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Vargottama planet

When any planet is in the same sign in your main birth chart and the same sign in the Navamsa chart, then it’s called a vargottama planet.

How to find

see your birth chart and note down planets with their number in each house like if the sun is with 1 number in birth chart(Aries sun) and the sun is again with 1 number in Navamsa chart then its called vargottama planet.
If you have the same ascendant in the birth chart and Navamsa chart, then you have vargottama ascendant. For example, if you are Aries rising in the birth chart and again in Navamsa you are Aries rising, that means vargottama ascendant. Or check the first house of the birth chart which number is written there if the same number is again written in the first house of Navamsha then its vargottama ascendant.


If a native has any vargottama planet or ascendant in their horoscope then they will very content with the area related to that particular zodiac sign.
For example, if your venus is in Pisces in your birth chart and in the d9 chart, Venus is in Pisces sign again. This shows the native will expend always like a king in his whole life and live a luxurious life.
Usually, if you see people normally change when they cross their 36 years of age or become different than before but vargottama planet shows the person remains the same in some areas related to the vargottama planet, throughout his life.
Suppose your Saturn is in Aries in the birth chart and again in arise sign in the d9 chart, shows that person will fail to maintain disciple and organize his life in his whole life. And also I see this kind of people don’t want to be changed in their life. They usually refuse the values related to Saturn like discipline structured life etc. What you should consider before jumping on the conclusion:

see the planets who are vargottama and analyze the results first. As the planet can be in conjunctions in both chart or one chart. The planet can be receiving malefic aspects.

if the vargottama planet is in good condition in birth chart(as it is not receiving any malefic effects or not in any conjunction) but receiving malefic aspects or in conjunction with other planets then it shows vargottama planet result will be receiving but with many hurdles. Suppose your vargottama Saturn is in Aries in the birth chart and you are not living a disciplined life. But somehow some way after the second half of life, you will run around people who are extremely disciplined and try to put you in the discipline and you feel very irritated that why this is happening to me.
That’s why people fail to judge the mahadashas results of vargottama. Dasha because they think like planet us vargottama that means it will surely give a good result always. But it’s not true.
If you have vargottama ascendant, then you will be a very confident person. But also see ascendant should not be afflicted by malefic planets. Vargottama ascendant people have low self-esteem if it’s affected by malefic planets.
To receive 100% positive results of vargottama planets, your ascendant and vargottama planet must be free from evil effects in birth and Navamsa chart. If your Jupiter is super strong in d1 and d9 chart and influencing the ascendant and vargottama planets then you will 100% receive good results of vargottama planets in life.
If vargottama planets are not in a good situation in d1 but becoming better and remove all negative effects of malefic planets then you will receive good results of vargottama planet later in the second half of your life.

Why it is said vargottama planet is strong?

You are carrying the same belief from the beginning. This will help you to be focused on your life. Which brings you success.

Type of vargottama

Zodiac sign vargottama (planet with the same number or same sign) example: sun in Aries in the d1 chart, again sun in Aries in the d9 chart

Element(earthy, airy, watery, fiery) vargottama (planet with the same element) example: sun in Aries in d1 chart, and sun in Leo in d9 chart.

If a planet is in the earthy sign vargottama: native will receive good gains in terms of materialistic things

If the planet is airy sign vargottama, then native will receive good I intelligence related to those things of vargottama planet.

If the planet is airy vargottama, then native will bring disciple related to those things of vargottama planet.

If the planet is watery vargottama that means, the native will be always sensitive towards the things related to vargottama planet.

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