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Information that will be easy to apply even for beginners in astrology.

The degree to which the planet stands shows how far it has moved along a certain sign of the zodiac, i.e.

how well it has mastered the instrumentation of this sign.

Conventionally, the planets and the degrees in which they stand can be divided into the following categories:

0-3 degrees.

If your planet is to such a degree, consider that you are dealing with a newborn who has to learn everything.

Sometimes people ignore these planets because they feel that if you touch them, then you need to invest a lot of energy so that those around them begin to take them seriously.

Sometimes it can go to extremes, a planet in the 0th degree often does not “understand” that it has passed into a new sign, and may for some time show the qualities of the previous sign.

4-10 degrees

This planet is very curious, you will constantly improve on it, it is open to everything new.

For example, if you have Jupiter in the initial degrees of Sagittarius, you will actively travel and show liberalism about all religions of the world.

Usually, these planets are “pumped” with pleasure, perceiving it as a long but exciting journey.

This planet is a child who already knows a lot and knows how, and it is easy to teach him further.

10-20 degrees.

Planet student.

This is a position that indicates the presence of a certain experience and knowledge.

A person knows some things well, but he is ready to listen to others and he is interested in what they are doing there.

A person, despite having experience, will not rush to share it, at first he will listen to others, then he will willingly tell something of his own.

For example, Venus in Taurus at 10-20 degrees will watch how other people build relationships, how they earn.

Having his vision, a person will be ready to learn something from others.

21-26 degrees.

A planet that can be compared to mature people.

They have experiences to share but find it difficult to learn new things.

For example, Mercury in 21-26 degrees of Taurus will be easy to criticize how others earn, it is easy to advise others, but it is very difficult to listen and apply the advice of others.

21-26 degrees

A planet that can be compared to mature people.

They have experiences to share but find it difficult to learn new things.

For example, Mercury in 21-26 degrees of Taurus will be easy to criticize how others earn, it is easy to advise others, but it is very difficult to listen and apply the advice of others.

For such people, things on the subject of this planet are so obvious that sometimes this planet is even too lazy to use, and if this is done, then only share its experience with others.

27-30 degrees.

The planet masterfully owns the principles of the sign-in which it is located, but it has to master the tools of the next sign, to evolve.


Mars with 30 degrees Aries will gradually become “Taurus”.

I think now you can look at the planets in your natal charts in a new way!!


Astrologers have long noticed that a planet in the border degree (1st or 30th) of any sign of the Zodiac, as well as in the middle of any sign of the Zodiac, noticeably increases its impact on a person according to its essential nature and the nature of the sign-in which it is located. This position of the planet has a special weight and significance and imposes a certain psychological imprint on the nature of the individual’s reactions to planetary stimuli.

The 1st degree is named the initial degree. Its influence turns on immediately after the planet enters the sign, gradually reaches its culmination point, and then gradually weakens, losing the force of influence.

The 15th degree is called the degree of Crossroads, Halfway, Mid or the Degree of Duality, Choice, Contrasts, Polarities, Opposites.

The 30th degree is called the degree of the Destroyer, the defacer, and also the degree of Summing Up.


1st degree – the degree of hopes and expectations. The planet in the 1st degree discloses the unknown linked with the transition to a new level and the access of a person into a new cycle of life knowledge and action. This path is still unknown, therefore, mysterious, since it is still unknown what lies in wait for us on this path.

The planet in the 1st degree is accountable for the first idea that a person makes on others, and for his perception of other people and the world around him.

The phase of new life experience begins with the contact of the emitter (transit planet) with the planet, which is in the 1st degree, and ends with the contact with the planet, which is in the 30th degree (if there is such a planet ), after which the next cycle begins.

The signs of the Zodiac and the fields of the horoscope, for which the planets of the 1st and 30th degrees are the rulers, will be of great importance. Additional information can be obtained by examining these planets about their position in the decanates of the sign and the third of the horoscope field, as well as from their configuration with other planets and horoscope elements.

It is necessary to analyze the complete structure of each cycle of unfoldment since it represents the basis of a set of sequential reactions that are characteristic only of a given individual. (This refers to the sequence of planets considered on a thirty-degree scale from 1 to 30 degrees, regardless of their location in a sign. From the sign of location, and further to the planet in the last one. – Ed.).

