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8th house in Birth Chart

The 8th house is the house of fear. All types of fears built in the body come under the 8th house. As our entire life we live in the pressure of fear so life comes under the 8th house and its a house called the house of birth and rebirth. All kinds of inheritance, accidents, and miss happening also come under 8th the use. This is the house of occult science and Mystic science. By default setting sage Parashara has given this house a Scorpio sign which is ruled by Mars. Scorpio is very scary which also lives in a dark place. Saturn is the significator of this house.

When Leo sign Placed in 8th house or sun present in 8th house, then people have a fear of known things because the sun never hides anything. Everything comes in the surface means that native knows that is fear but still, they have fear. When the moon is present in the 8th house or ruling the 8th house, then people have a fear of emotions. These people have fear about their feelings and others’ feeling also. The fear to get hurt and they never want to hurt anyone. They have scary things to hurt someone that someone can’t be with him or her if he or she tries to hurt someone. These people’s mental wavelength attach to mystic science and occult science.

If Mars is present in the 8th house or ruling 8th house then one has always taken care of their temptation. When these people are in fear try to hurt someone. When mercury is in 8th house, or ruled 8th house the native is very calculative. These people have a fear of height as their calculation goes in very depth. When Jupiter is in 8th house or Jupiter rules 8th house then people have very wide fear. They have mass fear like when in public places these native feels suffocated even there is no suffocation.

If Venus is present in 8th house or venues rules 8th house then people have so many luxurious things but they always have fear while enjoying the things like they things if I am not getting this tomorrow then what happened? So they can’t enjoy today by fearing tomorrow. When Saturn presents in 8th house or Saturn rules 8th house it is good because it is giving a sign that doesn’t get fear. Saturn is the significator of this house so it slows down the effect of 8th house. Saturn makes a person fearless. When Rahu present in 8th house then people 8 fearless and goes in occult science and Mystic science fearlessly. People will remember native till generations but after his death like Osho Rajneesh. Ketu is not considered good in the 8th house, as it absorbs all the good things related to this. Some unknown fear or getting suddenly sweating on forehead due to fear or feels that someone chasing type fear to feel by native when Ketu is in 8th house.

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