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Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini is the 4rth nakshatra of nakshatra series. The Rohini nakshatra’s degree is 40 degree to 53.20 degrees. This nakshatra comes under the Taurus sign. Synonyms of Rohini Nakshatra are Vidhi, Viranchi, and Shankar. The shape of this nakshatra considered as a chariot. This is a 5-star constellation. In south India, people consider it’s shaped as a banyan tree with 42-star constellation. This tree indicates a very long life of 300 years or 400 years. Rohini nakshatra 100% comes under Taurus sign. Lord of Taurus sign is Venus. But the deity of Rohini Nakshatra is God Brahma and ruling planet is Moon. Gan of Rohini Nakshatra is Manushya. Yoni is Sarp(snake) and Nadi is Antya and The starting letters are O, Va, Ve, and Vu.


Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra

The people born under this nakshatra, are lean, thin and beautiful with a magnetic personality. Usually, their eyes are beautiful, if there is no malefic effect on it. Their heart is very emotional. They take their decisions based on emotions. Suddenly they become happy and suddenly they become sad due to the emotions. These people trust easily on others. Because of This the reason they got cheated by people easily. No matter how much cheating they face, they never do ill with others. Rohini Moon people live in present, that’s why they are always happy.

When native start doing something, they always complete it. If the moon is affected in the birth chart, then their mind is unstable always. When there are a full moon and visible moon(in Shukla Paksha) they are very energetic to accomplish their work. But the moon is not visible (in Krishna Paksha) they feel less energy and not very active in their work. These people face difficulties and struggles in their young age. They get more affected by financial and health problems. But after the age of 38 years, they get stability in life. These people love too much for their parents. They get benefits from their mother.

They usually not get interested in social values. The man born under this nakshatra, their Married life is not very good as they always listen to their emotions, not the brain. In terms of disease, they can suffer from a blood-related disease. The girls born under Rohini nakshatra, are practical-minded. But they like show off. Their Married life is quite good.

Different pada of Rohini Nakshatra

The first pada’s lord is Mars, the second pada is ruled by Venus, third pada’s lord is Mercury and 4rth pada is ruled by Moon.

Rohini Nakshatra Pada-1

This is a very creative nakshatra. The mind feels very stable in this pada-1. The mind is able to take actions towards their creativity. These people never believe in procrastination. Due to Mars energy, they are always in hurry to take action. They always write down their idea on paper whenever it comes into their mind. Them they work on that ideas. They do a job or work which include their voice like coaches, singer etc. The negative side of this pada is they just do the things without thinking. Due to the fear of failure, they get inspired for success. So when people discourage them, then it’s become a reason for their success.

Rohini Nakshatra Pada-2

Pada-2 people always looking for security, experiencing beauty around them, pleasures of life. They like very neat and clean everything. Their thinking pattern is very neat and clean. These people need luxury. They want a beautiful home. Home us look like a museum. Very neat and clean and beautiful. They usually love to talk about finances. Their creativity is like inbuilt. Usually, they don’t need any instruction or guidance in order to use their creativity.

Rohini Nakshatra pada-3

These people need to be appreciated for their luxurious life. They do their best for it. These people are very talkative, Due to the rulership of Mercury. Natives are able to make money through their creativity as mercury is a businessman in nature. The Person, born under this nakshatra, can be very good financial advisers.

Rohini Nakshatra Pada-4

These people are all about valuing things. They always give value to money, beauty, luxury, attachment with people, and bonding with them. This emotional attachment is because of rulership of the moon. In all 4 padas, these 4rth pada people are the most emotional people. These people get fame if they attached to their creativity emotionally.

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