Any planet in the 1st degree is like a newborn child-fool for us, who will have to study and work a lot, accumulate knowledge and skills. The inclusion of this planet arouses curiosity, the desire for urgent activities within the competence of this planet, and is marked by vanity, excessive mobility and restlessness.

Influence of planets with a constellation in the 1st degree of the sign

The SUN in the first degree contributes to the active development of our creative potential and creative energy, stimulates vigorous activity, the thirst for life, the desire to attract the attention of others to his person. A person tries to grasp everything that attracts his attention, that is close to his heart and soul. He tries to spread his ideas, views, beliefs, worldview everywhere and instil them in everyone and everyone separately. Such a person is distinguished by optimism, self-confidence, hard work and efficiency. To implement ideas and plans, he needs such qualities as dedication, purposefulness, eloquence, knowledge of people, artistic abilities, as well as perseverance, perseverance, endurance, patience, self-discipline, self-control and self-control. At first, of course,

If the Sun is damaged by a bad configuration on the part of the malefic planets, then, naturally, all positive qualities and good intentions of a person will be inhibited, and bad and negative ones will be strengthened, especially such as selfishness and greed, lust for power, conceit, arrogance, window dressing, etc. …

The MOON in the first degree indicates that the soul of a given person, like that of a baby, is too sensitive, receptive, impressionable, as well as naive and too open to all outside influences and influences from the outside. A person with such a Moon is usually gullible, gentle and benevolent. Women play an important role in his life, he is dependent on household chores, is subject to constant worries associated with money and business problems.

Damaged by a bad configuration, the Moon emphasizes the negative traits of a person’s character, such as capriciousness, dependence on mood, hysteria, a tendency to quirks, anxiety for any reason, fear for their loved ones.

MERCURY: A person with Mercury in the first degree is also somewhat like a child. He is distinguished by irrepressible novelty, curiosity. He usually has a lively flexible, inquisitive, childish mind. This is all of us a well-known “why” with a thirst for new, fresh information, striving for contacts. As a rule, such a person is easy-going, learns with pleasure. He has a pronounced desire to be useful, so they often become intermediaries in business and relationships. Such a person is always looking for something but does not find what he would like to find, what he could stop at, what he could be satisfied with.

Damaged Mercury reduces a person’s chances of life and professional success, mainly due to its scattering and inability to concentrate on one thing, due to the scattering of their strength, energy and attention to trifles, or due to being carried away by the affairs that he shouldn’t have to touch.

VENUS: A person with Venus in the 1st degree begins a new cycle of his life experience with childish pranks and focuses on the problems of gender relations. In search of harmony, mental and physical satisfaction, a person can go over more than one partner and in the end can be wasted prematurely, worn out, and not finding his ideal partner, the only and true one. Venus in the first degree can give early marriage. A person with such Venus often gives himself up to social activities or various kinds of business ties, cooperation, since the main topic in a person’s life is the issues of relationships with other people, both personal and social. Often in the life of such a person, representatives of the fairer sex play an important role.

With a damaged Venus, a person in all of the above matters will face obstacles, hindrances and restrictions, it will be difficult for them to establish connections and keep them. The level of interference will rely on Venus’s compositions with other planets or horoscope ingredients, as well as the more influential emitters that hit it during transit.

MARS: With Mars in the first degree, a new cycle of life experience begins with the motto: “I turn what I want.” In this case, the spontaneous potential will and strong animal instincts, impulsiveness, activity, the thirst for creation, the desire to live by their mind, to act on their own, without recognizing any authorities, are clearly expressed. An exceptionally quick reaction to external stimuli often saves from trouble. A person with such a Mars is distinguished by bright dynamism, aggressive initiative, a desire for rivalry and struggle, in which a person is involved with great enthusiasm and not without pleasure. But more often than not, there is not enough strength to implement the plan, since he throws out all the energy and enthusiasm in the first impulse, in the first meters of the path.

Damaged Mars gives a childish wildness, hot temper to aggressiveness, categoricalness, intolerance, impetuosity, recklessness. A person believes that he has the right to interfere in everything and that he does everything better than others.

JUPITER A person with Jupiter in the first degree begins a new cycle of life experience with zeal, he strives for power, authority. His interests lie in the cultural and educational, legal or philosophical and religious fields. He is attracted by travel, contacts with people of other nationalities. He is often engaged in social activities. He is distinguished by heightened optimism, cheerfulness, he is confident in himself and knows how to instil faith in other people. Such a person will strive to keep up with the views and opinions of modern society, from modern fashion, trying to keep pace with his or a little ahead of him. He can get support and public recognition, but for this, he will first have to learn and gain experience. His Desire and aspiration are commendable but for a wide social activity and the opportunity to work in a team.

