Qualities that Separate Winners from Losers!!

The one only thing is giving the maximum amount of importance to success as you give importance to your breathing. Whenever you’re in peril such as you didn’t know the swimming and you’re within the river then you set huge effort to stay breathing. you would like to offer the maximum amount effort to realize success as you give for creating yourself alive whenever you’re in peril. For this inquire yourself,” what’s the major crucial chore for you at this time?” If you’re a student then education and if you’re a businessman then it’s business but once you are with family then the family is most vital.


Many times opportunities are present ahead of everyone but most of them unable to grab thanks to becoming lazy in taking action to grab that one and began expecting another. This late lazy attitude makes them a loser.


History shows that each winner faces difficulties at the starting of their work. this is often only because they didn’t fear to fail again and again. They learn whenever and make themselves better and better whenever.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of us of America. Franklin’s success didn’t come without challenges and failures.

So be ready for your success!! But still, you want to fight with the subsequent obstacles too which always comes the way


Fear bbiggtile thatthat never allows any loser to maneuver further and take any action. Fear be the rationale for low self-confidence. It promotes procrastination.

Lack Of Motivation

Some people give an excuse for his or her failure that like many problems they face in their family or many crises etc. But few people use these same excuses as their strongest reason to realize something big in their life to urge obviate of these situations. They get motivated and achieve something. Motivation is the key to taking action. For losers, their problems are their excuses, except for winners, their problems are their source of motivation. There are 2 sorts of motivations that are internal and external. External courage comes from outer references like Money, Fame or Fear while Internal courage comes from Pride, Feeling of accomplishment or responsibility or belief.

Low Self Esteem

What you think that about yourself is extremely important. If you tell yourself that you simply aren’t ready to do that task then, actually, you’ll ’t do this but if you think that you can then, actually, you can. That’s why high self-esteem is extremely important. High self-esteem people mention ideas. they’re caring and typically givers. While low self-esteem people mention people, gossip, etc. They never considered anyone and judge everyone. They always argue with others and really greedy in nature as a taker mentality.


Some people have such a lot of pride that they never respect anyone and never wanna learn anything from anyone and that they thought they know everything which stops their growth in life. On the opposite hand, winners have healthy pride which helps to realize their target. After achieving something they remaining humble and learns from everyone.

Goal Setting

Once a person asks an old man, “Where does this road go?”Then an Old replied, “Where you would like to go?”Then the person replied,” I don’t know.” The old man says that” Then take any road and go anywhere. this is often the cause that they never attain something big in their life. If you’ve got any goals then you create a deadline for them and make an action decide to execute the goal. So it’s necessary to form a particular plan which must SMART that’s specific, measurable, achievable, real, time-bound. For accomplishing any goal it’s necessary to find out new skills every day. Learning new skills there are 4 stages which you ought to know.

Unconscious In Competence

For example, once I didn’t skills to try to blogging then I assumed it had been a really difficult task to try to on behalf of me, which suggests I used to be unconscious and haven’t any skill to try to blogging. meaning I used to be incomplete to try to blog.

Conscious In Competence

When I write the primary post then I make some mistakes. this is often the second stage of consciousness that I do know I want to find out the way to use all functions available on WordPress and write a post.

Conscious Competence

By practicing I learn a day the way to write a post and the way to use available functions on WordPress. Now I buy the arrogance to write down something and skills to use some basic functions. this is often the stage of conscious competence.

Unconscious Competence

Now I can write any post by using available functions on WordPress without focusing on an excessive amount. this is often the stage of unconscious competence. No got to think consciously.

Similarly, for learning any skill, you want to focus to return on the last stage as soon as possible. But still, you can’t achieve something if you didn’t have any vision.


Big vision means an enormous dream. If you never see a dream to try to do something big then chances increase that you simply are unable to try to do something big. Don’t hesitate to ascertain big dreams. Airplane, mobile phones also are an unbelievable big dream but before reality, they’re an illusion or dream. They also seem next to impossible for everybody. But few people, who saw those dreams, make it real by persistence and diligence.

24 thoughts on “Qualities that Separate Winners from Losers!!”

  1. So realistic post it was …I learned a lot…. And that intriguing way where you described about conscious ,un conscious competance was awesome….I liked every topic..
    These are absolutely super qualities


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