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Venus in Astrology(part-3)



Venus in the 7th house

This is a very good placement for Venus, here it will give a very beautiful spouse to the male native.The natives of this placement of Venus in 7th house give immense significance to their relationships as they are the only way to attain mental peace & happiness for them for which they are truly devoted in their relationships and are deeply warm & affectionate to their closed ones. This person can also become a jeweler, or works as a financial advisor to others. It makes person so many expectations with partner.

Venus in the 8th house

Venus gives lots of wealth through the family of wife; it makes the native lord of some institution, and gives easy loans from banks and family.The 8th House is a deeply private house. Someone with Venus here can keep their hobbies, activities and relationships rather private, preferring to pick and choose who is “worth” knowing. The 8th House tends to focus on the immaterial, the moral and personal worth.

Venus in the 9th house

This is not a good placement for Venus at all most of the time. Here Venus is forced to live by the virtue of law, religion and spirituality, where Venus is all about material gains and love. The natives of this placement of Venus in 9th house are born with a philosophical and spiritual blend in their personality. They are also proficient in languages and cultures for being curious about them. Since Venus is a bit irritated in the 9th house, people with this placement marry someone outside of their culture or religion.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the third brightest object in Earth’s sky after the Sun and Moon. It is sometimes referred to as the sister planet to Earth, because their size and mass are so similar. Venus is also the closest planet to Earth. The surface of Venus is hidden by an opaque layer of clouds which are formed from sulphuric acid.The planet is named for Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the second largest terrestrial planet.

Venus in the 10th house

Most of the time this placement is for finance career, where the native will be dealing more with females than males. The only time this can have a creative impact on the career if Venus is sitting under the sign of Libra, Leo or Gemini.Venus in 10th house would bestow the person with an adorable and admirable place in work & social arena for his/her professional and personality attributes.The natives born with this placement of Venus in the 10th house are perceived to be sincere at their work place as they will give their best to achieve & accomplish all the ends with their best efforts.

Venus in the 11th house

This is a one of very good placement for Venus since Venus in the 11th house is all about gains of material wealth. Native with this placement will always have easy gains in their life, gains from liquid wealth, assets, property, vehicles, etc.They will be efficient enough to maintain strong social relationships and they will be truly benefited from friends and social relationships around.

Venus in the 12th house

Venus in 12th house gives rise to a spiritual leaders, writers, and physiologist who want to help people. Venus in the 12th house gives birth to someone who loves people more than material things. They won’t get the worth of their affection, trueness and sacrifices in relationships. These people could fall in love with wrong people. They are emotional & sensitive but are mentally strong to keep a balance in between. This particular Venus makes the person so spiritual that they tend to love everyone equally, and love not just one individual but the whole world like mother Teresa.


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