Star Constellation

Ashlesha Nakshatra

What is Ashlesha Nakshatra?

Ashlesha usually associated with poison. It extends between 16:40′ to 30: degree. Synonyms of Ashlesha Nakshatra are Ahi, Bhujang, and Sarp. These names show that this nakshatra is associated with the serpent energy that’s why it is associated with poison. This nakshatra is the collection of 5 starts. This comes under cancer zodiac, under moon’s rulership.

Why it is called dangerous?

The lord of this nakshatra is “Sarp”. The symbol of this nakshatra is a coiled snake, which shows the danger in general. A coiled snake has much more controlled energies within him. Whenever someone tries to harm him, he can use his energies. That’s the reason, people say to stay away from this nakshatra people.

Characteristics of Ashlesha nakshatra

Mercury rules this nakshatra. This indicates natives born under this nakshatra are intelligent in general.

Karm-path of Native born under Ashlesha is dharma. That means these people are very religious in their life. The yoni, associated with this nakshatra is ‘Maarjar’ means ‘Billa’ or male cat. Gan is Rakshas or devil. Nadi is antya and element is water. Lord Shiva is associated with this nakshatra. Owl bird is associated with this nakshatra. Tree associated with this nakshatra is Nagchampa. Letters associated with this nakshatra are Di, Do, De, and Du. The deity of Ashlesha Nakshatra is Naga and vijayganpati.

Characteristics of people born under Ashlesha

These people can see, inside you. What’s going on in deep within you? You surely get impressed by these people. They have very good power to impress others. These natives are very successful in general also they are very luck oriented people. It’s possible that they are not good by their look but it’s sure that they are good by their personality. They are very talkative due to mercurian energy.

These people are usually very good leaders. Ashlesha people are very ambitious. These people never allow someone to interfere in their freedom. So don’t interfere in their life, if you are dealing with them. Don’t do any blind trust in them. They never like cheating but they like few people who are doing illegal things. They will never show gratitude for anything. Usually, people don’t want to make a longtime friendship with them due to their anger.

Teaching & business are the most common profession for Ashlesha people. Due to their mysterious character, their spouse will never understand their true character. Girls born under this nakshatra will be very skilled but introvert by nature.

Ashlesha Pada-1

Pada 1 people wanted to do their business by using their emotions. They are naturally designed to achieve their goals and attached emotionally to their goals. These people looking to other people who can help them to achieve their goal. But when they accomplish that goal, they move forward towards another goal.

Ashlesha pada 2

Pada 2 people are very materialistic people omg all pada of ashlesha. Usually, they emotionally attached to other people while anyone helps accomplish their goal. But after achieving the goal, they just break the connections from that person. That’s why most of the people will say them cruel. Their goals are very status oriented or related to the government.

Ashlesha pada 3

Pada 3 people usually have goals related to social reform. They want to improve society by their agenda. Their thinking must be scientific. They use other people’s emotions and take help from them to do something better in society.

Ashlesha Pada 4

These people least use the emotion of others in comparison to all padas. People come under pada 4 are highly creative people. They use their imagination and connect it to their goals and use of emotions they accomplish goals. But these people are always be in touch with people.

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