Basic Things That Can Make You Successful

Everyone has some basic human needs, I’m not talking about food shelter and clothing. Here I am talking about psychological needs which every human being needs in his life either he is King or he is a beggar. There are 6 basic human needs we all have and make every decision of our life based on those emotional needs. These needs fulfilled by us by doing good or bad things. For example; smoking, drinking, hanging out with friends, wearing odd kind of clothes, piercing, more sleeping or less sleeping, not doing work, doing timepass, whatever action we take in life, is just only to fulfill those needs. Because these are our important needs, not desires.


If your roof is just started shaking and you are reading this article, then no matter how good it is, you just ran away from the house to somewhere where you remain certain and sure about saving your life. Certainty basically a survival need which focuses on no pain and continuous pleasure. Because everyone wants to be happy in life. That is why this is the first psychological need which is very much dominant in people.

You can understand it with a very common example like everyone knows that if they do business then they can make more money than a job but still they do the job. Why? Because they know if they do the job then they will receive fix amount of money at the month end. They will always remain certain in the matter of money. Some people live in a bad relationship just because of the feeling of certainty that someone is with them and they are not alone at all. If a partner leaves then who is there? Maybe next one is worse than the previous one. Likewise, we sleep more, not doing work more, why? Because we know if we didn’t work we are enjoying laziness which is a very bad thing. Most people do negative things to fulfill their needs. But you should fulfill this by the positive way like most people smoke because they know when nicotine release then they feel good. This gives certainty. You can replace it by doing exercise if you do the same thing as smoking or any negative thing to get pleasure. Exercise does the same thing as smoking. You can do a pray, this also gives certainty like God is always with me. A morning ritual also does the same thing.


Suppose you have an amazing power that you know the next thing to happen. In fact, you know whatever I am going to write in next posts. Then how you feel? You get bored because you know everything in advance. So uncertainty is the second need which everyone wants in their lives to make life interesting. Everyone loves surprises but those which they want. Which does wanted or an unwanted surprise come in life called problems? The main point to understand here that whenever any unexpected thing happens then it makes our life interesting. At that moment we didn’t think like that, although we think that it making our life miserable but in reality, it makes life interesting. Whenever we face and fight with any problem and goes up from the down then we feel very good this happens just because of a negative situation or problem. If this never happens then none able to release the happiness and feel good as everytime person living a constant same boring life. The problem gives you the power to face it and overcome it with experience. The job gives certainty to people but due to lack of uncertainty, it gives boredom too. Gambling, smoking, extramarital affair and fighting with anyone are the negative ways to fulfill the need for uncertainty. Rightways to fulfill these needs are learning new skills every day, grow every day by working on your dreams and goals.


Violence is the only thing which is common in history and today’s day to day life. No matter how much people are educated nowadays, still Everyone is fighting with other. This is because fighting with others fulfills the need of significance. Everyone wants to feel important, unique and needed. Terrorist(wants to feel important by making fear in front of innocent people), very naughty child at home(wants to feel needy for his parents), people who want to become famous at any cost(so everyone will love them), people who gossip and say bad things about another person(dragging down others makes to feel up in their point of view) are some example of negative ways to fulfill the need of significance. Positive ways to fulfill these needs are working hard, working on achieving your goals, by learning new skills, acquiring knowledge, by helping the others, and by giving a donation.

Connection And Love

Everyone wants to feel the love of his family or friends. But it happens much time with people that they experience something bad in love, and then they started fearing from love. When people go out with their friends or when they meet friends or family, they feel connected. This is the reason that these days social media is very popular because it connects people. Negative ways to fulfill this need is making a gang with people and do some illegal or bad things like taking drugs, fighting with others, bunk the class with friends or irritate teacher with friends. Positive ways to fulfill this needs are wearing the same kind of clothes, having a pet at home make you feel connected and love.


Nothing is still in this world either they grow or they die. If there is no growth in a relationship that means it is dying, if a business is not growing that means its dying. Means real happiness is in progress or growth. Many times people achieve their goals and still, they are not happy with it. Why? Because real happiness is not that you achieve something and stop that’s it. No, instead a walk on the way of growth is the only thing which gives the happiness. Improving yourself every day at least 1% gives you the real happiness.


You notice many times when you have some good experience in a restaurant or tourist place or anywhere, you always share it with your friends. This is because sharing gives you happiness. Discussing those things gives pleasure. Real happiness comes when it includes others happiness in our lives. When we start doing something for our family, friends or needy people, then we become more happy in life. This thing grows us and make us feel happy in and fulfill the need of contribution.

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31 thoughts on “Basic Things That Can Make You Successful”

  1. This post opened my mind up more.
    learned alot reading this and everything you said in this post was accurate.
    Growth and uncertainty is very important so you’ll have an interesting life. In fact, I believe you need growth and uncertainty to be a successful blogger


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