Dealing With People

How To Deal With Problematic People?

If you think you are an introvert and you didn’t need to deal with anyone in life, then stop and think again that you can’t do something big in your life without the help of others or any deal with others. So it’s important that you know how to deal with people. It helps in personal and professional life both. You need to know about the rules of social dynamics. So what’s the fundamental technique you should know before dealing with others?? Always remember the rule that

If you want to gather the honey, don’t kick over the beehive!!

Most people criticize and complaint and hoping other will change. But does it really work?? Think about it how many times you criticize anyone and they actually change? Most of the time people didn’t respond to the criticism. In fact, they never get correct and thought that you are rude and a bad person. Whenever we criticise someone we automatically show that we have no empathy and unable to understand the perspective of another person.

Don’t criticise others because they are just what we would be under similar circumstances.

Never think that you are more superior than others because of you knowledgeable able and cultured in comparison to others. We are all the same underneath. And this point should be remembered every time whenever dealing with others.

We are not the creatures of logic instead we are the creatures of emotion.

You are just being mean if you tell others their flaws unless they ask you for it. Any fool can criticise and complain. There are a character and a self-control needed to understand and forgive another person. Before judging and criticising another try to understand their point of view. Doing so you will become empathetic and able to understand another person. The another biggest secret you should know before dealing with others is make them want to do with their desire whatever you wish they should do that thing for you. Doing this you should first find out what they need? And they didn’t get? What is the thing that everyone wants and only a few get in their lives? Don’t think like money or something like shallow things. That a is a feeling of importance. It’s always easy to criticise others but its always difficult to influence someone. Learn how to genuine compliment someone. Because everyone knows in their mind what’s the genuine compliment and what’s the flattery. Flattery is dishonest and selfish. This will never work. For honest compliment always look good in others and change your perspective. If you observe something good in others, always say it. Appreciate it. Learn to appreciate people and give genuine compliments. This makes another person realize a feeling of importance and they will help you or do whatever you wish to do with them. Everyone is your superior somehow someway. In a learning attitude, it must be necessary that you should try to learn from everyone. Find out the things in which they are better than you and compliment them. It looks genuine and sincere.

Another way to deal with people is to talk to them about their interest and show how they get whatever they want. Everyone is doing something for themselves only. Even some people do charity not because they are very selfless instead they want to feel better that they help someone and they are good human being. Talk about other people’s need and their interests. It will look like you are the genuine person to them because these days everyone is interested to talk about themselves and nobody wants to take an interest in someones else needs. People listen to someone only to reply. Whenever you talk to someone about their interest then automatically they genuinely interested in you.

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35 thoughts on “How To Deal With Problematic People?”

      1. Thanks for your kindness. I always appreciate your posts, and your wonderful words of affirmation for the things that I write. Always remember how you are such a blessing to others.


  1. Great post! Thank you Nidhi for these advices and you’re totally right. People nowadays talk only about themselves and by trying to listen to their interests you’re not only showing them attention but you also can see different prespectives and you’ll be open to new ideas.


  2. “Never think that you are more superior than others because of you knowledgeable able and cultured in comparison to others. We are all the same underneath. And this point should be remembered every time whenever dealing with others.”
    PREACH GURL PREACH what an absolutely amazing post 👏🏻


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