A damaged Jupiter makes it difficult to achieve goals, entails unhealthy optimism, over-expansion and moral hypocrisy. A person can harness himself into affairs that are beyond his power. He may not understand that it is not “enemies” that are to blame for his failures, but his lack of professionalism or incompetence.

SATURN A person with Saturn in the first degree begins a new cycle of life experience carefully, trying to weigh and assess his capabilities as much as possible and calculate everything that is required to achieve the life task set before him. These people create and build themselves, giving birth to their spirituality. These are scientists-practitioners, often self-taught, achieving their life goals by a long and patient way of self-education, amazing perseverance, endurance, self-discipline and self-control. Self-knowledge comes along with the accumulated life, scientific and work experience, thanks to decades of hard work. Slowly and consistently, a self-defence system is being developed, capable of repelling any aggressive attacks from the outside. The activities of this cycle are motivated by professional, business and political ambitions, long-term goals, and the approach to all matters is sober, serious, prudent. Naturally, at the beginning of the path, problems are possible due to lack of thought, lack of experience and patience. A person can be tormented by fears and a lack of confidence in themselves and their strengths. But with experience, these problems are solved. Fear turns into caution, uncertainty into sobriety.

Damaged Saturn can provoke a person to such manifestations as selfishness, greed, self-will, willfulness, stubbornness, obstinacy, excessive ambition, opposition, breaking up relationships, withdrawing into oneself.

Rahu-Ketu is related to karmic cycles that are created by a person unconsciously, according to the laws of Karma, gained in previous incarnations. The Lunar Node in the first degree means that a person in his past life has almost completely paid off his certain karmic debts. Some imperfections need to be urgently solved in this life, therefore any new cycle for such a person begins with the Lunar Node. A person is assigned a task of paramount importance. It depends on how successfully he will fulfil it, what tasks will stand in front of him in the new karmic cycle. Unfortunately, the person himself knows about this only on rare occasions, usually when an astrologer tells him about it. If people knew about this in advance, they would behave in a completely different way, think differently, and dispose of their fate more prudently.


The 15th degree of any sign of the zodiac is the degree of Halfway (Midway). A person is at a crossroads, where he must stop at least for a moment, think to decide what to do next, which path to choose. The desire of any person – to avoid mistakes and come to the goal most shortly – is manifested especially clearly here. And it is here that he has the opportunity to correct his actions. He can act in two ways: either confidently, without hesitation, continue his path, if he believes that he is following the path of progress and evolution, OR stop and choose another direction, more expedient in his opinion. Therefore, the 15th degree is called the degree of choice. But this is also a degree of duality, hesitation since in doubt a person can take a step forward and immediately abandon his intentions. The choice is always difficult, especially if the burden of mistakes presses on your shoulders. It is difficult for a person to decide on one thing, he is afraid to make a mistake, and he is also afraid to miss a chance that may provide him with another, unchosen path.

The difficulty lies in the fact that at this stage of life, the light and dark sides of a person’s life are balanced, it is often difficult for him to distinguish one from the other. Good can look like evil to a person, and evil can put on a mask of good. It is natural for a person to take wishful thinking, therefore, at this stage, his desires can push him on the wrong path that he needs. All of the above refers to the sphere indicated by the essential nature of this sign of the zodiac and the main principle of the horoscope field, in which the planet is located, occupying the middle degree. Most often, in this area, a person does not follow a direct path, but through trial and error, often starting from the opposite. Therefore, the 15th degree is rightfully called the degree of contrasts, polarities, opposites.

But a person can make a reasonable choice only when he thoroughly studied his horoscope, considered his strengths and weaknesses, took into account his capabilities. Then he will not waste time in vain, chasing illusions, but will accept any of his choices and gain experience from it. In all other cases, the choice for him will be made by his subconscious. It will be a passive choice, a choice that does not depend on the will of the person. At best, a person will give himself up to chance, fate, in which various cosmic factors unaccounted for by a person will play their role, since he did not use the freedom of choice given to him by God, and at worst, he can become a toy in the hands of other people.

