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Overthinking is the most common problem among people. Overthinking is a stage where you stuck in your problems and unable to move forward in your life. This also causes an increase in your stress level and maybe you fell distracted and this may lead to lack of clarity too. We all know that thinking is very good but everything is always bad!!

Overthinking is basically a fear of the unknown. When you notice when did you stuck in your thoughts you will find usually when you don’t know about what is going to happen in the future or what happened in past? For example, you overthink that you will fail in your exams. Or you said something and you don’t know the reaction of other person and you started assuming they will not get my point or they will think I am wrong or they will judge me and how you will get out of these situations?

Maybe you are fearful of future happenings. And this kind of thoughts keeps going on in your mind. This is basically a thought loop of fear of unknown because in these situations you never know what is going to happen and you imagine and fear. You can also understand it like your brain is trying to find out the solution of a very big problem but he is unable to understand it and trying to do all calculations and get overheated like in most cases if you open lots of application your system got hanged and started heating or it crashed !! The same thing happens to your brain.

So the idea is that to get rid of this you should change the perception of looking at everything like the biggest problem. You can think your brain is working to find out the best solution for your issue. To do this, always analyze what could be the best case? worst case? And most likely? When you overthink about something your mind keep imagine a worst case which actually may never happen but it will increase your stress level. So to deal with it first define the problem like if you overthink about your results that you may fail in exam. The worst case is a failure and this lead one more year in the same class.

So tell yourself that you can tolerate that situation too. Say like you saying an affirmation. You can write it down for the best result. It will help to get out of the stage of stuck in loop thoughts. Now write the best case like the best things may happen to you in this case like you will pass an exam with very good marks and everyone congratulating you. Now write the likely case. In this, you write the most probable things to happen like ask yourself how much marks which you most likely get. By doing so you make yourself to understand that what are all cases to happen?? So now tell yourself an affirmation like you can tolerate everything and move forward in life like a responsible person and you can handle all.

The problems which didn’t have any best or worst case to happen than to get rid of thought loop you can make a flow chart. The problem like losing a job or breakup, we can’t say best and worst. So make a flowchart and write your problem first like breakup then write what the things you didn’t like? For example fighting on phone, distance etc. Then write the liking parts. Then find out your faults in things which you didn’t like, honestly. Then mark the things and make an arrow and write how you fix those problems? Make your solutions in not liking parts. There is no thumb rule for this. The important thing is to ask good questions to yourself and be honest while giving answers. By doing so you can easily find out this is not actually the worst problem that you created in your mind on thought level. You will get relax because you know how to fix all. When you have no question to ask yourself then your flowchart is ended.

A third way to get rid of overthinking is to push your limits on a body level. You can notice when you do hard work by using your body like exercise then you will have no time for overthinking. Because exercise takes you out of our head and into your body. Do some heavy exercise. Do anything positive which makes your body tired of cleaning the whole house until you get tired or go outside or do jogging. Do some meditation too to get feel more relax in mind. When your body is tired and your mind become relax and peaceful then overthinking is automatically remove in your head.

Easy Way To Do Meditation

You can play with children to get rid of overthinking. Be happy with them in their childhood pleasure. Do not start thinking about your childhood other, wise, you again stuck in your thought loop. We are the root of overthinking. There is no outside source of any thought loop. For example, if someone says something bad about you then you stuck in loop thoughts like why he say like that about me? Did he make this kind of negative opinion about me and many more nonsense thoughts? Here you should understand clearly that the deed is not caused because if the same person says something bad about any other person that is always OK with you because it’s not you who is bad in his perception. The reason is you think like why he says something bad about you? Sticking in the loop thoughts of I, me, myself is overthinking. When you forget I, me and myself then thoughts get negligible in mind and the mind becomes peaceful. For example, if you visit any place to view some natural beauty like sunrise or sunset then at that particular moment you for about I, me and myself (your dream, your desires, goals, the things should happen to you like this particular ways type things etc) and you enjoy the moment. So the idea is that if you attach yourself to some place where you can forget I, me and myself then you get instantly rid of loop thoughts of overthinking. Spend time with children in the park and watch them how they play and enjoy their little things because they have no past, no garbage thoughts or no future plans. They have their present moment only. So you can’t fix overthinking by more overthinking but you can take action to solve your problem systematically.

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30 thoughts on “Overthinking”

  1. There are many factors involved that can change the outcome of my decision at some point in time…no use dwelling on it, just play the cards I have and move on… ๐Ÿ™‚

    โ€œYou canโ€™t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.โ€ Author Unknown


  2. You can over come over thinking I did myself Eazy blank your mind think of nothing drink herbal tea my now and then over thinking is a problem been there done it depends on what one s over thinking what ever one things of to much can come true some times or my be not at all I decided to drop in on this conversation see if could help over thinking I over come just like anything else over come in my life time if you think to much it can be bad for you just Empty your mind be formless shapeless like water water can flow or crash be water my friend s just keep on flowing


  3. I absolutely agree with your thoughts about overthinking. I tend to overthink sometimes at first but I find solutions to whatโ€™s bothering me. Itโ€™s better not to overstress ourselves.


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