How to Start Your Day?

If you are wasting your morning time then getting success in life is quite tough for you! Many people say proudly that they didn’t like to wake up early in the morning and those who wake up early every day they didn’t achieve very good things and I can do all my work at night etc type things. Instead of making excuse you can make your morning ritual to accelerate your success. Success is a deliberate process.

You can follow 6-morning habits for a lifetime. These are like a compass which guides your whole day. If you do these 6 habits in the morning, then you will definitely do as many things in the morning before others wake up and unable to do as many things in their entire day. Successful people do more before 8 am than most people do throughout the day.


In order to control your feelings and thoughts, you need to do meditation first after waking up. If you control your mind, then you are already on the path of success. To do the meditation you need to sit down in a peaceful place as per your comfort, on a chair or on earth and fix a 5min timer. Start focusing on your breath without thinking too much. You will get a lot of thoughts, you will notice that you may start to feel anxiety but let it go. Thought will come and go. It will improve with time. Do not get frustrated if you can’t do meditate in the beginning.


Write your ideal life on paper in the present tense. So if you want to start exercising more, write an affirmation that, “I take care of my health and exercise daily.” write an affirmation for all areas of your life and then read them into your morning ritual.


Think about your perfect life for 5 minutes. Take a deep breath and feel that you are already living that life. This gives you motivation and inspiration to makes you want to work towards your dream, for your whole day.


This is the very basic thing that whenever you improve your blood flow then your brain works better and your health will improve. By doing exercise daily, you will become more alert after wake up in the morning. When your heart rate increase then your eyes open automatically and you will face the whole day very well. If you do not have much time then you can do jumping jacks for 60 seconds or do some push-ups.


Like you take shower every day to cleanse your body, you can read books to cleanse your mind. Your thoughts become clear by reading any good book. This will gives you some good thoughts for rest of the day. But do not read something stressful like a newspaper. Read only good books like any self-help book or any classic. Only 5 minutes read daily can improve the aught process. You need to make this habit as you do brush daily.


Scribing means you started having a journal and writing in it about your life. You can write about your feelings. You can analyze yourself and find out your strength and weaknesses. You can plan your day and make a to-do list in your journal. This will give you a road map for your day.

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