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How to Change bad mood quickly?

Many times we suffer from bad mood without any reason or having some reason. Here I am sharing a few ways to get rid of it instantly and be happy and do your work with maximum productivity.

Go for a walk and listen to Music

Whenever you feel bad then go for a walk, you can listen to your favorite music but not sad songs. Doing so you can enhance your mood and feel better. This is because your blood flow change helps you have a better mood.

Go Up and Down on Stairs

Whenever it is not possible to go for walk, go up and down on stairs. The same changes occur in the body, your blood flow will increase and you will feel better.

Drink Tea, Coffee or Juice

This is a proven fact that caffeine present in tea or coffee makes you feel you relax. So whenever you feel your mood is not good, drink tea or coffee is available and you like those. If you didn’t like tea or coffee, then you can take fresh juice. The same effect will occur with juice. Juice is very healthy too.

Watch 2-minute funny Video

When you didn’t feel good then watch any funny video for 1 or 2 minutes but not more than that. Watching funny video decrees your stress level. It will make you feel relax and positive. After that, you can start doing your work whatever you have to do.

Notice Others Problem and Relate with Yours

Most of the cases, when we are in a bad situation then we suffer from a bad mood. Whenever you think about others problem, you will notice that your problem is small in comparison to others huge problems. When others can fight their big problems then why not you?? This will change your mood and you will feel positive.

Show Gratitude For Six People who Helped You in Your life

Make a list of 10 people who helped you in a difficult time. Show gratitude to those people. When you appreciate someone you will feel better die to positive vibes.

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