How to live a Debt-free Life?

Nowadays many people get into debt easily like they use to buy things on EMI or loans if their financial condition does not allow them to buy anything by their own money at one time. So they easily divide money payments using email but still, it’s a debt which is not good. Here I am sharing few points which help to avoid debt in your life.

Buy what you need

Most ofple get into bent because they didn’t spend money on their need instead they spend their money on their wants. When you start spending only on your needs, not your wants then you will never get into debt.

Do Not Use Credit Cards

Many people tell you about how beneficial to use credit cards as scoring points on the purchase, and receiving discounts on the next purchase,etc but still use of credit cards says you are taking a loan. If you developed a habit to say no to credit cards then you can live a debt-free life.

Make your Budget

Whatever you earn, you just need to plan your expenses by using a budget, if you wish to live a debt-free life. 50% of your earnings should spend on your needs like food, shelter, and clothes,30% of your earnings you can spend on your wants like traveling, shopping, or watching movies, etc; at least 20%of your earnings should go into savings.

Say No To Addiction

If you stay away from each kind of addiction like alcohol, smoking, etc then you most probably live a debt-free life.

Change your Role Model

Whatever you are watching since your childhood, is making a deep impression on your brain. If your father or any close relative spends their big part of life in debt then there are chances that you are in debt. This is due to you didn’t think like having debt is a bad thing. So change your role model as live life like those close relatives or friends who are living a debt-free life.

Plan for Hard Times

Having no plans for rough times can increase your debt too. So start saving money to avoid loans in hard times and live a debt-free life.

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