Can Ketu destroy one’s wealth and family if he is in the 2nd house on one’s birth chart?

Ashwini, Magha and moola constellation, are ruled by Ketu, called a salvation planet. Ketu is also known as for the Mars-like effects. Being in Scorpio or Sagittarius, improves the person both physically and spiritually, while there is a belief that even a simple man can be made divine. Ketu is the master of such ability. If you look at the shape of Ketu carefully, it is known that it does not have five senses. He has only a torso. Perhaps this is the reason that Rahu is said to be a house of intense desire because Rahu is dominated by the head. What does Ketu have? What can Ketu do?

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Ketu has Kundalini. That is why Ketu has been called the salvation planet. It is said that if you want to go on the spiritual path, you will have to cross the mind and intellect along with the five senses and this path passes through the Kundalini awakening. This requires proper guidance and deep meditation.

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There are some transactions of your past lives that have to be completed and the time has come for the stalled meditation to move forward. Do not get distracted. Trust your favourite. Do not cheat with anyone. It is easy to say but I myself believe that nothing gets worse by being cheated, many lives are spoiled by cheating. So stay alert, do not be dishonest with anyone. The money will come in the wrong way but will also bring many such things that even your favours will not be able to stand with you. If Ketu is placed auspiciously in your horoscope then you can definitely get both material and spiritual progress. The need is just, to be honest.

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According to Vedic astrology, Ketu Devata, a factor of spirituality, is a shadow house and by nature is known as a cruel planet just like Mars. Ketu is the fire element in the body. Make the power like a human being equal to God. They are also called indeterminate houses because they provide both profit and loss. There is also a belief that sometimes, Ketu is deliberately formed due to physical degradation with the aim of taking a man on the spiritual path. In Scorpio, Sagittarius, Ketu is considered to be in high growth. If Ketu is a helper in the horoscope but is weak, then wearing it’s a gemstone in such a situation is considered appropriate. For this, get an astrological scholar to analyze the horoscope, after which if you have recommended, wear it.

Zodiac Ownership: Ketu does not have any zodiac sign due to being a shadow house. Ketu in Scorpio and Sagittarius in the exalted zodiac sign, debilitated in Gemini.

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When auspicious, Ketu Devata gives his blessings in both physical and spiritual progress. They make hardworking and provide courage and discipline which helps in achieving the goal. Provides the ability to know esoteric secrets. In such a native get a good position in society, a high-ranking, lord of an eminent, clean image, fearless, intelligent and winner of the enemy . Black magic also does not affect such a person.

If Ketu is inauspicious, the person is quick to panic. Black Magick easily falls prey to it. The native will be Dull, lazy, late in doing everything, is rejected in society, is irritable in talking, is also nervous in taking simple decisions. There is a possibility of any problem in the feet.

Ketu in 2nd House of wealth

Just like Rahu, Ketu also affects misconception as both are illusionary planets but the discrepancy is that Ketu is also the one who reduces the misconception and brings sophistication. Besides this, Ketu affects privacy, divergence, spirituality, magical world, other extent means things relevant to an alien nation, also exemplifies Son, Dog, wisdom, research capacity, unusual nature, stuff which we have already accomplished in a past life and not much interested to conduct in this life.

Ownership is to add satisfaction to life than affecting it. You will find that a life provided to pursuing material accomplishments shall not give you satisfaction. You want to reorient your attention and recreations towards realising modest elements of life including personal and religious goals. You will constantly have excitement to support others and demonstrate a life of importance.

Life of exploration

inhabiting your initial house shall constantly provoke your courageous heart. You shall be inclined to take threats to accomplish your admired purposes in life. You will find out unique and various ways to move toward the crises and challenges and effectively grasp them. While you are hurry to get great returns on your undertaking and will invariably admire an intention to multiply your ownership, you must ever govern this fascination and veer around it towards more ethical edges of life. You will always be understanding selfish and understand eager to expanding your personal satisfaction.

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2nd house exemplifies Family, Wealth, Speech, properties, Significances, mouth, look, throat, the diet you like to consume, etc

Aspect-wise, Ketu has 5th and 9th house vision. He is powerless to influence 7th house from its position as Rahu is standing there, which is the additional axis of Ketu and exemplifies all those stuff which are non-Ketu. Although Ketu exemplifies withdrawal and alienation, interestingly its facets never insulate and distinguish an individual from the stuff affected by the house it is aspecting. Ketu only gives rise to an individual unusual and research-oriented and stimulates an individual to exploration about it.

From 2nd house, Ketu looks at the 6th house of everyday job life etc. and 10th house of Career and job. A person desires to explore and understand his good business and job to comprehend his niche on this planet.

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So when Ketu is in 2nd house, 1st of all it insulates an individual from his home. Now, the alienation may be bodily or cognitive. It means that you may be keeping up with family but there are continual debates grabbing place and you are feeling mentally solitary from them. This position makes an individual not care about income and possession because they already have income in excess. They can be very reasonable at research in finance and equity. This situation may also lead to a 2nd relationship, so they say that the best way to prevent is to re-marry your wife after 1st traditional marriage.

Disputes and complications

With regard to satisfaction, Ketu’s stance in the horoscope is not a favourable one for you. Lifelong you shall confront different kinds of hardships. It is very popular for such a community to invite dissatisfaction, excitement, and annoying words from the managers. You will always feel significant anxiety of light and criminals. Often these suspicions shall come true arising in some fire emergencies and thefts in your house and job. You will find the continual irritable impediment from your opponents. Your mind shall constantly be nervous and experience mood swings, uncertainty and pressure. Both at residence and at the department, the people around you shall constantly be stooped upon irritating and offending you.

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Though you will celebrate satisfaction, income and parental possession, due to unfavourable impacts of the moon, you will have to wander far and broad for stuff that shall not be so successful. Most of your spending will be generous and ineffective. If Sun occurs in your twelfth house, you shall endure constant growth from twenty-four years. The dignity of Moon or Mars in the eighth house shall give rise to your life span short with significant crises at the age of sixteen. If the eighth house is empty, then Ketu will bring malefic outcomes. In the second house, if Jupiter is exalted along with Ketu, you will have terrific monthly earnings.

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  1. Sometimes when I get on the negative talk, I turn it around to the opposite. For example, driving on a difficult highway, I recall that I have had accidents, and my husband thinks I am a poor driver. Under these conditions, I say to myself, I am really a good driver. I just must pay attention. I am doing this right… I actually say it out loud if nobody else is there.


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