Influence of planets with a constellation in the 15th degree of the sign

SUN The sun in the middle of the sign gives uncertainty and emotional fluctuations, instability of the social and material situation, the fragility of life position. The rest depends on the sign of the zodiac and the field of the horoscope in which it is deployed, as well as on the relationship with other planets and elements of the horoscope.

MOON The moon itself is dual, so its presence in the middle of the sign can accentuate its instability, which manifests itself in whims, quirks, hysteria. A person with such an arrangement of the Moon is unnecessarily susceptible to outside influences, he can become a conductor of sensitive views, opinions, judgments, which usually causes mental throwing, emotional instability, and gives a large amplitude of oscillations. A person can rush between external and internal, between one point of view and another. It is difficult for him to rely on something definite, everything is vague, illusory. Having one position, he immediately begins to choose doubt, choosing another, it begins to seem to him that he missed his chance by choosing the worst option. And so on to infinity, and in the case of the tense aspects of the Moon, a person can bring himself to complete impotence.

MERCURY When Mercury is located in the middle of the sign, it is difficult for a person to choose the sphere indicated by the sign of the Zodiac and the field of the horoscope in which Mercury is located. The more a person thinks about the options available to him in life, the more difficult it is for him to decide what is more important to him. Choosing one thing is often beyond the power of a person. As a result, he tries one thing or the other but still cannot find what would be to his liking. This is grief from the mind. Ideally, he would like to combine all the possibilities, but life does not give him such a chance. And attempts to solve matters through other people, again, do not bring what they want. While he controls one side, the other creeps at the seams. While he collects it piece by piece, the first one leaks. In addition, such an arrangement of Mercury forces a person to sit on two chairs.

VENUS Venus, according to its status, is responsible for assessment and choice, therefore, with this position, the problem of choice becomes a cornerstone. A person with such Venus cannot come to any definite choice, give an unambiguous assessment. He rushes about and assesses the situation, the surrounding reality and people inadequately. The inability to decide on one thing makes him either accept both options or reject them. One gets the impression that this person seems to be looking for strong and sharp impressions, combining the incompatible. For example, a beautiful wife on the one hand and an ugly mistress on the other, Venus at 15 degrees can also provide contrasts in relationships with friends, colleagues, partners.

MARS Mars at the 15th degree also defines the duality of manifestations and has a habit of going to extremes. Depending on the state of affairs, a person with such a Mars either develops a violent activity or falls into complete apathy, feeling completely devoid of strength. His mental states range from the manifestation of heroism and noble spiritual uplift to aggressive attacks with or without reason, from sadism to masochism. Today, a person fiercely defends his ideas, interests, plans and intentions, and tomorrow he can limply surrender all his positions. Today he is unyielding and uncompromising in his decisions, and tomorrow he is looking for a compromise. Today he is sternly and mercilessly leading his line, and tomorrow he is already adapting to other people, etc. All of the above, naturally, refers to the sphere represented by the sign of the Zodiac and the field of the horoscope in which he is located.

JUPITER In all spheres and areas of life, which are indicated by the essential nature of Jupiter, the sign of the zodiac and the field of the horoscope where it is located, a person cannot finally find a social niche for himself. Today for a person there are some authorities, celebrities, idols, tomorrow – completely different, perhaps diametrically opposite. Today, a person is dominated by one social attitude, and tomorrow another. It is difficult for such a person to get a good education. In the middle of the path, he may change interests and aspirations or even drop out of school to soon regret it. This is especially pronounced when Jupiter is tense.

SATURN Saturn in the 15th degree can speak of a lack of depth and firmness of views, a lack of a clear attitude towards anything. All his life a person can be victimized by the questions “who is to blame” and “what to do”, at the same time, how and why? To endure or not to endure, to bear the burden of responsibility or to leave everything to the mercy of fate, to save and preserve material values, or to live one day. Perseverance can coexist with stubbornness, perseverance – with self-will and willfulness, modesty – with arrogance, especially if Saturn has negative aspects.

LUNAR NODES The Lunar Nodes in the middle of the sign are in their cosmic half-cycle. A person with Lunar Nodes in the 15th degree reaps the fruits of his activity for the halfway travelled, both good and bad. At this stage, a person is tested for endurance, strength and loyalty to the chosen path. He has the opportunity to solve the problems that have accumulated during this time and which are indicated by the essential nature of the signs of the Zodiac and the main principles of the fields of the horoscope where they settled. The time has come when a person must consciously separate good from evil and not confuse these concepts in the future. He will have to take responsibility for his fate, choosing the path along which he will go further. He will be able to decide on his choice: he will solve some of his problems, untie some karmic knots, or he will get bogged down in karmic problems even more. Moreover, in his hands is the fate not only of the present life but also of the future one.


