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Make your all planets strong daily simply!! Part-1

Moon: Water relates to Moon in Vedic astrology.Moon represents our mind, mother, beauty, and peace of heart in astrology.Moon and mind become strong by saving and protecting water. If you waste or misuse water then you may have mental problems, your mother may become sad. Don’t waste the water as doing this you are damaging your moon.

For making your moon strong You must have to plant flowers in the home. You have to offer water to them. Fill a glass bottle with rainwater and keep it in your bedroom. You can also drink water in the silver glass.

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Sun: The Sun is considered as an almighty source of power and energy. With the vigor to burn himself and illuminate other planets, lives, Sun is the soul of the universe. The importance can be well understood by the fact that his presence enlightens the day, bright and blooming, and his absence calls for a dark night.If you are wasting electricity, you are damaging the Sun in your birth chart. Sun is your soul, father, your confidence. Sun represents fire element in Vedic astrology.An inauspicious Sun might be the cause of disharmony between father and son. Native may be deprived of his father’s love.

One of the best ways to alleviate the bad effects of Sun is by respecting and serving your father. Do not waste electricity. Use it like you use your money.

Mercury: Your brain development is determined by Mercury.To make money stay with you, you’ll need to improve your Mercury, otherwise, a bad Mercury will cause your money to get spent very quickly.

For making mercury good, you can purchase plants for your home and take very care of those by yourself. It makes your mercury strong. Planting more trees and taking care of them can make your mercury strong. Always be kind to children, it makes your mercury strong as children are also represented by mercury.

Saturn: Saturn is the great teacher of cosmic truths. It does that through restrictions, obstructions, frustrations, unhappiness, disillusionment’s, setbacks and fear. There is a definite purpose of the saturnine restrictions. Through his relentless force, he forces the soul to recognize its inner truth that has become obscured by veils of matter. On the positive side, Saturn stands for achievement, the fruits of hard work, responsibility, democracy and we would not get very far without it.

If you wish to make your Saturn strong then start respecting the old people because All old people govern by Saturn. All fourth class employee like a sweeper also represented by Saturn in Vedic astrology. So having good behave with them makes your Saturn good.

Venus: Venus is strongly associated with arts, creativity, luxuries, and physical attractiveness. Venus also endows the native with wealth and riches. Never disrespect any lady and the clothes you wear, for making Venus strong. These things represented by Venus. For making Venus strong You should always wear clean cloths preferably White in color on Fridays, You should make use of Perfumes.

Make your all planets strong daily simply !! part-2

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