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Make your all planets strong daily simply!! Part-2

Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of learning and wisdom. Signs of Weak Jupiter are Dryness in the skin, Lack of knowledge, Not enough respect from teachers or people in high places and Lack of stability in life.The body will become oddly shaped.

Start respecting and caring for your teachers. Give enough respect to religious books. This will make your Jupiter strong.

Mars: A strong Mars gives a person a very strong willpower to achieve anything they want in life. If there is one planet that can even overcome a badly placed or weak sun; it’s Mars. There is a saying, “when there is a will, there is a way.” Mars, when excelled in Capricorn or 10th house, gives a person a unique power, power to achieve anything they like.But when Mars is weak, it sirens an alarm of danger to itself and others. Bad mars give a stupid kind of anger which they unable to present to anyone.Blood problems will be common for people with negative effects from Mars.

Start respecting your brothers as mars represent brothers in astrology. By controlling on anger, a person can make his/her mars strong.


Rahu and Ketu: Rahu and Ketu are known as shadow planets that have no independent identity. They don’t have any physical shape and are the imaginary points in the sky. Due to their shadowy nature, they tend to act on an emotional level.

Signs of having bad Rahu are: There may be wall cracks in the kitchen or on the roof.water will start getting stuck in certain areas of the home
there will be a lot of dust and dirtiness in the home
plants will not prosper in such homes.servants or maids don’t usually last long in such homes.

For making Rahu good you should sleep early and wake up early.Give respect to your picture (your ancestors) every day and also do some donations on their behalf sometimes.

A good Ketu maintains the knowledge learned in previous births – for instance, some people take good business decisions despite not having gone to any business school – or in many cases in India not having gone to any school.Ketu is your past life expertise. A bad Ketu – makes one lost in imagination and unable to focus on a given work.

As people with a negative Ketu look for shortcuts in life. For making your Ketu good, always remember that there are no shortcuts to success in life.Ketu can make it seem like you can quickly achieve a lot of things, only to realize that the chosen path does not exist in reality, which causes one to feel very low and unable to rise up again. Because Ketu doesn’t have head /brain.It is a headless body who can’t think.

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