The last degree of any sign of the zodiac in ancient times was called the degree of Anareta, the degree of Destiny, Destroyer, and the degree of Summing Up. Being in the last degree of the sign, any planet acquires a colour that is not quite peculiar to it. Such a planet has already fully worked out its functions, it only needs to summarize its experience and take stock. These results will show what qualities a person has managed to develop according to the functions of this planet, what he has managed to cope with, what still needs to be completed or eliminated, what to strive for further to move to a new level with minimal losses, to cross the threshold of the next stage of evolution.

A person who has a planet in the last degree, about the functions of this planet, is considered mature, formed, stable. The affairs indicated by the planet in this degree have reached the last, decisive phase of their development, and the person has accumulated sufficient life experience and level of spiritual development to successfully cope with the tasks that life sets him by the nature of this planet, as well as the sign of the Zodiac and the main the principles of the horoscope field where the planet is located. The karmic task of a person with a planet in the last degree is to develop and assimilate those properties and qualities of a given planet that will help him get used to the next sign of the Zodiac since the experience of the previous sign of the Zodiac completely passes into the next sign. Struggling with the negative manifestations of Anareta and strengthening its positive properties and qualities.

Every experience associated with cycles should be seen as a valuable lesson. A rational and analytical approach to such lessons makes a person able to understand all cause-and-effect relationships because the degree of Anareta is also the degree of Rebirth, the degree of transition from one spiritual level to another. If a person realizes this and will not be content with what has been achieved, then the degree will open doors for him, passing through which he will be able to rise to the next level of his evolution.

Control over the affairs controlled by the planet in the last degree should be carried out in advance, tracking through transits, etc. moments when the predictive factors programmed in the card begin to activate. The inclusion of this or that aspect is felt by a person as an urgent need to urgently do something, to achieve something. Neglecting these signs, which fate gives us in the form of forebodings or other signs, as well as a delay in solving impending problems, can lead not only to failure and disappointment but also have sad consequences.

To understand the details more clearly, one should analyze the sign of the Zodiac, in which the planet has its constellation, the field of the horoscope in which it is determined, the sign and field of its exaltation, and all aspects with the planets and elements of the horoscope. The dispositor of the planet should not be overlooked either. In those cases when the planet we are considering is activated by transit Mars, Saturn, the focus will be on matters related to karma.

The planet of the last degree is always related to the completion of a certain cycle of life experience since it is with it that any editor (transit planet) forms the so-called last aspect.

Influence of planets with a constellation in the 30th degree of the sign

SUN In the case when the Sun is in the last degree, the creative force and energy of a person, his self-confidence, authority is manifested most clearly. A person with such a Sun completes a certain cycle of his life experience according to the functions of the Sun since he has achieved full disclosure of his possibilities and creative abilities. In this case, it becomes something like an overripe fruit, which at this stage, in this incarnation cannot develop further, i.e. in the direction indicated by the sign of the zodiac and the field of the horoscope where the sun is located.

When a transiting planet forms a conjunction with the Sun, the Sun becomes more active, usually accompanied by a surge of strength and increased activity. A person asserts his leadership, while everything is coloured by the influence of the emitter, which has activated the Sun at the moment, taking into account, of course, the sign of the Zodiac and the field of the horoscope, where the radical Sun has its position, as well as the signs and fields to which the emitter is related. Also, an important role is played by the natal aspects of the Sun and the aspects currently formed by the Sun with the planets and elements of the horoscope. If the Sun is excited to active activity by negative transitory aspects of Saturn, (especially in the case of conjunction), it will be more difficult for a person to assert himself and materialize his inner impulse.

Finding the Sun in the signs of Fire and Air gives harmony and reduces the maliciousness of actions. In the signs of Earth and Water, egocentrism, self-interest, pride and self-righteousness increase.

MOON Completing the cycle of life experience according to the functions of the Moon, a person reaches full maturity in matters under the jurisdiction of the Moon. Sensitivity, impressionability, emotional manifestations have passed their culmination point. The influence of the Moon is no longer as strong as it was in the middle and beginning of the cycle. The moon in the last degree acts not only by its essential nature and the sign-in which it is located but affects a person in combination with the essential nature of the next sign of the zodiac. A person has developed some immunity, and the previous lunar characteristics do not affect him, the person has become more stable, imperturbable, impenetrable. It is more difficult for him to instil something, it is more difficult to pity, touch, piss off himself. He also finishes this cycle of life experience in family and partly money matters.

