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Stay Motivated Always!!

Motivation is like food, which you need every day. But the problem is motivation end very fast. The majority of people can’t stay motivated for a long duration of time. Self-motivation is very important if you actually want to achieve your target. Nobody will come to you daily or inspire you every day in achieving your specific goals or target. It’s completely your responsibility to keep motivating yourself for avoiding laziness and maintain focus on the target. Some techniques can help to keep yourself motivated all the time.

Limited Offer Time

Any game like football, cricket, tennis, etc, players have some specific time to score like 50 overs in cricket or any of game have to finish in 15 minutes. So players tried their best at that particular time duration to win the game with their best performance. But suppose if nobody tells them the over or time period of the game and say just focus to play the game only and keep playing always? Then what happened? Do you think they will be the same? No, why? Because they thought that they have lots of time and so they will perform later. That kills their focus and motivation. The same thing applies to most of the humans too. They live life as they will never die. They think like I have lots of time. So I will do lots of things in the future and live my life later. But in reality, we have a very little amount of time and we think we have lots of time so we are busy wasting it. This is the thing if you accept it, then you are able to fulfill your dreams in reality in this limited-time instead of realizing one day that it’s too late. The most motivational statement comes down to three words: “You’re gonna die.” This means we have very limited time and we have to achieve our goals in this life without wasting a single second of time.

Eyes of Prize Focus

If I put a thik wooden stick on the ground and ask to walk upon it, the. Anyone can walk easily because the focus is on a wooden stick only. But if I put the same stick with the same physics between two buildings and then ask to walk and go one building to another. Chances are high that you can’t walk on the same stick. Why? Because the focus is change now, in the first case focus is on a stick, now focus shifts on falling down from stick because the building is high. The same thing happens to us. Instead of focusing on the prize of achievements like success, we focus on negativity like hurdles, tiredness, etc. This negative focus ends up giving up before achieving something and ends the motivation. So instead of focusing on problems just try to focus on rewards which you are going to receive after your hard work.

Stay Hungry

It happens to you many times when you are very hungry and doing something very important and unable to eat something then your focus is moving towards food frequently. Same thing you can apply for your gold too. Stay hungry to accomplish your goal as much as possible so that you never want to do anything else except this and keep visualizing your goals. This will help surely to hit the target.

Fake it Till You Make it

Faking and lying to ourselves can be beneficial many times if you use this wisely. If you are feeling sad anytime then decide to say yourself that, “I am not sad, I am happy” and try to smile forcefully even if you can’t smile. Just push yourself to smile. This will send a message to your brain that you are happy and you will feel better in real too. Same as that you can say to yourself that I will achieve my goal. I have the courage and motivation to do so. Visualizing your dream life in your mind like you are already living your dream life can help you to live your dream life in the real world. Your mind taking action accordingly. Remember that Fake it, until you make it.

Sweat in Peace

Sweat in peacetime, so you don’t bleed in war means, work hard in normal days so you get to benefit in future hard days. If you prepare for the worst then you will win. It will keep motivating you because preparation beats fear of failure. Practice with a tough situation that will make you strong and motivates you always.

Know Your Buttons

Imagine if a pilot doesn’t know how the buttons works which are available in front of him then how can be able to make the plane fly in the sky? Then will it be good news for passengers? Similarly, we are the pilot of our lives where lots of different buttons or you can say triggers are available in front of us which makes us motivated. Let us take an example of the song. Few songs make us feel excited but few make us sad. Few articles make us feel good and motivated few make us depressed. Few friends make us feel motivated but few bring negativity into our lives. We must learn about these triggers in life or know yourself better than what are those buttons which make you feel motivated and what makes you feel negative. Use those triggers to stay motivated.

Write it down

If you start lots of tasks but fail to end up and quit in between the task then make your belief system strong. To do so assign a simple and easy task to yourself and complete them. Then mark it done on your to-do list. Do the same with every task which you complete in a day. This will make your belief system strong that you can finish the task.

44 thoughts on “Stay Motivated Always!!”

  1. I think it’s not possible for anyone to STAY MOTIVATED FOR 24X7 HOURS.
    This is Life… And it changes every single minute. That’s why it is life !!..
    Always keep focus on the target is dizzy and boring, In my opinion .


    1. It’s not about 24X7 hours motivation. It’s about Focusing on target and molds all energy towards one specific direction. It helps to not being scattered here and there in unuseful tasks which leads to waste of time and distractions.


  2. Loved this! I am a new blogger looking to gain some friends and followers in the same category as mine and I must say, I loved your posts! I followed you so I can continue being inspired! Follow back please 🙂


  3. I don’t lose motivation when I take a break. Rather, I’m refreshed and able to get back in. Your suggestions are excellent, especially keeping a journal. I do to start off my writing day, like athletes or dances exercise every day.

    Thank you for liking my posts!


    J’ai un jardin enchanté
    il n’est pas très grand
    c’est un petit coin mais ; il t’est destiné
    Tu peux t’y reposer, même cueillir quelques fleurs
    que j’ai fait pousser avec tout mon cœur
    Certaines sont très gaies, parfumées et très colorées
    D’autres sont petites, insignifiantes et peu odorantes,
    Dans mon jardin, tout est utile
    tu peux y trouver une source de réconfort.
    de l’amour , de l’amitié si désiré et surtout d’être écouté
    je te souhaite une belle journée ou bonne soirée
    Belle semaine et plein de bonnes choses pour toi
    je te fais de gros bisous.


  5. Thanks for liking so many of my posts. I am glad to be visiting your blog. You seem like a very strong woman. I am trying to follow you but WordPress keeps sending me an error message. Will try again later. Thanks again, ellen 🙂


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