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How to stop Wasting Time?

If I give you $86000 one day, and then ask you to spend it. So how would you like to spend that money in one day? Would you like to spend that money in the restaurant to eat anything or you would like to purchase gold with that money. The same way we receive 86000 seconds every day.

We can use it in two ways either we waste all the time or use it wisely. We can spend our all-time in useless entertainment or be lazy or we can use it on social media or we can do useless things. We can utilize our time in learning some new skills so that we can get benefit in the future.

Your time is your money or more than money because you can earn money but you can’t earn more time. If you are gossiping with your friends then you are utilizing your time if you learn something from them. But if you’re reading religious books without understanding them then you are wasting your time because you are doing something by showing off that you are reading something.

This doesn’t make any difference in your life if you are just showing off. Your brain is like a muscle. The more you exercise the more it grows better. It Will work more efficiently. Because learning is ultimate earning. The more you learn, the more you earn.
There is mainly three aspect of our life that is health, wealth and happiness. If you are spending your time doing those things which makes your life better in these three aspects then you are utilizing your time otherwise you are wasting your time.

To Stop wasting your time just start asking a simple question that, “Is that work going to make my life better?” If you answer is “No”, then stop doing that thing immediately. To understand this concept just take an example of the early morning routine. Whenever you wake up in the morning, instead of doing exercise, usually people just started to check their cell phones.

Do you really think that it will increase your happiness or make you sad, jealous and increase your anxiety? In the early morning, our body part is stiff, when we wake up, so we need to do exercise instead of checking our cell phones and news feed on social media.

Thinking that we can check our smartphone for 5 minutes only, But we never realize that when one hour is gone. To remove this bad habit from your life you just need to plan your day before you wake up in the morning. Ask yourself, “What you can do make your dreams come true?” You can fix a time slot to do your work which helps you to accomplish your goal. You can schedule you all day by dividing 24 hours into time slots and assign all slots a specific work.
Whenever you give the command to mind, to do the assigned task to yourself, it gives an excuse not to do your work and become lazy. Now the two-minutes two-minute rule helps you here.

This rule says that whenever your mind gives you an excuse then say to you just do it a task for 2 minutes only. Like if you need to do exercise for half an hour and you did not want to do exercise at that time so you can say yourself just do it for 2 minutes and you will do for half an hour tomorrow. This technique works because you can’t do it for 2 minutes only when you started doing it then you will be in flow and you can’t stop yourself.

The hardest part of doing anything is starting. Start a task is the most difficult task. When you overcome the starting then rest part will be easier. If you didn’t like to do exercise for more than 2 minutes then do it for 2 minutes only it will build up your confidence that you can do it and make your commitment true to yourself.

You can monitor your task every day. Only progress makes you feel really motivated to do your task. So make sure do little but do anything with consistency. Progress may be little but it is a must.

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22 thoughts on “How to stop Wasting Time?”

  1. This is an excellent post Nidhi. A great way of looking at things, and one that l am reblogging to my followers – thank you – Rory


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