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Rahu In Astrology(Part-3)



Rahu in the 7th house

This is not a very good placement for rahu in terms of married life or partnership. This person will have habit to cheat on their partner as Rahu gives dissatisfaction and obsession where it sits in. This is however a good position for business, reaching a mass audience and customers. It helps to get gains through partner if Rahu is in friendly sign or exalted or receiving good aspect of other planets otherwise it is always very bad position. Do not follow the crowd always depend o. Yourself. Crowd will misguide you.

Rahu in the 8th house

Rahu in the 8th house makes the person’s life very difficult and create many sudden changes in life. This is one of the worst position to have Rahu in. Rahu gives sudden accident, it could also lead to jail time if it is deblitated or receiving bad aspect from other planets. Most people in the medical field have Rahu in the 8th house as this is also house of hidden knowledge and death and rebirth. This placement gives a person to reason for his birth. He knows the all secret things why he has taken birth like Osho Rajneesh.

Rahu is influential in intensification of one’s power and converting even an enemy into a friend. Rahu is also benefic in nature.Rahu is regarded as similar to Saturn in its effect. Smoky blue is its color, instinctual and animalistic its nature. Rahu is interested only in achieving all that gives pleasure, and even if it achieves all it wants, it is never satisfied.Although Rahu rules no sign of the zodiac, the zodiacal sign Virgo is its exalted sign.Rahu represents the most profound mysteries and darkest secrets. All that is unknown to the normal people is represented by Rahu. That is why, even the things, subjects, creatures and people represented by Rahu.

Rahu in the 9th house

9th house Rahu is not a good position for it to be in, as this is the house of religion and tradition while Rahu goes against to all these things. Rahu either makes a person very religion, who usually leave their religious beliefs later on in life, or the person never believes in religion. It never gives very good results in 1st,4th,7th,5th,9th and 12th house. These people have some different idea about religion. They reject the rules.

Rahu in the 10th house

Rahu in the 10th house is the best position for Rahu to be in.Rahu gives worldly fame, strong will, and lots of wealth through career. Rahu in the 10th house however makes a person workaholic due to obsessive nature. If Mercury is sitting with Rahu then it nullifies that effect.If Saturn is strong and well placed, the native will be attractive and get everything including fame in life as 10th house original owner is Saturn.

Rahu in the 11th house

Rahu in the 11th house gives massive amount of wealth, especially during its Maha or antar Dasha. This Rahu gives story of rag to riches, a self-made millionaire. This position is positive in every aspect however is not good for having children.The native may have strained relations with father. He may also form habit of wasting money and trying to gain ideas for short cut earnings.

Rahu in the 12th house

Again Not a good position for Rahu in 12th house, as here it can make the native’s mind, house and aura haunted with spirits, black magic, and become a victim of tantra. He should be careful with such persons or relatives who are indulged in such practices. He should also adopt righteous and religious path. Even though Rahu here takes a person to foreign lands for permanent settlement, it also might put the native in trouble with the law.

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      1. It is aspected by Jupiter. I’m more inclined to research than practice though. Especially with regards to paediatric anxiety, academics related psychological issues etc. Thanks a lot for replying to me miss nidhi.

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      2. It’s my pleasure dear. Jupiter is significator of all kind of knowledge and most beneficial planet and also rulled saggitarious sign. When any planet aspect his own sign or house it always gives good results.Thanks for reading my post.🙏🤗

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