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Libra Rising Sign

The rising sign is the sign wats rises in the east from where the sun rises, during the time you were born. 3-star constellation behind the Libra which is Chitra, Swati, and Vishakha. That’s the reason the same Libra rising people think differently because there are different stars energy behind it and their different padas like pada 1, pada 2 and pada 3 or pada 4. This is a movable sign and airy in nature. This sign rules the west direction. This zodiac sign becomes strong in the daytime.

Libra people are very balanced people; that’s what it presents. These people do not like shaky things in life. But unfortunately, these people always face a very unbalanced life. This is due to karmic lessons of life as they have to arrange and organize things and make them balance in life. These people also love occult science and mysticism usually. They love to know the mysteries of life because the ruler of the ascendant also rules the mystery house which is the 8th house. They also love to arrange things in a manner. Libra people also know some their family secrets which they don’t want to talk about too many people. Their communication is philosophical with the sibling and neighbors as Jupiter rules the 3rd house. But how positive or negative it is, that depends on the position of Jupiter in the birth chart.

Their family life is very disciplined and structured as Saturn rules the 4rth house. If Saturn is well placed then they enjoy that structured otherwise they feel bad about the home environment. The same discipline and the structured environment they create for their children too. Libra people don’t have too many enemies because these people are very diplomatic. Their spouse is just opposite in nature. They can be very aggressive in nature as Libra people are very soft spoken. These people also love traveling. 9th house rules by Gemini which wants to be everywhere. Their father can be a doctor, engineer, or any government employee like a policeman. So these people also go with family lineage. These people usually suffer lots of major changes in their lives. They like to choose a career that is related to hospitality. Their social network and incoming gains based on their ego. They want to be the center of attraction. These people become very calculative in terms of giving their service to other people or spiritual donations.

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