How to become Rich in Short Time?

If a say “rich“, what did you think about? Maybe you think about Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or anyone else. Or you can think about any Hollywood star or big sportsman. But it’s clear that you are not thinking about any 24-year-old boy who is working in his basement and running his business. Many people never think that they can become rich at a young age by hard work. They think like if you are the most talented or very lucky then only you can become rich in young age, otherwise, it’s a long journey

Rich in short time

Many people talk like if you save your money and invest it then there is a chance to get rich in your 50s or 60s. But the reality is many people are not rich then they don’t know the reality. They are just assuming and giving their free financial advice. So we should learn from those who struggle and get rich by their own in their 30s.

Nobody can become rich by doing only 9 to 5 job and saving some money. But if you want to be rich and still reading it then it indicates that you wanna be rich or you have a desire to be rich. So after reading many real self-made millionaire stories, I have few points which can help you in the journey of becoming rich. These are some common points which I notice that every self-made man describes in his interview or in his book.


You need to have the courage to take a decision that you are going to change your life now. Make a decision and stick on it.

There are three ways to get rich. In the journey of getting rich, you have three ways to go and get your money. The first way is the sidewalk where you have to go with your own legs by walking easily. The second way to go to your desired money is the slow lane where your speed limit is 20-25km/hour. And the last one is a fast lane where no limits are set. You can drive and get your money as fast as you can.


Mostly poor and lower-middle-class people choose this option. This is because they have no control over their money. They also spend their money as there is no other day left to spend it. These people never do any savings. They are surviving by just switching over one salary to another salary. But they never forget to pray always some magic trick happen one day with them and they will become rich.

One more interesting thing is ” not all sidewalkers look like poor“. If you see them then they look very rich to you. You may notice many rich athletes and celebrities suddenly become bank corrupt. This happens because they are sidewalkers from the beginning but if they earn good money that doesn’t mean that they get the ability to manage and know how to use their wealth. Many people take money from their friends and relatives on the name of staring any business or anything like that, and misuse that money and again living their same lifestyle. They don’t know how to use it wisely and they never try to gain some knowledge as their ego never allow them to do so. These people think that they know everything about their money management tricks. But in real life, they are overconfident and lost the money as they get it by chance.

So no matter how much money, you can give a sidewalker, they always are a side walker. This happens because of their mentality. They never can make sacrifices for their future. They just want to feel good at present. And that’s why they can’t get rich anyway. If you are on the sidewalk then you can get rid of it. You just need to fix these 3 beliefs only.

Belief 1–You need the Luck to make your wealth.

Remove this belief that you need the luck to make your wealth. Many people think that all rich people are just lucky. This is because they can’t see the hard work and sacrifices a person make in the journey to get rich. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is very rich in young age but nobody thinks that he practicing programming since his childhood. Everyone wants to think that all rich people are lucky people because saying so we remove the responsibility to do hard work to get rich. He has luck and I don’t have that so I can’t do anything extraordinary. Behind this physiology, everyone wants to feel good about them that’s why they believe in Luck

Belief 2– Wealth is an Event

The second belief you need to break is wealth us an event. Wealth is not an event, it is a process which conquered over time. If you are working on any website and after 10 years, and you sell this website in millions then this is not a sudden event, its a process of 10 years. Nobody can be Millionaire in one day when they receive millions in a bank account instead anyone become a millionaire when they put in the work every night towards their goal in lots of pressure.

Belief 3– Others can give you a wealth

The third belief you need to remove is others can make you rich. Nobody can be rich by charity. The very good example of this belief is the people who win the lottery and become rich or win money in KBC; lose their money in 2 years. Another example if this belief is if you take a bucket which has lots if the hole. So no matter how much water you put into a bucket, it becomes empty at the end. Same with happen with your money. Your mindset is like bucket and water is like money. So stop waiting for others as anyone gives you money and you will become rich one day. Create your own wealth.

Now you know how to get out from the sidewalk.

The Slow lane

Most of the middle-class people are in the slow lane because it looks more sensible option. Doctors, lawyers, and engineers save their money and never waste on useless things. By doing so, they become rich one day. This is a good option if you want only stability and security in life. But are you capable to enjoy a sports car ride in your 60s or are you able to enjoy your adventures trip in your old age? Then what’s the benefit of your wealth if you waste all your youth in earning it?

Slowlane people sacrifice their time in order to get wealth. They Trade their time for money. They always earn small amounts on regular basis. Now I am going to tell you why you should not to stay in the slow lane? Suppose you are badly injured because of some accident, then are you still able to work for the money? If your condition not allowed you to work for 6 months. Or suppose you are going through some depression and you want to go on 1-year vacation. Then ask yourself, are you able to do so? The second you stop working, that’s when you stop earning.

What’s the biggest mistake slow lane people do in their daily life? They sacrifice their time in saving a few coins. Very food example of this situation is bargaining to the shopkeepers in hours for a few coins. But guess what the time which is wasted in bargaining can be used for doing something to make more money. Always remember that seconds are more important than your coins.

So the conclusion of the slow lane is if you want to live an average life and don’t wanna do something extraordinary then Slow lane is the best option for you. But the third option is available for you if you don’t want to stick in average struggling life. And that is the fast lane.

The Fast Lane

Only a fast lane is a place where you can get rich quickly. If you want to enjoy your life, then you must be in the fast lane. If you are thinking how to come on the fast lane? Then there is no constant answer for everyone. It can be answered by you only. But I can tell you about a mindset, which is must for everyone who wants to switch on the fast lane.

Create assets that make money, while you are sleeping

Suppose you create an app and sell it in $1 then it’s your asset. It is continuously selling while you are sleeping. The second example is if you buy a property and give it on rent then it is continually creating money shutout investing your time. Or you can do so in a car, by giving on rent. That’s the most important factor of fast lane passive income which is earning money while you are sleeping.

We live in the digital age. There are tons of ways to earn passive income online that you can earn money at home. I will explain the fast lane through an example if I am earning $10000 per month on slow lane and you are earning $5000 per month on the fast lane. So I can’t think that I will increase my income 10 times more in next year because I am in the slow lane. But you can do so because you are in the fast lane. If you work harder and harder every day with the right strategy in the right direction then you can do it. Because you are working for yourself. No matter how much hard work you do for your job your salary never gonna increase 10 times.

The very good example of a fast lane is created your youtube channel, and share your knowledge and help others. There is no start-up cost. But it’s not easy. The thing which is achievable is not easy otherwise everyone has that. So be patient and work hard. Or you can sell your online E-book on kindle. There is a huge market for ebooks on Amazon. There are a variety of books available on Amazon so you can write your own book. No matter you do all these things or not but one thing is sure that you should stop hoping to get lucky. Nobody gonna help you. You are your helper. Do your research and work for your goal. Make your time your Ally. Work on something which you believe. It’s not guaranteed your success but if you want to change your life then its important to you.

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  1. Great points…. I guess working hard and steady is the best alternative… luck is also an important thing, of course. Investing money, in case you are able to save part of it, can help! (Be sure to learn about best ways to invest, its pros and cons ๐Ÿ˜Œ). Sending love and wishing you a wonderful weekend ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ


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