During conjunctions of the Moon with the transitory Jupiter, Saturn, emotional crises, prejudices, conventions are still possible, but they have already been undermined to the ground. A person at this stage of development can rise to a higher level of self-awareness and spiritual growth. This process can be quite painful for people with a severely affected Moon, especially if it is in the signs of the Zodiac of the fixed cross (2nd, 5th, 8th,11th ). They may have critical situations in the field of relationships with family members or women. The type and nature of the competent situations will be determined by the position of the Moon in the sign of the Zodiac and the field of the horoscope.

MERCURY The mental development of a person in the case of finding Mercury in the last degree of the sign reaches its climax. A person with such Mercury is of little interest in chaotic information, and he sifts new information through a frequent sieve. He is calm about new connections, does not look for contacts, avoids fuss. At this stage, a person, contrary to his will and desires, will face problems not of the present time, but the future incarnation. These problems will relate to his health, work, education, intellectual functions, his brothers and sisters, neighbours and colleagues, the immediate environment with whom he contacts daily and on whom he has a certain influence or is influenced by them. Mercury in the last degree encourages you to take negotiations more seriously with contracts.

When choosing the time for important and responsible matters, one should consider the position of Mercury in the sign of the Zodiac and the field of the horoscope, study its aspects with other planets and elements of the horoscope, and also follow the indications of Mercury and other planets, especially those that affect the position of Mercury in the Radix.

VENUS Venus in the last degree indicates that a person has reached his climax in terms such as “love”, “intimate life”, “beauty”, “harmony” and many others related to the functions of Venus. The person has already learned everything, got used to it, calmed down. Love, eroticism, sex do not bother him much, at least less than a person who has not yet completed his experience. This is a passed stage for him. Now he may adequately be satisfied with one partner to whom he is used to and who, usually, in the case of a harmonious Venus, is satisfied and comfortable with him. Both know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. But there is a danger of apathy, amorphousness in matters of relationships. In the case of an inharmonious Venus, this can lead to impotence and frigidity. These problems certainly require a psychological approach, understanding, & tact.

Naturally, when giving conclusions on the above problems or matters related to the sphere of relationships, one should carefully consider the position of Venus in the sign of the Zodiac and the field of the horoscope, its aspects with other planets and elements of the horoscope, take into account the indications of Venus, and other planets, especially if they affect the natal position of Venus.

MARS If Mars is in the last degree of the sign, such concepts for a person as “Martian force” and “Martian energy” have reached their limit and at this stage of this incarnation cannot develop further. To this degree, Mars, with a strong cosmic status and a good spectrum, gives a strategic feeling, received as a legacy of life experience of the past, helping to achieve success in almost any business ruled by Mars. A person with such a Mars no longer needs anything from the functions of Mars, he seems to have nothing to strive for, nothing to aspire for, nothing to break through because everything possible has already been achieved or is achieved without much effort. The time has come for a respite (until the next incarnation) when a person reaches a new level of development, takes up new sources of energy to cope with a new karmic task.

When Mars is damaged by malevolent planets, humans can take overly vigorous measures to end old conditions and pave the way for new ones. This process can become too aggressive and violent. Excessive impulsivity and violent activity can provoke events with far-reaching consequences. Crises in this case require immediate action, the concentration of all forces. In the presence of Mars in the last degree of the sign, hasty, reckless, ill-considered actions are excluded, since they will always have only negative, undesirable consequences. In critical situations, one must remain prudent, sensible, maintain a sound mind, and avoid extremist motives.

When choosing the time for important decisions in areas related to the functions of Mars, one should consider the position of Mars in the sign of the zodiac and the field of the horoscope, its aspects with other planets and elements of the horoscope, and also take into account the readings of other planets, especially those that affect the natal position of Mars.

JUPITER: If Jupiter is in the last degree, it means that the person is completing the cycle of life experience according to the functions of Jupiter. He subconsciously feels that he has reached his social maturity, the culmination point in the social sphere. A sense of cultural consciousness based on previous experience was consolidated in him, philosophical views and religious beliefs matured, and his worldview was fully formed. A person with such a Jupiter will strive with all his might to make a dirty contribution to the treasury of social and human values. Such a person knows well what society expects of him, knows how to manage social and material values, confidently climbs the steps of a career.

