Simple Astrology

Hair Health in Astrology(part-2)

If your sun is weak in your birth chart then your hair loss will begin from the left and right side of the head. If your moon is weak in birth chart then hairball will start from the center of the head. If mars are badly placed in the birth chart then hair fall will occur in the whole head. If your Jupiter is weak then hair fall will happen in 18-25year old. Bad Venus and Rahu can give grey hair in early age and dandruff in hair. Bad Venus and weak moon give the split end problem in hair. To get rid of this problem, native must wash his hair with curd on Friday evening after sunset. Or can use curd as a hair pack then wash it with plain water. Bad mercury gives lots of dandruff issue in hair. To get rid of dandruff problem use apple cider vinegar to make your hair dandruff free. On Wednesday night native can do olive oil massage on hair too to make mercury strong. Eat green salad with food as much you can to make mercury strong. If someone has acidity issue then hair problem occurs too. This is because if 6th lord is affected by Saturn or Saturn is in 6th house and looking the ascendant lord. If someone has cough issue then use the coconut oil to avoid hair problems…

Gemini people should do changes in their hairstyle from time to time. Gemini female should grow their hair long to be lucky.

Cancer people face hair problems frequently if the moon is not good in their chart. Above shoulder length haircut or U cut will be lucky for these sign female. Male should have short hair length if they have cancer rising sign.

Leo men face baldness issue in their later life. Too long hair for Leo women is unlucky. Neck length hair is lucky for Leo women.

Virgo woman should make hair length normal, neither too long nor too short. Straight hair can enhance their luck. Men should avoid too long or too short hairstyle. Normal hair length is lucky for them.

Usually, Libra women are beautiful ad their hairs are also very good. Normal hair length is lucky for them. Layer cutting is lucky for them. Little Long hairs are lucky for male too.

Scorpio women love to go with fashion. Long Curly hairs are lucky for them. Short hairs are lucky for men.

Saggitarious women’s lucky haircut is straight long hair. Male can also grow a little longer hair than usual.

Long hairs increase the Capricorn woman’s and man’s luck.

Long hairs are lucy for Aquarius woman. Normal hair length is lucky for males.

Shoulder length hair or curly long hairs are lucky for Pisces woman. Curly hair can also lucky for male too.

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