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Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika nakshatra is the third nakshatra in the nakshatra series. This is situated in 26.40 to 40 degree. The last 10 degrees is situated in Taurus sign. Only 26.40 to 30 degree is in Aries sign. In every zodiac sign, there are 3 nakshatras. But the last one means third nakshatra’s last 10 degrees are always in the next zodiac sign. The synonym names if this nakshatra is Bahula and Agni. This nakshatra is the combination of 6 stars. The deity of Kritika Nakshatra is Agni and ruler planet is God Sun. The lord of 1st pada of Krittika is Mars and other 3 pada rules by the venus as it’s situated in Taurus sign. Its gan is Rakchhas(devil), yoni is mesh and Nadi is Antya. The letters of this nakshatra are aa, ee, uu, ae.

Special Qualities

The people born in this nakshatra, having medium height. Their shoulders are very broad, Very masculine, very wise and very good consultant. They are a very optimistic person with a positive nature. These people are a very hard worker. But negative quality us that they are very stubborn to gain success. They never take any shortcuts in life. They are very honest. These people live a prosperous life. Sometimes people don’t like them because of their ego. The children which are born under this nakshatra get benefited from government.

The medical profession is good for them. Engineering, accountancy, finance, and arts are also good career option for them. But they never achieve success in their native place. Natives’ married life is quietly balanced. Normally they prefer love marriages. But a female who born under this nakshatra is not living a peaceful married life. There are some ego battles in married life. These females can become a very good teacher. They also face problems in childbirth. 1st and 4rth pada’s lord is Jupiter and rest pada’s lord is Saturn.

Krittika nakshatra pada 1

Moon is in Aries sign in pada 1. The mind is very active here. Mind always wants to do something physical and keep itself very busy. The soul is able to burn his old karma and come out as a new person in Kritika due to fire energy. These people are very spiritual and very moral. These are the people who pinpoint you whenever you do something wrong. Because of Krittika nakshatra mainly ruled by the sun.

Krittika nakshatra pada 2

Moon in the sign of Taurus and in Kritika pada 2 people have exactly exalted. These people mind is very pure and able to think clearly and logically. These people are able to enjoy their life, through their mother. The native always enjoys the luxuries through his mother unless Rahu, Ketu, and Mars affected the moon. These people need stability in life. These people love power. They love networking. These people are very disciplined and organizer. These people are in always the highest place because without this they never feel complete.

Krittika nakshatra pada 3

Moon in pada 3 of Kritika people is very balanced people. Their mind is always looking for security. These people are very curious people. They use their mind to make things better in society around them.

Krittika nakshatra pada 4

The Native’s mind is emotionally balanced. They live art and creativity. These people are very good to connect others emotions. After 30 they love to travel, they wanna explore, love meditation. They express and value themselves in isolation and emotionally connected with nature. These people easily involved with other people’s issue. The more artistic they are, the more they get ideas of making money.

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