Mental health

Is your powerful brain working against you or for you? Your brain can be your best friend or worst enemy.

Mental health

Very few people are aware of mental health. The majority of people is living with a mental illness like depression. The problem of depression becoming common day by day because people continuously operating their powerful brain without knowing or reading the manual of how it works. There are two types of depression which are clinical and situational. People face situational depression in their daily lives. When Sudden changes happen in life, like break up or someone’s death, the mind is not capable to deal with that situation and people face the situational depression for a long time. Clinical depression can be handled by doctors only by therapy and medicines. Depression decreases the quality of your life, that’s why it needs to be removed from your life. You might do not feel like doing anything when you are in a depression.

Mental health

Self-created Depression

Many of we are able to create depression within us. This is because if you are observing most of the things which are happening to you daily; in a negative way of thinking, you creating a depression for yourself. On the other side, If you don’t have too strong emotions about something, you just can’t get depressed. It is like the process in which you are creating some thoughts and emotion which work against you, not for you. It’s a bitter truth. So this thing proves that you are able to cause depression/negativity to yourself and lots of illnesses are self-created by people due to unhealthy lifestyle and unuseful memories and data stored in their mind. Few illnesses are genetic. That’s the other issue.

How does it work?

This is a fact that even if you got angry for a few moments, you become ill; because You think it’s your by birthright to show tantrums so that you will get all attention from somebody. If You continuously keep doing this every day, one day you will not able to control yourself. If you Keep doing negative things every day, one day you need a doctor for sure. Till then You’re going mad for a time every day, your near and dear will unable to send you to an asylum, they have to bear with you.

When we are a child and fall sick, then we receive the maximum attention from everyone around us. Even sometimes we are permitted to not to go school that day. So our mindset is developed for it. When anyone gets married, they will learn the art of becoming mentally ill because whenever anyone wants attention they start acting like they are depressed, another partner will need to pay attention to them. So you use to doing this whenever someone is not paying the desired attention, but at some point, a person is not able to differentiate normal behavior and his tantrum. Their tantrum looks normal to them but their mind is continuously working against them. Lots of sicknesses are self-created like that. Why anyone can think like everything just be happens the way as they want? It’s next to impossible.

Set the all essential conditions

Some people fall sick in Every changing weather. If they learn how to be the Comfort? By doing some physical activity for physical fitness and book reading and solving their daily life issues like a puzzle for their brain exercise and many healthy things to do like yoga people become all fit and no depression will arrive. So once they create that, their body will learn how not to fall sick. Many problems arrive due to unnecessary use of the mind like negative talk with self. Use your power of brain work for you not against you. So you need to set the all essential conditions for health. Do not set any advantages for your illness.

Stay Away from Toxic people

The same thing will happen with negative or toxic people. They always spoke about all negative things to each other. Doing so they think they can receive some sympathy from another person. But actually everyone only interested in their problem. They are just waiting when the person finish their problems so that they can start describing the problems I’m in front of them and receive some sympathy.

How to overcome

Opposite of depression is an expression. You need to find ways to express yourself in a positive way like doing physical exercise is a way to get rid of it. You can be with nature too. Be with people and talk to them. Humans made for being social. You can start writing to get rid of negativity Or you can follow a morning ritual where you can write everything on paper whatever is in your mind and free your mind from negative garbage. Learn how to deal with your pain.

29 thoughts on “Mental health”

  1. Excellent post. Many create their own depression. People’s behaviour learned in childhood is carried forward. Tantrums are bad at any age. Destructive force in the environment. A lot of ill health is created by negative forces. This must be cleared and removed. Bless you


  2. Thanks for sharing, you give a lot of insight in to mental awareness in this post. What do you think is the biggest misconception about mental health?


  3. Without the ability to look within I feel most humans are only present in life 50% of their waking hours. I know that dreams will become inroads to talking to someone and healing them at night if they busy themselves too much during daily routine. As a mental health professional, I think we will see the rise of depression in those who medicate without getting help for childhood pain. On the flip side, our importance will grow in the sight of those looking for ultimate wholeness. Blessings to you.


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