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Hair Health in Astrology(part-1)

Planets denote the energy flow in your body. Everyone has a different energy in their bodies. That’s the reason why one oil/medicine works on someone and the same thing never work for other. Every person has a different energy. This can be read by their ascendant lord and birth chart reading. If any planet, hot in nature like sun, mars, Ketu sits in the 1st house of the birth chart then it makes a hot-headed person. It produces unnecessary heat which causes hair loss or baldness. If your moon and Venus both well placed in your birth chart then your hair must be good. But if these two planet sits with Saturn then hair problem arrives. If your ascendant is Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius then usually you have some hair fall problems. If your mercury is retrograde, or it is in Scorpio, or in Taurus sign, then you may face hair problems due to thyroid. If the sun is in arise then fair fall occur due to heat. If Ketu is in 2nd house of birth chart then due to some illness, hair problems arrive. Hair ruled by Saturn mainly in astrology. The co-rulers of hair are Venus, moon, and mercury. If your Saturn is weak then hair fall problem must be there. To avoid this apply mustard oil in hair.

If Venus and moon are weak in your birth chart then your hair may be thin in quality. To make strong Venus and moon, native must use curd/yogurt in his diet and apply it on his hair too. Curd/yogurt rules by Venus /moon. It helps to make hair strong.

Aries Ascendant people usually have good hair. Step cutting is lucky for arise woman. Curly hair also lucky for them. Very short hair are lucky for Aries male.

Taurus women should not do experiments on their hair. Bob cut haircut is lucky for Taurus woman. They can also grow their hair below their shoulders. Male Taurus can grow their hair some longer than usual and make a ponytail.

If baldness or bald patches visible on hair then its a sign of bad condition of mercury. Native must use Indian gooseberry in his diet and also the external application of its juice/powder on hair scalp to make mercury strong. It will definitely help to make hair growth better than before.

Do oiling and hair wash on Friday or Wednesday. If you are a Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant person then do oiling with mustard oil on Saturday after sunset. If you are Leo then never do oil on Saturday. Always donate that oil to needy people. If your mercury is weak then do some coconut oil massage with mixing some Indian gooseberry fresh juice in equal.quantity.

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