Rising Sign, Simple Astrology

Aries Rising Sign

According to your ascendant, who you are? and what’re your positive and negative traits? Which planets are favorable for you and which are unfavorable according to your ascendant can be predicted by using your rising sign. If the first house of the birth chart,1 number is written then it arises sign rising. Rising signs means the map of your life. Rising sign is your first house then 12 house like 12 zodiac signs, each house is controlled by the certain planet. Here is very basic information I am giving. Depending upon how good or bad planet placed in your birth chart, your life is going to be. But the basic foundation is always the same. A certain way of thinking and reacting is always same in particular rising sign people.

Aries rising sign people very active people because the first house is ruled by Aries which is ruled by Mars so their life is being about active is about being physically active towards life. This is a male zodiac sign which rules east direction. Aries is a fire sign. The natives come under Aries sign are very courageous very powerful and initiative. Aries sign represents head in Kaal Purush kundali. Ashwini star ruled by Ketu, Bharani star ruled by Venus and Kritika star ruled by the sun, come under Aries 0 to 12 degree. These people are very adventurous and willing to help the people. The negative part is that these people start any work without thinking a second. These people are a natural athlete because they were naturally inclined towards competition. They love competition, they actually need competition in order to be balanced in life. We want to go further from anybody else. That’s the first house nature Aries rising sign.

Aries people are very sensitive towards their family. They are cultured people. They want to know about their family legacy and they are very close to their family. They always want to provide security to their family they are always sensitive towards them. When it comes to their sibling, they are very communicative but the feeling of competition is also there. No matter how they earn or do, they always try to do more than their siblings. These people have a very emotional attachment to their mother. Their mother is usually a housewife. Aries is properly ruled by each planet, that’s the beauty of it. These people are very active with their kids. They teach their children through physical activity. Their work life is full of hurdles because its ruled by Mars’ enemy which is mercury. Usually, these guys married a beautiful woman, who is quite balanced. But arise people are always dominating nature towards their partner. Aries people can be good surgeons, they may be in police work or they may be a detective or they inclined towards any physical work career. Although these people fave many competitiveness and hardships in their work life due to Saturn ruled this career house which is enemy of mars. They physically exhaust themselves in order to get up in the career by facing hurdles lots of time. These people gains are always upon social networking and communication. These people are very profound to their religious or spiritual beliefs. This is because Jupiter rules the 9th house of religion and 12th house of spirituality.

If you want to know about your rising sign, personality, positive and negative side of you, then write me your birth details on my mail id. You can contact me at my email investinyourselffirst1@gmail.com for a personal consultation or if you want to know more about yourself or if you want to know all the house lord and their true power and role in your birth chart.

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