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Corona and Astrology

As per astrology concerns, any virus and infections spread by the influence of Rahu and Saturn connected to airy and earthy zodiac signs. Which make the air toxic by contaminating oxygen. Rahu is related to both smoke and sky. Any such virus reaches anywhere in the air. Saturn is a particle born in the air, which helps to spread it and now Rahu is transiting in its exalted sign Gemini. Which is the second house of India’s horoscope and also the 2nd house shows the mouth and nose of the common man. This house has moon got exalted in kalpurush kundali and Jupiter is significator planet of this house. Saturn is in its Capricorn sign and it affects our oxygen Whose significator planet is Jupiter.

Breathing is done through the nose and oxygen reaches the body and provides life. The coronavirus attack is causing harm by reaching the human body through breath. Due to which Native has to lose his life.

Jupiter is owned over the oxygen of the entire universe. Oxygen is produced due to rain, due to which the plants thrive and give clean air Whose causative planet is the moon.

At present, the effect of coronavirus has started in India. Both the moon and Jupiter planets focus north. In India, it will have a greater impact in northern India such as Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir. After Holi, its effect started more.

Amavasya i.e. from March 24, this coronavirus will get a further boost. Jupiter will enter its debilitated zodiac sign from March 30, where Shani Dev is already seated. Mars and Ketu are making angarak doshas in the eighth house of Indiaโ€™s chart. As a result of this planetary influence, the public will visit the hospital more than usual.

The effect of coronavirus will be more at night than day, but as the summer season progresses, its effect will start to be cut. For this, every person needs to keep his moon and Jupiter strong if it’s in an inauspicious position.

Few general Tips

Drink as much water as possible. Avoid cold water, consume hot or lukewarm water.

Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

Spray Ganga water in your house every morning.

In the evening, smoke incense by putting incense on the camphor in the house.

After bathing in the morning, apply saffron tilak on forehead.

If possible, Get the Navagraha Havan pooja done at home, it will end the effect of coronavirus in the air, you and your family will be safe.

Vedic Remedies

Vedas have been considered the basis of life in Hinduism. It has been said that everything is written in the Vedas from the beginning to the end of creation. Among the four Vedas, one Veda is the Atharvaveda from which Ayurveda is born. Many types of herbs and mantras have been mentioned in Ayurveda, if used with virtue, serious diseases can also be overcome. These days, there is a lot of fear among people about viral diseases. Some remedies have been talked about in astrology and Ayurveda that can also control viral diseases. Let us know what remedies you should take in terms of astrology and Ayurveda so that your home is free from germs and viruses and you will be healthy with the effect of positive energy.


Camphor is considered very pure in our religious texts. Nowadays camphor is also made from chemical, whereas in nature the real camphor is obtained from the tree. camphor is related to the planet Venus in astrology. Rahu, Ketu, Saturn These three cruel planets, which are related to the communication of mysterious diseases and viral diseases, remain calm with camphor. Venus has been called the Guru of Rahu Ketu in the texts. Therefore, where Venus becomes dominant, the force of Ketu and Rahu decreases.

Venus also has a good connection with Saturn. According to Ayurveda and astrology, in the houses where the smoke of camphor is smoked regularly two to three times, the germs remain calm, that is, they have less effect. Hence camphor has been used in havan and puja since ancient times. The smoke of camphor is applied in the body and the atmosphere is pure as far as the smoke goes.

2. frankincense

Rahu, Ketu and Shani are considered to be the major hands in viral diseases. Saturn is the factor of public communication of diseases due to Saturn, while the birth of such diseases and making it fatal is the work of Rahu-Ketu. Regular frankincense smoke may also be used for the peace of these planets and to prevent its entry into their homes. In Ayurveda, frankincense is said to be a suppressor of many diseases and to enhance immunity. It has been used for centuries in tantra-mantra to awaken the divine powers.

Rahu is present not only in the horoscope but also in the lines of the palms, know what gives fruit?

3. Spikenard

Many astrologers also consider viral diseases as natural calamities, which are believed to be related to Mars. Whenever Saturn enters Capricorn, then there is loss of public wealth. Mars is going to coincide with Capricorn in Saturn from March 22, due to which people in different countries of the world can be troubled by natural disaster. Burning spikenard with frankincense to remove the evil effects of Mars can be done to remove the effects of inauspicious planets. Jatamansi has been described in Ayurveda as enhancing immunity capabilities, destroying germs and eliminating many other diseases including heart, brain diseases.

4. Garlic

According to religious beliefs, garlic and onion should not be consumed during fasting festival. The reason behind this is that they are believed to be related to Rahu and Ketu. Regular garlic intake increases disease-resistant abilities in the body. Consumption of garlic(Ketu ) in the body increases the effects of Ketu, due to its intake, the virus does not affect the disease quickly

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