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Taurus Rising Sign

Rising sign sets the map of your entire life, how it’s going to be, what kind of situations you are going to face in your life. In Vedic astrology, there are 12 houses and each one is controlling a certain aspect of your life like your personality, your family, education, children, travel, or career; that is always set, depending upon how your planets are placed good or bad in your birth chart but the basic foundation of a certain ascendant is always similar. This is a fixed sign and rules south direction. The Taurus sign is an earth sign. Its temperament is windy. It represents your face and neck in kalpurush kundali. It becomes more strong at night time. It ruled by Venus.

Taurus people are very balanced people because it’s an earth sign. These people are very stable and loyal too. Sometimes they are lazy or fickle-minded. However, they always tend to think and take action about making money. They always make sure that security is there or not. They always make sure that they have enough money or not for them and their families. Their approach is very practical in life. When it comes to family, they feel frustrated. Because of 2nd house rules by Gemini, the dual-energy. Family changes decisions frequently but these folks want to stick on their decisions.

Canceling the first decision by family and switching to another one, make them frustrated. Situations get worst if their Mercury is badly placed too. Because of the 2nd house also about wealth, so their finances go ups and downs many times. The 3rd house of communication ruled by the moon. Ther relationship with siblings is calm and good. Sun rules the 4rth house of mother. So these people end up becoming in charge of the family, no matter it’s male or female. Decision making ends up with this Taurus ascendant. Their kids are very intelligent. These people become very structured parents. But they are so much busy in their work, that’s why kids feel neglected in life. Their life partner is very emotional because the 7th house is ruled by Mars’ scorpion energy. Due to the opposite nature, marriage becomes a compromise. These people always tend to travel a lot for business or work. These people more attached to the father than a mother. They think like their dedication to work is like worship. These people are here to enjoy the luxury of life.

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