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Why Does This Always Happen to Me ?

Sometimes everything is going wrong with us. This happens to everyone one day. For example, one day I write one article and suddenly my mobile hanged and article didn’t save on draft. Everything vanishes.

Again I write then the internet stops working. I was unable to upload my post again. Then suddenly ac stops working and this irritates me a lot and I shout l, “why does this always happen to me?” and because of these circumstances, my day becoming worse and worse. Then I stopped myself in my chain thought and ask myself, “what can I do to upload my post today anyhow?

What would I take in spite of my circumstances to upload my post today?” then I make a coffee and refresh my mind and asked myself what to do next to upload my post? I got an answer that I should use someone else’s internet and upload my post. Then I do that same thing and upload my post. The solution was very easy. But why I got irritated before? And now get a solution to that situation. What changed? What change I did here to make an easy solution for my problem? The change is what kind of question I asked myself?

Your brain is a problem-solving machine. Whenever you ask any question to your brain then your subconscious mind gives some answer to you.

When I asked “why this is happening to me?” then my mind reply, “your phone is not very good what you expect from it? It always hangs when something important you do and you have no talent “and many more negative thoughts. But when I ask me ” what to do next to upload my post today?” then my mind reply “you can use someone else’s internet or laptop to upload post today.” Right kind of question gives the right kind of answer which leads to the right kind of actions. Understand that one thing your mind is neither right or wrong. It gives the only answer to your questions. If you ask the wrong question then you will receive the wrong answer but if you ask right question then you will receive right answer.

These right questions have all the power to change the direction of your life.

If the problem is big like you lose all your money then? Most people ask themselves,” this is happening to me only. My parents don’t support me financially. Without money no benefits of my life.” These lousy questions give you lousy answers. Instead of these nonsense questions, you should ask,” what is the outcome that I want from the situation and what can I change about my situation right now? that will help me move towards my goal?” may be your answer is to do any other job or take some loan or anything. Whatever answer come from the brain, you have to trust your brain to come up with the right answer. But this will happen only when you ask the right questions.

Sometimes the situation is worse like you lost your girlfriend or boyfriend then you can’t ask the question immediately that how can I grow from this? The point is not that suddenly you become great by started asking the right questions to your brain. The point is that you can start changing your mindset slowly. Whenever the situation is worst, you can cry and become sad but for a limited time. Do not be in the same condition in months and months or a long time. Feel bad but only for a few weeks or days and after that start asking the right questions to yourself. Do not start asking a very big heavy question like how can I be happy? How can I find real love etc? Maybe you are not emotionally ready for this kind of questions. So like other things take small steps and ask small questions like, “how do I feel better today? Should I meditate or exercise or a simple walk? How can I make someone smile? How can I make myself smile? How can I help someone today?” these questions shift in your mindset. That’s why this way is very powerful.

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45 thoughts on “Why Does This Always Happen to Me ?”

  1. This is an excellent post …”Do not start asking a very big heavy question like how can I be happy? How can I find real love etc? Maybe you are not emotionally ready for this kind of questions…. ”

    This itself is an important and integral question – we need to learn to take baby steps at times instead of continually looking to run before we can walk, we are all guilty of performing this ourselves at one point or another and learning to baby step our way through life is a learned process.

    Once again, an excellent post πŸ™‚


  2. Great post, it is a reminder to get out of your own head and look at what you can take from the situation. I tried to teach my kids that when something bad happens to you, you have a little bit of time to feel bad and then you need to go back and learn from it, change it and grow.


  3. There’s this and then there’s what we would like it to be. Everything has a reason lovely, it’s not finding the question, it’s seeking the answer.


  4. Such a good message! Being in my head is a constant issue for me, and this post helped a lot. Thank you.


      1. It’s my pleasure. You have a wonderful blog, and you’ve read many of my posts. I appreciate that so much! I can’t wait to read more.


  5. Asking the right questions usually summons the right answers, but in the case of not knowing, there is always Source to turn to. Answers are always waiting there, even if we occasionally ask a stupid question or two.


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