a bit hard. These people are not very clever/smart (like deer) like others(like a lion). They easily got cheated by others.

These people can be fooled by others clever talk. They suffer many losses in life frequently because they are very moralistic and, other people whom they have to deal with, very clever people. Mrigashira people are very well educated people. Their working way is very neat and clean in comparison to others. Their nature is doubtful always as they always think someone is willing to do wrong with them. Usually, their married life is quite well but their spouse’s health is not very good always. They fell ill frequently. These people mind is not stable that’s why they face conflicts in married life.

The girls, born under Mrigashira are very beautiful with wisdom. But they always pass taunting comment on others. These people are all-rounder type in every field. But there is a lack of consistency in their work.

The first pada lord is Sun which gives good looking physics but also gives bones diseases. The second pada’s lord is mercury which can give depression in the influence of malefic planets, the third pada ruled by Venus which can pull them towards luxury and the last one is ruled by Mars which gives a bold look by outside but a weak from inside.

Mrigashira pada 1

This pada 1 is about searching for the elixir of life. Or you can sag trying to find the meaning of the life. This represents the arts, finance, the beauty of life. People go in the research field with pada 1 of Mrigshira nakshatra. These people find more value in information or knowledge instead of money. Their mind feels so much balanced so that they want to search the meaning of life. These people can be a great scriptwriter or movie directors or authors who write about life in a most beautiful way. Mars rules this pada 1 because it needs lots of energy, willpower, and stamina to do research of knowledge or true wisdom, then present to others.

Mrigashira pada 2

These people lost in their work routine. They are continuously looking for how can I achieve the next level in my work. So they are looking for every single detail regarding that. And doing so deeply, they lost in the work. They started criticizing at some level. Because they always searching for mistakes to fix something. They want to live a better life in each aspect and doing so they criticize themselves a lot. They never show it but in their mind, they try to perfect things. This habit can become a gift for them as an artist or author. Or this habit leads to a curse when they start criticizing others, nobody wants to be around them.

Mrigashira Pada 3

Here mind always wants to gather information, it wants to communicate with others due to Gemini energy. If anyone’s moon is in pada3 then they can write about the things related to that house where moon sits in. These people love to do business, creating relationships which enhances their ideas. Business is the best thing for these people if their moon is well placed.

Mrigashira pada 4

This pada is all about writing on investigating things in life like a crime related research writer, a mystery writer. These people want to bring people from the darkest places and uplift them through their communication and writing ability. They go to the core of that person and realize their things and bring it out in front of others and help them. Doing so their mind feels balanced.

Mrigashira nakshatra

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