Simple Astrology, Star Constellation

Star Constellation/Nakshatra

Star constellation called Nakshatra in Hindi. The meaning of Nakshatra is,” know the destination”. That means you can know your destination by using the nakshatra.

So We can say that all nakshatra are fixed. It never moves like other planets. Because Planetary movements always changing. Planets are Moving Regularly. That’s Why the Effects of planets is not fixed. Star constellation Can’t move. This is a more convenient and accurate way to do a prediction about someone. The collection of stars called nakshatra. And Some star constellation has only one star like Ardra Nakshatra. Some have lots of star-like Shatabhisha contains 100 stars.

What’s your birth star?

Your birth star count from moon star. The nakshatra of the moon is your birth star. Like the lord of ascendant and zodiac sign, nakshatra has its own lord too. And Every nakshatra has 4 padas. All zodiac signs’ degree is 30. The degree of nakshatra is 13.20. Each pada of nakshatra is 3.20 degree. All Shubh Muhurat came to know through these nakshatras. All 16 sanskara based on nakshatra.

Name Of All Nakshatras

There are total 27 nakshatra or star constellations. But deity is different for each one because of different


Lord of Ashwini Nakshatra is Ketu. Deity is Ashwini Kumar, the sons if The Sun.

Lord of Bharani Nakshatra is Shukra or Venus. And the deity is Yam, the lord of death and son of Sun.

Lord of Krittika Nakshatra is Sun. Deity is of this nakshatra is Fire-god.

Lord of Rohini Nakshatra is Chandra or Moon. Deity is Lord Brahma, the creator if the world.

Lord of Mrigasira nakshatra is Mangal or Mars. Deity is the moon god.

Lord of Ardra nakshatra is Rahu. Deity is Lord Shiva.

Lord of Punarvasu nakshatra is Guru or Jupiter. Deity is Sun god.

Lord of Pushya nakshatra is Shani or Saturn. Deity is Guru or Jupiter.

Lord of Ashlesha Nakshatra is Budha or Mercury. Deity is a snake god.

Lord of Magha nakshatra is Ketu. Deity is our ancestors.

Lord of Purva-Phalguni nakshatra is Shukra or Venus. The deity is Bhagya – the god of good fortune and prosperity.

Lord of Uttara-Phalguni nakshatra is Sun. Deity is Aryaman, one of the twelve Adityas. As He is known as God of nobility, Favor or kindness. He is the main deity of Uttara-Phalguni.

Lord of Hast nakshatra is Moon. And the Deity is the sun god.

Lord of Chitra nakshatra is Mars. Deity is Vishwakarma god.

Lord of Swati nakshatras is Rahu. Deity is Air god.

Lord of Vishakha nakshatra is Guru or Jupiter. Deities are Indra and fire god.

Lord of Anuradha nakshatra is Shani or Saturn. Deity is Mitra, one of Adityas of friendship and partnership.

Lord of Jyestha nakshatra is Budh or Mercury. Deity is Indra, chief of the gods.

Lord of Moola nakshatra is Ketu. Deity is Nirrti, goddess of dissolution and destruction.

Lord of Purva-Ashadha nakshatra is Venus. Deity is Apah, god of Water

Lord of Uttara-Ashadha nakshatra is Sun. Deity is Vishwa devas, universal gods.

Lord of Shravana nakshatra is Moon. Deity is Lord Vishnu, preserver of the universe.

Lord of Dhanishta nakshatra is Mars. Deity is 8 Vasu, deities of earthly abundance.


Lord of Shatabhisha nakshatra/constellation is Rahu. Deity is Varuna, god of cosmic waters, sky, and earth

Lord of Poorva-Bhadrapada nakshatra is Jupiter. Deity is Ajaikapada, an ancient fire dragon

Lord of Uttara-Bhadrapada nakshatra is Saturn. Deity is Ahirbudhnya, serpent or dragon of the deep.

Lord of Revati nakshatra is Mercury. Deity is Pushan, nourisher, the protective deity.

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