The damage to Jupiter by malevolent planets changes this picture. In this case, a person can be painfully proud, arrogant, overly self-confident, especially regarding the steadfastness of his position in society. It seems to him that he was born to rule, to lead others. In especially difficult cases, he begins to feel almost like God’s governor, to whom everything is allowed and to whom everyone must obey, but for him, the laws are not written. It is even worse when Jupiter is at the same time on the Anareta degree, and on the “burned path” (Via Combust) or in the stationary position. In such a person, all the qualities mentioned are so deeply rooted in the soul that he no longer notices it and is unable to fight the negative. He identified himself with God in his past life, on the eve of the current incarnation, and was so established in this, that in their present incarnation they are simply reaping the fruits of the crops of the past. The position of Jupiter in retrograde is the only thing that can soften it.

Before starting important, big things, especially if it concerns the spheres of Jupiter, determined by its essential nature and its position in the sign and field, it is necessary to carefully study the location of Jupiter in the natal chart, consider all its natal and transit aspects with other planets and elements of the horoscope, not forgetting about the readings of the planets – his own and those that affect the natal position of Jupiter.

SATURN Saturn in the last degree means that its main functions have been worked out, a person has already matured and is ready to move to the next level of his development. A person with such a Saturn is no longer fenced off from other people, the surrounding world, society, does not seek solitude, does not deliberately try to isolate himself. Subconsciously, he knows that he has achieved everything, of course, within the framework of the possible, and the rest is not within his power, and he does not need it. And if something is needed, it will come to him by itself, for granted. Having worked on Saturn, a person thinks wisely and independently, but most importantly – objectively and impartially. He uses his own, developed by himself, a system of assessments, which he obeys and through which he evaluates others. Man has become free and independent, maximally independent spiritually and morally, unaffected by outside influences. But all he subconsciously tries to do is something else, organize, polish, wanting some more progress both in his relationships and in his career. He understands that the experience he has acquired now will be needed in the future and does not miss a chance to get it.

When Saturn is damaged by violent planets, crises are possible, both in professional (political, legal and organizational) matters and in matters of home and family. The problems initially indicated in the natal chart by unfavourable configurations, which include Saturn, are initiated by transit planets, which at some point (it can be easily calculated) form an unfavourable aspect with Saturn. This is especially pronounced if the transit aspect repeats the natal or transit planet in any way connected with Saturn in Radix. To avoid a worsening of the situation in such cases, a person needs to take on obligations, most likely related to old or unfinished business or related to debts that need to be paid off – in any case, these are important and urgent matters. To gain stability, you should strengthen your position, start organizing your personal affairs. This will require prudence, self-discipline, self-control, and composure.

When choosing the right time for business, one should consider the position of Saturn in the sign of the Zodiac and the field of the horoscope, study its aspects with the planets and elements of the horoscope, as well as the indications of Saturn and other planets that are associated with Saturn in Radix.

Rahu-Ketu: Lunar nodes in the last degree accentuate fatality in a person’s life. Taking into account the fact that the movement of the nodes occurs in the direction opposite to the movement of the planets, the Nodes in the last degree begin a cycle of passing along the sign. It turns out that the Nodes have just entered the sign, but are at the end of the cycle of elaboration of the sign if we consider the sign from the point of view of a transiting planet. Therefore, with such a position of the nodes, it is as if the results are summed up, the debts for Karma are revealed and everything is recorded in your “ catalogue of fate”. And if a person has not been able to pay off his karmic debts up to this point, life gives a chance to do it this time. All of the above is especially pronounced if the Nodes on this degree coincide with the Ascendant-Descendant axis.

The finger of fate writes and, having written, disappears. Neither your compassion, nor learning can force fate to deviate from its own even by half a line, and your wisdom cannot force you to change even a single word …

When choosing the time for certain important matters, you need to pay attention to the position of the Lunar nodes to assess the fatality of what you are undertaking. It is necessary to consider their location in the natal chart, study their natal and transit aspects with the planets and elements of the horoscope and follow the indications of those planets that affect the Lunar Nodes in Radix.

Nidhi Trivedi (निधि त्रिवेदी)’s answer to What is the significance of ‘AtmaKarka Planet’ in Vedic astrology?


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