Negative Self-Talk

We talk to ourselves continuously. Our brains are always in active mode. And a lot of what our mind does is to tell us about ourselves every time. This “self-talk” takes place silently, in our minds. Many people serve themselves a critical time by talking to themselves in hate speech and hard ways, this is because other people make them believe many negative things about themselves.

Stop talking to yourself, self-talk, negative thinking

Talking to yourself Or self-talking is the very strange thing that will put you in harmful situations many times. Talking to yourself is a very common habit of us, and almost everyone will do it all the time. But the problem arises when it becomes 100% negative self-talk. No matter what your valid reason or excuse is, it’s going to harm your brain unconsciously and it will give negativity to your life quality directly.

How It is harmful?

Unfortunately, self-talk is negative most of the time that what is going wrong in our life. Usually, people repeat many statements to themselves like “I’m the big fool,” “I’m very selfish,” “I am dumb,” “I always do the nonsense thing,” “I will never get success in my life,” and a long list of self-demotivating talk.

The interesting thing is that you can use your self-talk habit positively too. Like many successful people always tend to use positive self-talk. You can also say it affirmation in other words. They learn how to convert self-negative talking to positive self-talk. For Example, If you lost your job or business, a negative person says to himself like, “I am a fool “or “I can’t do anything in my life”.

How to get rid of it?

But a positive self-talker say like, “I got an opportunity to look and grab other better job in my life” or “I can do my own business which I can start in a new place”.or “Now I have time to learn more and get a better opportunity”. Most of the time we do self-talk when we are alone. That’s why we always practice distraction or multitasking to avoid loneliness. But this is the wrong way to deal with loneliness. The right way to deal with distraction is practice concentration.

Talking to yourself becomes a problem when the stuff you are saying to yourself is destructive. Positive self-self-talking can do wonder with you. It can Charge up you in wrong situations. It can motivate you too to do your best. You can be your best friend if you are a positive self-talker. Or you can be your worst enemy if you are a negative self-talker. It’s up to you how you want to use your brain!! Against you or in favor of you. Read more about How to get benefit from the positive self-talk on.

Why You Should Stop it immediately?

Negative self-talk will usually lead to anxiety and depression and can have other unfortunate results. Self-fulfilling prophecies are quite common: You start believing your own propaganda and bring about what you fear. But believe me, it’s not real. It’s your imagination only.

For maintaining the silence in our mind we need to give the order to our mind not to talk and keep quiet. It is easier than stop talking to others. When we feel some negative vibes from others, we stop talking to them easily. But what if we creating negative vibes for ourselves? You can simply start focus on your breath and try it daily for few times in a day. It will help you to overcome your negative thoughts. Asking the right kind of question to yourself will help you a lot. Like if I face failure in my business then I can ask myself, what to do next? How can I overcome my current situation? Should I do a part-time job and start a business too or should I learn something new which can add value in my business and restart old business again? The right question will bring the right answer.

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4 thoughts on “Negative Self-Talk”

  1. Sometimes when I get on the negative talk, I turn it around to the opposite. For example, driving on a difficult highway, I recall that I have had accidents, and my husband thinks I am a poor driver. Under these conditions, I say to myself, I am really a good driver. I just must pay attention. I am doing this right… I actually say it out loud if nobody else is there.


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