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Sound Of Silence “listen your inner voice”

There are continuous vibration and a sound happening in the universe which is happening from only the ultimate single source. Every sound in the world happens through the striking of two objects always. But this cosmic sound is occurring with none striking. This sound is continuously happening in your inner world too. For experiencing it you can Sit in a comfortable position (on a chair or bed or on earth wherever you like )in a quiet place. Close your ears (with earplugs), eyes, and mouth. Now try to concentrate on the ear, try to listen only to what sound is coming through the ear. Just try to listen to the sound. Now try to listen to your Heartbeats are happening. Now go downwards towards the travel center and listen to the sound there.

After a few practices, you can listen to the cosmic sound. As you specialize in this sound, it becomes louder. Move into the sounds in your thoughts. Allow it to come to you like a cloak. There may be several frequencies involved. Try to hear more details of the sounds. Just bring your attention to the inner sound and allow it to fill the whole sphere of your awareness.

It will help you to the fixing of the mind. Very consciously, you leave everything else like the feelings in your body, the noises you hear, the thoughts—on the periphery, allowing the inner sound to completely fill the focus of your attention.

If you specialize in the inner sound for the length of your time sufficient to bring stability, during which your mind is resting easily within the present, you’ll allow the sound to fall into the background. It doesn’t confuse or interfere with other objects that are arising. It’s like playing a video game: if you pay attention, you are aware that life is like the game only and you are the player of the game and playing your character or different roles like mother, daughter, wife, and sister or any other relation in life. Don’t be too attached to the character you are playing in your life. Just focus on making better your game. Nothing can be perfect and this is the real beauty of life. Trying to Making life perfect in every aspect by playing our role in the best way, always continuously. The inner sound’s presence within the background helps remind you that “this is simply a game; this is often not reality.”Inner listening results in a knowing awareness with which we can more easily recognize the transparency, emptiness, and insubstantiality of those experiences and allow them to go.

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